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  1. Can we pre-order the ebook version to save on international shipping and get the pre-order goodies? (it's 19$ in my case). Thank you,
  2. Am i crazy but I'm sure that I saw the patern in PDF for the Greene & Greene picture frame? I want to start making my own templates, but I cannot find the plans. Thank you for your help. Simon-Pierre
  3. Excellent! Father's day gift, here it come! Thank you Marc.
  4. Hi Marc, I was about to join the Guild as I wanted to do the Greene and Greene frame, your next guild build (mission clock?) and have access to the Guild Archive. Should hold back a few weeks? I know that it's a though question... but I have to ask. Thank you, Simon-Pierre
  5. In the extra section of the guild? Is it there that you keep also the interview, reviews, jig? What are the extra the we get as a guild member? Is the next guild build is chosen? Thank you,
  6. You mean that you will move your shop again? to where?
  7. Wasn't there the Greene & Greene mirror frame?
  8. Hi Marc, In an article that you post at the beginning of the year, you wrote that you were planning to build a bed for a client. is this still in the plans? Because I need to build a bed for my kid and as it would be my second major woodworking project, I would had love to build it along with you. Thank you, BTW, I'm planning to join soon the guild in order to build the Adirondack chairs. Thank you, Simon-Pierre Pelletier
  9. Hello, Sorry for the delay, but I finally manage to install the table. Here's the result: Thanks all for your comments.
  10. Hello everyone, before sanding the table, I decided to rub it with water to remove as much as I could of left stain. by doing so, I manage to expand the stain over the unstained part and stained it. I haven't stopped my idea on the finish over the table. This table will go in the laundry room over the washer and the dryer. Do you have anything to suggest. There's might be some damped cloth that could get on this. Thank you,
  11. Ok I just put the stain on a test piece and put dilute shellac on another. I'll keep you update tomorrow when I'll be able to sand the shellac and then apply some stain on it.
  12. Thanks for the tips. I will try to do this tonight. coolaid
  13. Hello Ace, On the picture, I had applied a second coat of walnut stain. So I don't think that if I try to add some more stain with an artistic brush it will do any good. However, I will try it anyway to rule this out. I did waited overnight after the grain raising before applying the finish. As for the curly maple, it was hidden in the bundle of what I had in hand. I do not necessary want to highlight it. (please don't be mad at me! ) So tonight, I'll try to add finish on the spots. if it don't work, I will sand it all to the wood and clean it with 50/50 mix of denature
  14. Hi, Sorry, I've forgot to write down the details. I have sand it all at 80,120 and 180. Then I raise the grain and sand it at 320. Part of the blotching come from the fact that the surface is still wet. But this morning I went to see the table and I still have some blotch on it. I never used dewaxed shellac as a base coat. Do I sand it all back to 80,120 and 180 again and then apply the shellac? Then, do I sand it all to 180? The walnut stain come in kind of power that you mix in water. As for the sapwood or heartwood, I really don't know. What would do a difference of wo
  15. Hello, I just apply some walnut stain (brou de noix in french, not sure of the translation) on a maple table top. the problem is that I'm getting this as a result: As you can see, it's one board only! What can I do to repair this? Thank you, SPP