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  1. Safe to assume you're installing yourself? I've received quotes in my area that are more than double the retail cost of the unit itself. I understand that it generally only takes a few hours to install these. In your opinion, is this something a DIYer can tackle? I can easily do the wiring myself and from what I can see through YouTube videos the install seems very simply. I'm trying to understand how guys can charge 6k for a 18k BTU unit?
  2. What is the square footage of your shop, croessler? Being in FL did you install mainly for the cooling or heating capability of the mini split?
  3. Thanks, Janello but I think I am leaning towards the mini split direction. This seems to be the most cost effective means and an added bonus is that these units also provide cooling in the summer.
  4. I'm looking into various heating options for my 2 car garage and would love to hear your opinions. The space is approximately 19x19 located in the North East. The house has natural gas so that would be the fuel source. I've read that forced hot air has a lot of moisture and not ideal for machined surfaces like our tool surfaces. The space currently is not insulated with exposed beams up to the ridge beam which is 16 feet from the ground. Any radiant tube heating experts?
  5. Hey Brian, Thanks for reaching out. Like you I was a newbie a few years ago and I found the best way to get involved with woodworking was to use the internet for all its capabilities, social media, websites, podcast, etc. I also joined the Professional Woodworkers Guild of North Jersey, http://www.njwoodguild.com/ It is a great way to meet others who are either professionals by day or hobbyist like you and me. Give it a look and let me know if you'd like to come to one of our monthly meetings. There is no obligation to join the guild at that time. I need to update my profile, I recently moved out of Hoboken. Cheers, Jamie
  6. Really nice looking table, Bart. It not only looks great but proves to be very accurate and functional. Do you have a link to the plans? thanks, Jamie
  7. Hi guys and gals, I'm in the market for my first router table and have reviewed many of the different brands/models and would love to hear the opinions from the online community. What do you like and dislike about your router table? Please indicate which model. Which lift do you have? Pros and cons? Which fence system do you have? Pros and cons? I know you have opinions on your router, let me hear them! Lastly, after you gained more experience in woodworking, would you have purchased the router table configuration. I am a hobbyist woodworker who prefers to invest in good tools rather than buying just to get the job done. Thanks for reading and for sharing your opinions. Jamie
  8. Not at all. I knew what to expect when asking the question. I recognize that this community can be tough to break through and that everyone sort of puts you through the right of passage hazing! Ahh, those college days how I miss them.
  9. I'm sorry that this came across as broad and confusing. Let me try to sum it up while being as clear and concise as possible. My intention was to start a high level conversation to help new woodworkers like myself navigate the flooded market of tool manufactures. I understand that most contributors on this forum havent had the opportunity to test out every table saw, router, planer etc. on the market and I wasnt trying to gain that knowledge. More so I was hopeful that I could get your insight as to what you use and why you decided to go that route. Looking back now I can see why my request created the confusion it did. Again, sorry about that. I am a garage woodworker with an above average appetite for first hand experience information. Havent you bought something that you thought was the right choice at the time only to realize that it wasnt what you expected and in the end you purchased the higher quality once you gained experience and insight? Its that insight that I was looking for. Hope that makes sense! Thanks for your input Jamie
  10. You're on the right track, Chet. I guess the best way to illustrate would be by tool and then brand. sorry for the confusion.
  11. PB, much like the automotive food chain the same exist in all products. A compact car gets you from A to B just like a luxury does but the experience is much different. A band saw will cut wood but some do it with more precision and options. This is the feedback i'm interested in. In the end arent we all just taking big pieces of wood and making them smaller? Shouldnt matter what I'm looking to do!
  12. Guys, I'm interested in your opinions on the hierarchy of quality woodworking machines from BEST to WORST. Covering, power jointers, thickness planers, dust extraction, table saws, hand held powertools for the small pro shop to the over zealous home shop. I know this could lead to a big debate and personal opinions but I thought for the beginning woodworker like myself it would be a valuable resource to help sort through all of the choices. Keep cost out of the conversation, even though it plays a role it is uniquely personal. Example: 1. Powermatic (Tablesaw, jointer, planer) 2. Festool (all) 3. General (router table) 4. Jessem (router table) 5. Jet (Dust extraction) 6. Grizzly 7. ShopFox Thanks for your input, Jamie
  13. I originally bought 8/4 maple and thought i would dimension rip to the needed sizes the self required. Thats when i realized there must be a better way and figured something along 1/4 - 1/2 in is more the norm. When you suggest using the router, are you suggesting bearing guided flush trim and turning the shelf om its long edge or using a rabbeting bit and plunging down to match the ply surface. Sorry if this is a strange question, still learning pros and cons of each task. Thanks for your help, Jamie
  14. I thought about this option however I dont yet own and router table and noticed the bit manufactures indicate table use only!