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  1. I am by no means an expert, but I'll thro in my two cents. I like the idea of two dominos. I would assume (yes, I know what happens when I assume) it will help prevent racking. I think the 5mm will give you plenty of strength and give you just a little more "fudge" room whem placing them. The 8mm look very close to the edge. Take it or leave it, but that's how I see it. Good luck.
  2. Welcome Mark! I think you will just love TWWG, I know I do. Victoria here. Be safe.
  3. I also like the idea of a changing table/cabinet. It can be adapted to many other needs. I would love to do a crib, but not all others may feel the same. I just keep picturing a crib that is half Sam Maloof and half Dr. Suess. I don’t know how to pull it off, but just imagine the place you’ll go.
  4. How about a traditional (or TWW style) spice cabinet with some hidden compartments? It is a small project so shop size is not an issue. It can be from simple to extremely complex. Carving? Inlay? We can push it as far as we want too.
  5. Nicely done. I really like the effort you put into your design and mock-ups. SMART!!
  6. Jim, Don't mess with the foot rests. They blend so well. I really like the 4th version of the table. It flows very well. Then again, If you build a solid top table and put it outside, we may actually get some rain. Sacrifice to the rain gods??? Oh, never mind. A little rain is not worth that.
  7. Ok Jim, Your making the rest of us look bad ( or at least slow)! You and I had the conversation of wood types for this project. It was during one of the live guild meetings. I too went with cypress. Have you decided what you are going to use for finish? I live about 2 hours away. We have the same hot/dry climate. I want to use teak oil, but I wanted to give a little color/depth to the project. I am still pondering. -Brian
  8. Adam, I feel your pain. I have been there. Sometimes, starting over is the way to go. However, I am sure you have gained many skills that will get you out of a jam when you really need it.
  9. Hey guys! I'm down here in Victoria. Not too far away. I would consider myself just past a newbie. I love the craft. I am looking to expand my skillset at all times. Stay safe.
  10. Sam, Welcome to Texas. How are you handling the heat? I live in Victoria which is located about 2 hours Southeast of Austin. I don’t really have much information about classes or events in Austin. However, I would be very interested in joining you if you find some in the area. Until then, stay safe.
  11. I moved here four years ago... Transplant to Texas, shhhh. Don't tell anyone. They don't take kindly to outsiders 'round here
  12. Hello one and all: I am a noob to the field of woodworking. Been at it for about a year. I work in the medical field, but I have realized I have a little sawdust in my veins. Stay safe!!
  13. Rob, Where are you at in Texas? I'm in Victoria. Thank you for serving our country!!
  14. Hey Tricky, I'm just a couple hours down the road in Victoria. How are you liking your new Woodcraft store?
  15. Thanks you for the idea. I will give it some consideration. Looks like a "beefier" version of what i was thinking of doing. Good Idea!!