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  1. Eh, my desk is in worse shape. The key is to keep it covered in crap. A little sharpie action will hide the worst of it.
  2. krtwood

    jet 16 32 drum sander

    Feed your pieces through touching each other. Add in a sacrificial board of the same thickness at the start and end if you are that worried about it. The snipe will only be on the sacrificial board. But I find the snipe from the drum sander is pretty easy to sand out with the random orbit sander and not something I worry too much about.
  3. Here's a little trick for extending the capacity of your 4.5" sleeve spindle sander. You'll need an extra rubber spindle of the same size, which you have because when you threw out your old dead spindle sander you kept the spindles because they're handy to have around. Order some 9" sleeves and put the long sleeve on the first spindle and tighten it down with a ratchet and extension. Then just drop the second spindle on top. I made a small counterbore in it to fit over the nut but it's not really necessary. When you're done I found a tack puller was just the ticket to stick into the hole and get a bite to pull the spindle out. Obviously you haven't increased the size of the bearings or the shaft, and you haven't even got a shaft in half of it, so don't go crazy. If you need this capacity on a regular basis then you need to step up to a bigger machine. But you can buy 5-10 of these little ones for the price of one of those so for the occasional use you're way ahead of the game even if you shorten the life of the sander a bit. I used this for 45 minutes straight today and was not gentle about it either. A little extra vibration from the machine but it worked fine.
  4. I haven't painted my tools, but I've got a bit of a purple thing going on with my workbench and some of my tool stands.
  5. krtwood

    Okay, what's the next buy?!

    Routers: Get the cheapest name brand 2-1/4 hp plunge/fixed base kit you can find, but make sure there's an edge guide available for it and factor that into the combined price. Jigsaw: Bosch is pretty standard, but I've used Makita and liked it just as well. The main question is handle or barrel grip, which you need to decide for yourself. Random Orbit Sander: Bosch is my favorite of the 5" variety.
  6. This was a challenging one. I think because you normally see segmented bowls done on the lathe where you get the perfect circular form for free this really called for seeking perfection in the form in a way that I don't normally pursue. I got pretty close on the form. Made some stupid mistakes along the way, including dooming the whole thing by failing to thoroughly inspect the stock right at the beginning. But it was really just an experiment so I'm over it. I watched this interview with Mark Lindquist where he talks about how there's ideas about what the right way of doing things are and he doesn't see it that way. He's done stuff like texturing the outside of a bowl by intentionally having catches. So maybe my notion that the segmented bowl has to end up looking perfect isn't the right way to think about it. Maybe I could just power carve the thing and be done at that point.
  7. krtwood

    Oval Segmented Bowl

    I think you're right, because looking closer at what's going on behind there you can see a couple of chainsaws on a weird device. What he's most known for is carving the inside of his turnings with a chainsaw. Though I really can't imagine what value there is in mounting the motor up in the air like that.
  8. krtwood

    Oval Segmented Bowl

    I have no idea. Looks like there's a drive belt running down to something from the motor which is way up in the air for some reason.
  9. krtwood

    Oval Segmented Bowl

    That's pretty much what that sander I was using is, without the random orbit action. I found what I needed to do was orient the pad so that it was straddling over the low area rather than going parallel to it. Then finish up going with the grain to leave a better surface. But the inside went a lot easier than I expected it to. With the bottom of the bowl not attached yet I was able to get one hand down there for the final hand sanding.
  10. krtwood

    Table Saw! Powermatic vs. SawStop vs. your favorite!

    I leave the thin kerf version of that on my saw 90% of the time. It rips well enough in 3/4" stock, albeit a little slow.
  11. krtwood

    Is it me or my bandsaw?

    In addition to what others have said, it can also be technique. The blade can only turn when it's cutting. If you try to do what you would do cutting paper with scissors and pivot the scissors to change direction while you aren't cutting the blade will just bend. Particularly where the bowl of the spoon comes back into the handle, that IS a sharp turn. A 1/4" or larger blade won't be able to do that without a relief cut. Also the blades for those small saws are thin and tend to not have much set. I usually used a 1/8" blade unless I was trying to cut straight. What people give for advice is really geared toward larger saws (14" and up).
  12. krtwood

    Warped lid on box

    You say you resawed the wood for the top. You would have been better off planing it down, removing an even amount from each side. The wood was probably dry, but you brought it into your humid shop and didn't give it enough time to acclimate to that. So it started to gain moisture on each side but the middle was still dry. Then you cut one side off. Now one side is drier than the other and it cups.
  13. krtwood

    Brad Nailer Issues

    The nail has a wedge on the end of it and if it hits anything funky in there it will deflect off like that. Always hold the gun at 90 to a thin edge so if it bends it stays in the wood.
  14. krtwood

    My crappy little shop

    Why can't you just nail it right to that tree?
  15. Bit far gone, innit? I mean it's cool, don't get me wrong. If I could get it for free I'd take it as a challenge to see if enough epoxy and black magic could reanimate it.
  16. krtwood

    Drill Bit Stuck

    I wonder if heating up the bit with a torch might burn off enough of the material locking it in place. What I would be willing to do to get it out would depend on what else was happening to that block of wood. It looks like it's been laid for some carving? If the wood around the bit is getting removed eventually anyway I would chew away at it around the bit.
  17. krtwood

    Best Oneway chuck for a beginner?

    I have the Talon but if I were buying now I would look at the Nova Infinity quick change chuck. Having to take four or eight screws out to change jaws is a real PITA. People end up buying multiple chucks just to not have to change the jaws.
  18. There's a new reindeer sheriff in town. I intended to keep the square cross section in the neck, having it twist to the 45 degree angle of the head, but I didn't cut enough of the upper block at the 45 degree angle and the neck didn't align perfectly so I had to settle for a round neck. Maybe next time. A little look at the process below. Basically just make the block over-sized and then cut out the rectangular block that the head is within and then cut the head out of that block as you normally would, with some scrap blocks under it to give clearance for the body. There's only two 45 degree cuts required in establishing that block. Getting the neck to align is the tricky part. I modeled it in Sketchup where I could twist the head around and see how big the starting block needed to be and where that upper block intersected with the edges of it so I could find it within the starting block. Hopefully video tomorrow...
  19. krtwood

    Bandsaw Reindeer with a Twist

    The love birds had kids... Making the cut for the front of the face is like opening a present I put a dent in the scrap wood pile. Of course now I have 3 boxes of interesting reindeer cutoffs.
  20. krtwood

    Multi-part flag pole

    Maybe a large tee nut? You can get them for at least up to 5/8" thread. Drill holes for screws in the flange. Tubing around the joint wouldn't hurt either.
  21. krtwood

    Die grinders

    The SR is 1/6 hp and the TX is 1/3 hp. That's gotta be a softwood he's carving.
  22. krtwood

    Die grinders

    I have the Foredom SR and wish I'd gotten the TX. It's okay for smaller bits but something like a 3/4" ball it's really easy to stall it. I doubt you could push even the TX as hard as in that video though. Also I hated the foot pedal and ripped off the pedal part and added a knob to press it. I also don't like the power switch, which has off in the middle and forward and reverse on either side. You have to be really careful to only turn it off and not accidentally throw it into reverse. If you do it destroys the flex shaft. But for what's going on in that video, also look at the Arbortech ball gouge. That thing is a beast and leaves a fantastic surface.
  23. krtwood

    Controlling epoxy while it cures

    You can start by putting only a small amount, which will help seal up any leaks and keep them small.
  24. krtwood

    Bandsaw Reindeer with a Twist

    Template for the reindeer couple. Block "B1" is only necessary if you keep the template as shown, which saves some width. Keep the side view of the heads and attach them after you cut out the front view. Use the two angled blocks to shim at the feet to get the head square to the blade. Best to cover the band saw table with a piece of ply so the blocks don't end up getting caught in the miter slot.
  25. krtwood

    Bandsaw Reindeer with a Twist

    For Coop, though I am not sure if they are in love or he just has an itch and she is about to call the reindeer cops.