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  1. Legs are slowly getting to shape. This is very slow process since I'm not a skilled carver. And I wish I had more time
  2. I've also built this rocking horse as a Christmas present in 2011. My children love it, the two year old daughter loves to stand on the seat - quite scary to see and pretty dangerous too, of course.
  3. And here are some pictures of the carving proces
  4. Some more pictures of the project. Back of the cabinet is constructed using a solid wood. Inside panels are 8 mm (1/3") thick, missing central part is cut, but I've set it asside until I purchase some magnets. I've also constructed the top, but not decided yet how to decorate the edge. And bottom part of the legs is bansawed to the rough shape. Then I was so eager to start with the carving, so I put everything asside and clamped one of the front aprons to the table. The piece was almost 2" thick leaving almost 1" for the carving itself - enough "meat" for some errors. This is my se
  5. Now I want to concentrate on back panel. I want it to be 8mm (1/3") thick and my first intention was to use plywood. But it is difficult to get cherry plywood here, so now I'm thinking about using the same wood as the rest of the project. Here's the Sketchup drawing of the back panel construction, since it will be rather skinny, wood movement shouldn't be much of a problem, but there will be a place to move. I've also took inspiration from Wood Whisperer for the small detachable panel to run cables under it.
  6. I've been busy with other things, so this project continues slowly. Finally I was able to get back to it. Still preparing pieces and working on joinery. All mortises on the legs are cut... This how the side pieces are going to be assembled... and from the other side Cabinet flooring will be inserted in a dado like this The assembly looks a little bit complicated, but this is complicated piece with grain going in various directions and I wanted to allow for wood movement. As a result, all pieces have to be assembled in proper order Dry assembly....s
  7. Hello Sylwek, greetings from Czech Republic. :-) your table looks great, as was said it is simple design, nice looking. According those L-shaped tenons - I suppose you expected them to close the gap between leg and table top a little bit better than simple "butt" joint between the top and tenon shoulders, is it right? The finish you put it on it - is it polyurethane?
  8. There's more to show on Sketchup model, but I think it will be better to come with the pictures during the building process. Deciding what wood will be the best for this project was not easy. I'm trying to build a piece in a specific style and lot of furniture from old times is made of mahogany. But I prefer localy available woods, so at the end I decided to use cherry. I visited local dealer and got boards for a really good price. At this point I have leg blanks (glued from two pieces), side panels ad front and side aprons. The front and back apron patterns are hand dr
  9. At first some Sketchup drawings showing intended joinery. I decided to use mortise and tenon joint for the frame and panels inserted into a dados. Overall dimensions will be(length x width x height): 1500mm x 560mm x 600mm ( 59" x 22" x 24" inches are rounded) Side panels with grain going vertical A little bit more difficult was the floor. I wanted to allow some space for seasonal changes, but didn't want any gaps between the frame and floor. So I decided to make it from three separate pieces with the grain going from front to back The pieces will lay on a braces and the gap be
  10. Hello all, I'm new here and want to post something about my current project. Any suggestions/critiques maybe helpful. Also want to appologize if my English will be hard to understand sometimes. I'm planning to build TV stand/entertainment center in a historic style which was popular at the end of 19th century here in Europe. I started by creating a Sketchup model inspired by several photos found on Internet. This is how it should look like when finished. The legs and the front should be decorated by some carving -leaves, acanthus leaves etc. I'm not really sure about the finish yet, bu