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  1. If I was buying a CT tomorrow it was going to be along with a track saw or a Rotex... Damned package discounts. I've only spent about 30 minutes with the Domino but I already see a problem/habit forming.
  2. I am not trying to start a holy war but the Fein hose adapter attached to a rigid shop vac left zero dust from the 24 Domino mortises I just cut. I had myself convinced I was going to run out and buy a CT 26 or Midi tomorrow morning, and it looks like I will be able to hold off a bit. I do have to say I am impressed with my first Festool product. While I am still going to learn and play with other joinery methods, i am going to be grabbing the Domino first.
  3. The stand comes flat packed in one box, and the saw assembly is in the other. You could conceivably do it by yourself, but it's heavier than a single person should probably attempt to lift and fastening the bolts is going to suck. You definitely need a second person for the riser block install. Did you buy blades the right length for after the riser is in? The G0555 anniversary edition was my Xmas present to myself last year. I haven't regretted that purchase for a second.
  4. While my wife wasn't looking today (or home for that matter...) I went ahead and ordered a Domino. I didn't order a dust extractor yet, I did order a fitting that Fein makes that will fit into it. Did anyone else start off with a non FT vac and then find adequate reason to buy one later? I just have two cheapy Rigids at the moment. I was looking at the bag costs and saw that the Fein vac bags are a lot cheaper. Anyone run I know I've seen a few people mention running FT with Fein vacs, any pluses or minuses there aside from cheaper bags?
  5. It was really just a loud pop and then the blade stops moving. Everything stays in the machine. Have the blade slip off the wheel from not taking the time to align it correctly is much scarier. The band saw is one of the safest tools in the shop, I've really taken to using it for most of my initialy ripping (especially thick stock). Close calls with kickback on the table saw are far more common and a lot scarier.
  6. I know Mel did some cows and a giraffe a few months ago. My wife was suggesting finding a way to turn them into bottle openers.
  7. I already checked to make sure the Rigid was in stock at my local BORG. I also broke my first bandsaw blade ever tonight... I should have let the 1/8" blade cool down a bit more.
  8. I wanted to make some holiday presents for the guys that work for me. I originally intended to do something more in depth but our company party is in 3 days and time sort of got away from me. I cut another 9 blanks so I might bust out another batch tomorrow after I get these sanded. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. My photo skills are sub par, those are herbs darkened from roasting, not char. When the turkey coma wore off this morning I hit up the Jet clamp sale. I hope they keep doing it, I wouldn't mind it becoming part of my thanksgiving tradition.
  10. This 27 pounder required a new cutting board to accommodate it. I hope everyone gets to relax and enjoy the holiday. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. The set I got wasn't terribly loud either, but the volume is sufficient that you won't hear anything over the music. I am a big fan. My first shop listen was Nick Offerman's Paddle Your Own Canoe.
  12. Why did I have to read that the woodworking show is coming to me right after holiday bonus time? If anyone is going and wants to grab a beer and nerd out on woodworking give me a shout.
  13. Well done man, on both accounts.
  14. I have three PMV-11 plane blades and they definitely stay sharper far longer, but I feel like there is a difference between "I just sharpened it, wow this is sharp" and "This is still serviceably sharp". Again, this is my fairly novice experience speaking. I'd wait for Derek Cohen or someone who is more familiar with all of the offered tool steel grades to weigh in.
  15. As someone who definitely bought some unnecessary tools while getting into woodworking, take the one tool at a time approach. If you want to buy some PMV-11 stuff, maybe start off with an LV block plane with the PMV-11 iron. Pay attention to how much longer it takes to sharpen. While it holds an edge wonderfully, I don't know that I'd want PMV-11 chisels. I like to touch up my chisels pretty frequently, so that might be a personal thing. Also, until you really learn to sharpen, a set of Narex bench chisels are more than adequate.
  16. I don't want to thread jack, but I kind of wonder how much easier it is use a shoulder plane than a chisel for cleaning up most tenons.
  17. Bravo on trying your hand at gilding.I love the look of real gold leaf.
  18. Work travel has put a slight cramp on my progress. In the three days I was home this week, I took a couple minutes to trim up the boards for the panel, edge joint them, and get the panel glued up. I left my glue up on the kitchen island before I left for the airport his morning so my wife will remember to pull it out of the clamps.
  19. My wife is really supportive of me getting time to work in the shop, but due to work and actually wanting to spend time with my wife before she has to go to bed (getting up at 5am is rough) I average maybe 5 hours. There are also weeks at a time when I am at zero hours.
  20. Well done man. Now that you've completed something the real descent into woodworking addiction begins...
  21. Just stay away from the power tools until you get some sack time. The grasshopper was fun to build. I think it may have been more fun for me than for the nephew I gave it to, but it's hard to compete for a child's attention against birthday power wheels.
  22. Well done Graham. I am hoping they pick up some of your blog content.
  23. The guy I bought it from gave me a history lesson and was telling me that people would fit tool chests with drawers under benches like this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. So what I thought were hooks are metal brackets that were bent up out of the way, so this thing was intended to be anchored down with brackets. I might be tempted to make a heavier base. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. Yeah, the vises pretty well. I tossed a piece of figured maple in the tail vise and it held well while I took a smoother to it. The tail vise racked a good but I don't know how big a deal that really is. There are two steel hooks / prongs on the bottom of the bench, I am wondering if they are part of a locking system. I will take pictures once I get my chores done... I was apparently supposed to close the pool two weeks ago. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk