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  1. or shim the mortise and resize the tenon, use regular pva glue
  2. kipster

    live chat

    I am having the same problem as Higtron. Can't load the live page
  3. I own the same saw and not experienced the same displeasure as you. I have found I need to rethink the way you use jigs and fixtures. Really you don't need as many fixtures as s cabinet saw. I have been with mine for 7 years and would never give it up.
  4. I pay $3.00 a board foot from a local mill. I consider that to be a good deal
  5. kipster

    Favorite wood?

    Cherry is my favorite ... Hands down favorite
  6. Very nice tour of your shop. I hope to see more as time passes by.
  7. I think speed in any operation precludes the extra steps the rabbit represents for through dove tails. .
  8. It Looks excellent Vic. I can't arm chair quarter back this project for it would just be to serve my own taste. This is a project you put your heart into and it is a true expression of you. I see many advanced design elements expressed and I enjoy just sitting back and enjoying all the detail and beautiful grain. Again Congratulations on completing a tough project.
  9. Looks Fantastic!! i know you will enjoy the horzontal mortiser for I have one made by Felder and have been using it for the past five years.
  10. I had a great time also . Met a couple new friends I hope. Better than the ST.Charles show by far.