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  1. Yeah, Ikea was definitely not my first choice. My first design was an adaptaion of an idea I saw on Instructables. And that idea evolved into one that offered storage in the base. The door on the center section flips up and would've used fold-down or attachable legs to make a light-duty table. But I never seemed to have the right combination of time, money and confidence to tackle it. After a year and a half in this new house, surrounded by a couple dozen boxes of homeless books, my wonderful wife was (understandably) starting to lose patience. So we opted for the Swedish flat-packed r
  2. Eric, thank you very much for your thoughtful explanation. I totally understand what you're saying. I do have the desire to build my own "real" wood furniture very soon. But I am starting at square one, and I don't really know any hobbyists or pros to learn from, so all my guidance is coming from Google. That's where y'all come in, I suppose. Thanks, everyone, for your patience as I learn the ropes -- both of my new hobby, and of this forum.
  3. Ryan, you are correct about not wanting to remove the carpeting beneath the bookcases. If I'm understanding you correctly, you're saying that instead of ripping a straight 3/16" off the bottom of the baseboard, I may want to use a curved or diagonal cut on the last 1 1/2" of either end, depending on the shape of the carpet as it meets the other two walls? I never would've thought of that. Thanks for the tip!
  4. Wow, wdwerker. I was a little taken aback by the first line of your reply. Way to make a guy who is already self-conscious about his ignorance feel welcome. Based on the super-friendly responses to I wasn't expecting to be chastised on my first post. Sure, I wasn't expecting a lot of "hooray for Ikea", but what's wrong with MDF? I'm not asking that in an argumentative way, or as some sort of MDF advocate. But as a guy who is brand-spanking-new to woodworking (or "engineered, wood-like materials working, if that's more accurate), I can only work based on what I read and what I experence. Clear
  5. I stumbled across this site today and after I saw how friendly everyone was, I knew I'd found a great place to ask some questions. I am currently working on my biggest project to date. I bought some IKEA bookcases that I have assembled and anchored to the wall, which I am now attempting to make look more like built-ins. 1) I pulled the baseboard off the wall so I can add it to the front of the bookcases. The problem is that, because the bookcases sit on top of the carpet, the baseboard now sits 1/4 inch or so higher than the adjacent baseboards. I'm guessing that the best thing for me to d