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  1. I have a 4" bench grinder with the grey color hard stones on it (as I have been told and can't find the softer white stones in a 4" size) I have not been doing any turning for a very long time as I am scared of ruining my turning tools on this grinder if I where to use it for sharpening, should I be worried or just use it anyway? I am thinking that is all that was avaiable at one time to sharpen anyway. Looking for your input THX!
  2. I was to lazy to make cauls, so I tried the ratcheting tie down idea and i got frustrated with that as I only have 2 arms and the wait list to get another 6 arms implanted was to long, so I chose to use 2 48" bar clamps and they worked fantastic. thanks for all the great ideas, keep up the great support
  3. Thx for the info, I don't have CA glue is there another alternative to use in its place?
  4. I am fixing a round table top for a friend that has broken in two, I am using biscuits to connect the two pieces (which used to be hinged) what is the best way to glue this up and clamp as it is round????
  5. I am relatively new to wood working and very new to router use, I have 6 long grain cutting boards I am making from a recycled hard wood counter top and I would like to round over the edges, should I do this free hand with a router or on my router table? Which would give me a better result?
  6. Awesome, thank you for the tip I will give it a go!
  7. I recently cut dado's in some shelves and my tablesaw table left black marks on the shelves; how can i prevent this in the future?