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  1. Hi guys as per normal Thanx so much all advise , In the end client did not wanna see the big knots but as well didnt mind the fluctuation in the grain , ... sooo I ended up cramming shards of wood into the holes with glue , sanding and then decorating  the look with a dark pen to match the rest of the darker striations in the board ...  

  2. Hi All , So I am building a large (84"x32") Video mixing station. Im using 6/4 Cherry for the top. There are few small knots ( pencil eraser size) as well some little line type knots that flow with the grain. The client likes these but does not want to feel these. My thought was to prior to running this through the drum sander, fill these in with an epoxy to fill them in. Is there a better way to go? and or what epoxy or other product should I use .   thanx   

  3.  So some close friends had birthdays this month. They are big Sushi fans , so I built them this Serving tray / Lazy susan with plates. Quilted Maple, Purple Heart, Sapele , General Finishes Salad Bowl over all. As Much as I enjoy Building pieces for clients , these are the really fun ones in my book.



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  4. Hi atlinwi202,  When you purchase un-milled boards chances are that the edges are not straight. With this Jig you can clamp the board to the jig and run the metal strait edge down against the table saw fence creating a straight edge on the other cut side of the board. Then as you have a straight edge on one side pull it out of the jig and run the newly cut straight edge down the table saw fence to cut the other side of the board straight to the dimension you need. This is a big time saver when you run these edges on a edge jointer.

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  5. A) Mistakes are valuable lessons on how to do it correctly. B) Work projects that conform to the skill level your at advancing as you go. C) For Corn Sake, tap the knowledge and expertise the craftsmen here on this site are glad to offer!! Start a project and Im sure guidance on direction, technique, products, and such will be offered for every step by the folk here !    

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  6. Thanx All , So IF a single pedestal was used , what would be the safe span of the tips of the legs ? Or is this table just needing two pedestals ?   Also she had asked this regarding finish  (the top had a catalyzed finish, which from my perspective made it quite scratch resistant.)  Is this an epoxy type finish ?

  7.  Hi all , I have a client looking for a Large Round dining table ( 72") . I'm looking for a vendor that sells unfinished wood bases able to accommodate a table of this size. Still in the design stage , but I would guess the table top 6/4 Hard wood with and apron no leaf. Any help appreciated   Thanx

  8. The box is all 1/4” poplar, for the finish I stained it with a cabernet red and the then went over that with a stiff bristle brush with Ebony stain. The blobbing black edges is enamel dapped on with a sponge. The base is a block of wood covered with stone finish rattle can paint as with the inner door and inner sides. The inner back is a piece of material from the bargain bin leftover from the Halloween season spray glued on.