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  1. I have a metal small roll around cart that we are putting a butcher block top on. We want both sides to be hinged for either fold on to the top or fold to the sides. We have the pull out metal slides for supporting the sided when in use. What is the best hinge to use for this? I was thinking of a piano hinge but the hinge part looks like it will stick up some when folded flat if I use this to fold over on the top. Does anyone have any suggestions? thanks, Leland
  2. yea, getting a really good deal!! thanks for the info!
  3. I am actually trying to find the specs on this also as I couldn't find any online...may take more detailed research. Anyone here have an idea? If I buy the one from Clearvue, will it stand up to the CFM's as to what I can tell this unit is much higher than the clearvue..just questions from someone doing their first "real" DC. Leland
  4. Anyone have any ideas or experience converting a Delta 50-866 type 2 DC to use a cyclone? I am also going to modify it for Wynn filter instead of the bags.... Pics of this can be seen at http://www.toolpartspro.com/delta-parts/delta-50-866-type-2-parts.html I have the change to buy this complete or w/o the stand and build my own - which may work better as I want to do the modifications. I haven't seen anyone who had done a cyclone with this large of a unit. Any suggestions on where I could get a metal cyclone that would work? Thanks...Leland
  5. Vic, I am building in Badger Canyon area (Kennewick). The initial thought was to do a Geo-thermal system for the whole house and shop (but looking into the floor heating). My shop is going to be on the back side of my garage and share one side wall with the house and the other with a RV bay. I am thinking now not doing the floor heating but just use the home sytem with a zone just for the shop. The approx size is 23w x 38L x 9 or 10H. Did you do spay insulation in your shop? Is so who did you have do it in our area? Thanks for the great advice.... Leland
  6. I am in the design process of my new shop and was wanting to know if anyone has vented their DC systems outside and if so were there any issues and how they did it. I am interested in the Clearview but am still looking around. Was originally thinking of building an enclosure around the DC system to quiet it up but heard some talk that venting outside makes it much quieter and also more efficient....comments? Thanks, Leland
  7. another thing I have heard is putting in carpet padding in the wall, it is great for sound dampening and is pretty cheap. Leland
  8. Vic, I see that you said in an ealier post that radiant floor heating won't work well. I am in the planning mode for a new house and of course shop. I am looking at doing geo-thermal heating on all floors. I live in south eastern WA. Any other links to sites you would recommend would be great so I can pass them along to my builder. Size of shop is approx 36 x 40 (and the wood will not be stored there). Thanks for passing your information to the young generation (wood worker newbies..)