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  1. bgreenb , you are correct , Burl Veneer over MDF panel , two coats of Z-poxy and a few of Arm-R- Seal satin.
  2. Tropical walnut with Walnut Burl top, Hinge open top with small storage compartment .
  3. Ok so as I have been a bit busy in the past weeks I have neglected journal input and pics along the way of the build so sorry bout that. Anyway The Bond , Jane Bond Jewelry box is complete aside from hanging on the wall. The end result was on track with the initial design, Some Notes* One main Concept was to have the slide out section open easily and quickly for fast access to a household Protection Gun. With this the Latch release is the Middle top hook, turning it 1/4” . Also a concern was that if a person were to open the Box grab items off the shells and such they would not wiggle and feel solid with the box. Proper alignment with the rails and latch worked perfectly. All these had Fine tuning elements built in to make this happen. The Cheesy Flip up mirror is a temporary item that un screws and will be removed with the Yet to be Determined Dresser and Mirror unit to be placed next to the box. So Noted By Steve ( Thanx Steve), relieving the latch and avoiding the section to plummet open was solved by having the hook release spring loaded and as well the engaging part of the mechanism contact the shelves in the secret compartment . What this means is that you must have your hand in the box holding the hook in the open position to clear all shelfs in the back , if you let go it will only fall a few inches or distance to the next shelf. The client ordered jewelry store display trays to sit on the shelves. Ill post a pic after delivery and installation.
  4. R j , Yes Interested for sure, Nice offer!
  5. Yea , the new one your working on is cool and in my head a merge between an old Olympia merged with a classic old style Rickenbacker , stretched a bit. Its gonna be great Im sure, Ill keep watching your updates LILDWS
  6. Prior to my small Bizz I have going now I spent 3 Decades In the Touring Music Industry, and seen a few guitars & Basses in my time. Mel- that second bass that you built is stunning!, have ta say robbing parts off it is criminal , its Awesome as is! Cant wait to see the new project when done. Terry, also fabulous work , the face is incredible looking as well the Inlay work !! LILDWS
  7. I thought this would be a good piece for a project journal post, as in itself is neat but as well could be adapted for other uses aside from the Jewelry box Im building. So Pinterest, has been good to me lately. This project is the third I have done from someone that saw an item there and wants it custom built for them. The basic Idea for this one that Jane 008 has wanted is a wall Hanging Jewelry Box, A simple box with a mirrored Front door, opening to access jewelry. Her design input was only that she wanted it darker in color. So some pondering and I decided to kick this thing up a few notches. Heres the plan , for now as these always evolve along the way for me as stages get completed. The outer shel is going to be Walnut ( Veneer ) and instead of the Mirrored Front door this will be Walnut Burl (Veneer as well). The Mirror now will be mounted on hinges inside the shell and after opening the front door swing completely open to opposite side the front door swings open. The interior is a box build out of 1/4” African Mahogany, as well the interior side of the front door will be Mahogany. Hooks , shelfs and such will be in place inside this box to hang , place / store The jewelry. Ok so heres where the “JANE bond feature comes in. The Interior Mahogany Box will be mounted On a set of Drawer rails and when a secret hidden latch is released ( simple home door mechanism ) the Mahogany box will slide down reveling a Hidden section of the box , for stashing the “Real” jewelry or whatever one wants , PPK, Decoder ring, Rope cutting wrist watch, Ballpoint Pen poison dart gun .....
  8. Yea thanx for the encouragement all its greatly appreciated ! So as said I wasn't really thinking about posting anything on the project , hence the lack of photos with the build , however as simple as it was , I was really happy with the end result and mostly on account of the nice folk who ordered it and were so pleased with it when it arrived. It gave me another transfusion of the best part of being able to build these projects for people, the look on their faces when its sitting in their home.
  9. So The legs, bgreenb yup that was my thoughts as well, Stability. The Apron is attached to the table top Two ways, under the table top is a 1" angle Iron frame screwed to the table top, the apron is screwed to that angle as well as glued to the table top. There are two runs of the 1" angle that run across the frame in the center of the table that are 6" apart. There is a 6" steel plate with 4 holes welded to these , the pedestal as well has a matching plate the two are bolted together to join the pedestal and table top. Sorry no other pics of that.
  10. Hi gang, so this was a basic piece but came out nice so I thought I would post it. Some folk came to me looking for a pedestal table for an existing built in bench system. The issue they were having is a normal table legs made it hard to slide in around on the benches, and as well finding a 31” high pedestal table was a problem , as most they saw were Bar height with Bar stools. So the table top is red oak with general finishes White Mist , finished with General Finnish Arm R Seal Satin. This was the first time I used the Arm R seal as per some posts I had read on the site and have to say I was very impressed with it as a sealer that I will again use as a go to sealer for heavy usage scenarios. It was super easy to use ( I foam brushed and Cloth Rag wiped it ) and came out looking really nice. The metal pedestal I finished with Rust-oleum Hammered as this is a time saver in that its textured finish saves tons of prep time on the metal, just prime and shoot it and it covers everything. Some end caps on the legs and a set of screw levelers and there ya have it.
  11. Nice , the Leather "Binding" is a nice element !!! great Design !
  12. allenc, Yes we dont here in the desert have any mills doing this type of cutting as per the lack of available timber to cut, There are a few vendors of slabs about locally but they as well import their stock from elsewhere & attach a large markup on price for their service. With regard to the variance in width, this is something that My client has put forth in that as a live edge / Natural look he would not mind the variation and welcomes that feature , so thats a plus on my side for selecting a slab. And as My query for the surface prep returned a cost effective solution from the vendor , Im going to have them do it , saving me a bunch of time and seems like the general consensus agrees with this. Thanx for the info !! I appreciate it !!!!
  13. Great Idea, super job ! The Movable Hitch receiver to other units is a great feature.
  14. wdwerker, yea its a tool I really should have and this seems like the project to warrant purchasing one. ROB , thanx that was what I was looking for as some guideline information. The slab is going to come from The south, Tenn. Be built here in AZ and Stay i AZ. Ok so I did speak to some of the vendors , and was quite happy with what I learned. The one vendor that I spoke to was very helpful and will most likely be my choice. So The slabs that they have are in fact Kiln dried and most are at least 2 years from being sawed. Also for a very small fee ($20 ) they would Plane one side for me (on a slab 60" x 18" ish). As far as the fine detail issue. If I found a slab that they have pictured on the web site , they would go and re examine it taking more detail pics or if I send them some guidelines of what I wanted they would hunt the lot for option pieces , as they stated the pics they have on the site are just a portion of what they have in stock. Shipping , the size Im looking for only just fits into the regulation size for UPS Ground shipping so that wont be crazy doe. OK again thanx all , Ill post up more info and some pics when decide on a slab and get it here.
  15. TRD, yea " Its a Dry Heat" as they say and really true, In my shop ( three car Garage) this time of year I run a "Swamp Cooler" Basic Fan sucking in ambient air and passing it through water soaked filter filters with a small pump re soaking filters.IE: returning cooling Moisture / Humiity to the air. Its a larger unit on wheels and will with all three doors wide open ( and they need to be as if not it turns into a rain forest of humidity) drop the temps in the shop 10-15 Degrees and works quite well. However have always wondered how everything wood is effected in the shop over the summer as when its turned off and doors closed the shop is an oven ( my thermometer goes to 120 and is pegged by noon this time of year in the shop before i open up and start the swamp cooler) and as im working daily the work day is humidified for 10 ish hours and then dry as can be for the rest fluctuating back and forth every day. Any way to simplify , importing a slab with an extent of moisture content into my arid temperatures would it turn into a hockey stick with curving and bending / movement without knowing the proper moisture content prior to starting to work on it? Again thax all for any Info To be continued ... LILDWS
  16. Ok so the common tone to start with is getting the top prepped Sanded/ Planed. Got it. I have a few Vendors Im looking at and will inquire if they offer that service.. TRB, when you say Kiln or Air dried what is the difference for my needs. And associated with that, A question on my mind is the drying out factor that again I have 0 knowledge on for slabs. Is there a basic time line? , do I need to purchase a moister content meter? I am Located in AZ and as its the middle of the summer things tend to dry quickly here. It seems all the venders have pics so I can at least see the basic vibe of the slabs, but yea as noted seeing fine detail would be hard and I think that its still a bit of a roll the dice sorta thing on that. I will inquire as to how they address that issue , as Im sure its a question they are asked Regularly. Ill be making some inquires to the vendors and go from there. Again thanks All!!! LILDWS
  17. Hi all, I have been approached to Build a Live Edge Black walnut Hall Table Top (60" x 25" x 2" thick ish) with a metal stand / legs still in the design stage. So I know 0 about Slabs as I have never been involved with ones use in a project. I would welcome any insight to working on this prior to me diving into the pool blind. I have found a Vendor that deals in these so I guess my fist needed information is what I need to ask them for my purchase. Then after it arrives where to go from there. Ill start with that . Thanx all your knowledge and advise is much appreciated!! LILDWS
  18. No pics of the bookcase, we really just used the shelves , as the back was 1/4' ply , the shelves were 8" deep 36" wide 3/4 " thick. For the legs we cut the strips and glued two together to get the 1 1/2" posts / legs , the side walls on the table were as well strips we cut using the 3/4" thickness as well as the table top for the tile more strips glued up, and recessed 1/4" below the surrounding walls to allow for tile . Shellac ( from a spray can) on the wood parts. Libations consumed , Wisers Canadian Rye & Diet coke , Orange Crush and a pack of red vines for the Nephew
  19. So in my hood the bulk Trash runs each month, and the treasures I pull are never ending .Last week tooling down my road saw a Bookcase shelf unit that I promptly grabbed. It looks like Cherry but Im not sure. A few days later saw a pile from a flip that has been going on for the past month that I scored the Glass tile remnants as well as the 18" piece of tile and a bonus of a half full tub of grout. My sister just moved into a new house and needs everything furniture related but really wanted a small table to put between her recliners. She is all about the retro vibe so walla Brady Bunch Retro Table , cost of materials $ 0 Her Hubby providing libations and an afternoon of work in the shop cost $ a fun day out hanging with the Bro in Law and nephew.
  20. Always good to see a great toy for kids that does not have a controller plugged into a tv or computer monitor......
  21. Nice, I like the cutout at the front of each shelf for grabbing the blades , Nice feature !
  22. Another quick question or two regarding Arm r seal, Im building a simple Pedestal Kitchen table with red oak, The client has chose a General Finishes "White Mist" that is now done and drying overnight. I am planning on using Arm r seal satin over top that ( first timer for the arm r seal) , As stated that the ar r seal is thin, Should I put a sanding sealer down first or just go with coats of the arm r seal? Also as noted the wiping method is a good choice however does this product spray well ? I do have a decent spray rig. Thanx for any input LDWS
  23. I would do the build for a really good deal . On the pricing of a piece such as this consider some long term effects aside from just being paid by this client. Does a possibility of more projects from this client exist? Also As this is a retail store with a flow of customers, can you put a badge on the piece indicating your are the builder (kinda Free Advertising ) Word of mouth and as well having a piece in public for people to look at and see your work is way better than some little pic on a website or face-book.