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  1. J HOP ~ Yep we are sure its an old butcher block, the store front was a butchershop long ago. Yep they want to make an Island out of it and I have forewarned them that I wouldnt eat off of it for sure. And we do think its just common fule oil from the furnace. GS Haydon, we think it is Maple. Wdwerker ~ I too was a "butcher" in my younger days, I had an uncle who ran the butcher shop in our little town, and at 14 he started training me. Thats how I'm positive it is an orgional Block. The first thing you learn, how to clean the Block, bleach and water, every night!.. using a giant wire brush. Man that was work. Darth Rust ~ We will for sure be sealing it up tight, we will look into some of those Ideas you mentioned. thanks! I'm just lettting it sit in the back of the shop for now in a 1000 peices, the smell has gotten better.
  2. Some pics of the Assembly Table, Via TWW design cant find the photos of the top darn it. Its the Torsion Box top. Thats #1 son cutting parts..lol Told him he's famous now!
  3. Thanks guys, kinda thought the same things. I have pulled apart every row, and gave them the "sniff" test. The smell is kinda Hit and Miss. I think I might just try to mill a few rows down and let it sit for a few months. It would be a shame to just toss this lumbering giant, I'm going to do all I can to try to breath life into it. They want it made into a Island for the kitchen, so I'm pretty sure they wont be cutting anything on it per say, just using it as a table more like it. I'll keep posting some photos as I take her apart, and the progress. thanks!
  4. Ok, I have a client with an Old butcher block 40x 30 about 12' tall. It has been in the basement of their building for years and years. The problem I have is it was laying on the dirt, so I has some surface rot which is no big deal because I have to cut it all down to make it all flat again. But the problem is the smell of what I believe to be fuel oil, I can only assume there was an oil burning furnace there at one time and someone sat a can or spilled some on this block. I've never had this problem so I'm looking for any advice? We took the block is completely apart, but I'm not sure if I let it air out will that smell ever go away. Or anyone got any Ideas on how to get rid of the smell, or seal it in???.. doesnt look good to me, but thought I would ask you guys. thanks for your time and views.
  5. yep freddy, go try to build a car from the ground up just buying the parts...LOL. about 500K later you could have a Geo-Metro...lol
  6. I didnt "BLAME" jet for anything, I just stated the fax. Oh thats right I forgot we live it this throw it all out and get new world, the land fills arent full yet. Shame on me for trying to fix something...
  7. Ya not really. My small business has insurance alright, but the claim isnt worth the raise in my insurance rate! I just cant understand why they dont sell any parts, now I have to buy 7 new clamp at about 600 bucks+ ... Just Ranting.
  8. So I have several Jet brand clamps. A few months ago we had the bad luck of a small fire and some of my clamps were damaged. Just the part that slides melted a bit, but they dont slide any more. I contacted Jet Clamps to see if they had any way to help...NADDA. So now I'm sitting on 7 Jet clamps 5-60" and 2-82" clamps that I cant use?...this sucks How do you sell a product @ 70-80$ each but not any replacement parts...WOW is all I can say. (from Jet) Hello Kurt, Thank you for writing. Unfortunately we do not offer replacement parts for the Jet Parallel Clamps. Thank you, Debbie Sons Internet Customer Support Walter Meier (Manufacturing) Inc. 427 New Sanford Road LaVergne, TN 37086 www.waltermeier.com