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  1. It's looking great man! Every time I see the photos of that joinery, I get a little close to buying that Leigh dovetail jig.
  2. I bought mine on Amazon, less than two years ago. They have the U26 for sale, if a 24" rip will work for you.
  3. 17 and a half hours... Ouch. I did a 13 hour flight to Ethiopia once and that was way too long for me. I only packed one book and Ethiopia Airlines had the same 4 movies on repeat on the flight there and the return flight... Two of them were unwatchable so I saw The Brothers Bloom like 8 times.
  4. Start off with watching Marc's video here: Basically you need to adjust the infeed and out feed tables so that they are coplanar. It's not too difficult, but you need patience and a good straight edge.
  5. The shellac soaks into the "end grain" of the curl, so as you sand it down the face grain lightens because the shellac is stripped away. It does build up a little in the figure, but you want to sand it so that the face grain is bare. With an ROS it goes pretty quick. If you are a overzealous with the sanding, reapply a little shellac and resand
  6. They are in fact separate tools (aside from combo machines). I think at some point craftsman marketed jointers as Jointer / Planers. I have a slightly older model of the same jointer. Once you get it setup and dialed in, it does a pretty decent job. You can probably find one a little cheaper, but if it's in good condition it's worth the asking price.
  7. Don't be afraid to try using some dye to pop the grain. Check our Marc's video on popping the grain. Basically, you just mix some Transtint Dark Vintage Maple wit shellac, do a few coats and then sand it down. It's a little more work but it is actually pretty forgiving If you make a mistake. Here's a curly maple box I made with the above method and finished with Arm-R-Seal Semi
  8. I put the Vega Pro on my old Grizzly hybrid. It's an awesome fence. The install is easy, great micro adjuster, it's easy to get it dead on square.
  9. Some sort of Poly varnish is likely going to be your best choice. If you want a nearly fool proof option, it's hard to beat General Finish Arm-R-Seal. I suck at applying finish and it makes me look good.. What made you consider going with just shellac?
  10. I've had things shipped from the UK Amazon site before, albeit smaller items. By the time you pay for shipping and converting from 240V, you won't have saved much. On the UK site, a TS 55 with the 55" track was about $495 US.
  11. You're basically just using the biscuits / dominos for alignment in a panel glue up. The Dominos do a better job for alignment t than biscuits because they are a tighter fit, but there is no way I'd buy one expressly for that purpose. The domino will however make the joiner for the rest of the table super easy.
  12. My actual office is in Poolesville, I almost went to check the out on Tuesday. I've called that sawmill before and they were unfriendly enough that I've never bothered following through on an actual visit.
  13. Awesome work. I love the double bookmatched cherry.
  14. Looks great man. I wouldn't knock your wood choice, I like it just as much as the bubinga and wenge (Marc also had a client commission the bed in that build if I remember correctly). Also, I think I like the straight headboard, but I tend to prefer more simple designs.
  15. It's not much of a secret. In the right orientation the lid snaps in place. In the other 3 orientations, it will move to the point where the force from the magnetic fields cancel out. Live and learn. I also didn't have time to start until 8 days before the party... If I had more time I'd remake the lid. I am probably the only person that is going to be bothered by it.
  16. I did rabbet the lid. There are also magnets in the lid panel, and under the utile edge banding on the case so it stays in place. I somehow transposed the polarity on one set of magnets, so the lid only really catches in one orientation
  17. Fortunately I am a better woodworker than photographer. Unfortunately I am not all that great at woodworking. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. I built this box for my Grandmother's 75th birthday. We are having a surprise party for her on Saturday. Between work, prepping to have 40 people at the house, and getting this box finished I've been a bit busier than I'd like. I used the Domino to join the box together. The grain on the maple was popped using the technique from Marc's "Pop Goes The Maple" video (shellac and Transtint). I finished it with 5 coats of Arm R Seal Semi Gloss. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Wow, I wrote a wordy post and then realized I was talking about a dust deputy, not a clear view. Way too much work this week. I need to go back on vacation.
  20. The integrated height adjustment is just ok in the triton. I have one in my router table (I got a well built table, a bunch of bits, and the router for $120). I've used it for about 3 months and the height adjustment is the only thing I don't like about it. I'd prefer a screw base, or a more reliable lift.
  21. Your motto for life? In all seriousness, I am looking at doing the same thing. I was trying to smooth a piece of curly maple with a blade that I thought was sharp, I was wrong. My sanding options are limited, I was thinking about trying to get most of the way there with an oscillating belt sander and finish with the ROS and hand sanding.
  22. The tongue drum is awesome. I made a padauk xylophone last year and the tongue drum is on my list of projects. Did you find a template for the keys or did you free hand it? Great work all around.
  23. Where in VA is that guy?