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  1. Well I have been keeping an eye out for a slot mortiser for a while now. I have learned that they don't come up on the used market often up here, but when they do, they are 3phase... That is until this weekend!!! I saw an ad posted on Craigslist in NH for a Laguna Platinum Slot Mortiser. So I jumped on it and made the purchase! I got her into the basement last night and fired her up. It was amazing! The power of a 3hp motor was hogging out 1/2" mortises with ease and did so without the ear-piercing screams of a hand-held router. This machine should really help me with smaller production runs and repeatability of quick M&T's. Pics of the newest member of the family below. Thanks, NWB
  2. Charlie, Check these guys out. They are the shipper, many companies use (i.e. Thos. Moser) I think the rates may not be cheap but will reflect the quality of service. Clark & Reid Good luck, NWB