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  1. I met that club at the recent Somerset woodworking event. Great group of guys and like you it's a bit of a drive from Hoboken.
  2. It's easy to get addicted, Steve. Thanks for the warm welcome.
  3. Hey Jerry, nice to virtually meet you. Are you planning on going to the JLC event? I'm thinking about making the drive and wondered if any have been to that show and what to expect. I have been bitten by the Green bug and to date very happy with my decision to invest in what I believe is the best manufacturer in the market. Is this a formal group that gets together? I am interested in joining a club. Cheers, Jamie
  4. Hey guys I'm Jamie from Hoboken! I recently started listening to the podcast and cruising TWW network of media and as I type i am streaming episode #53 in delight. My ups delivery guy's back is sore these days dropping off a Kapex, KapexMFT, T55, OF1400, MFT/3 x2, CT26, SysPort, RO150, LR32, PS300, various Sortainers, Leigh DR4 Pro, Lie-Neilsen(ThePlaneSet). I am really fascinated with the hobby and the depth of knowledge and expertise needed to create projects such as the ones that have been featured in TWW Guild. I'm looking forward to joining the Guild and building the Roubo spilt top bench and a number of other projects. I have a 4 month old son who would love the rocking horse so that is on the immediate list as well. Looking forward to contributing to the WTO community and sharing my experiences as I hone my skills. Cheers, Jamie