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  1. Jerry, I owe you a beer next time I am in Philly. I don't know how I haven't found that guy. If you end up piecing out that curly maple, let me know. It was running $15/bf at my hardwood dealer today.
  2. I've been on the lookout for a nice slab for either a long coffee table, or book matched slabs for a dining room table, and I am often taken aback by the pricing. It honestly seems to be completely arbitrary, even when the slabs aren't exceptionally wide. I'd be thrilled to find someone that just sold slabs by the BF, but the hardwood dealers seems to attribute an extra 50-300% in my area. The only sawmill that I've ever bought from doesn't really have a selection of slabs, and what they had the last time I was there was all red oak which doesn't float my boat. What's your experience?
  3. Today is supposed to be the first day Baltimore is hitting 90 in 34 days... this time of year is usually a steady 95 degrees with 95% humidity. My electric bill has been less than half of what it was last summer. Unfortunately long term forecasts are calling for another brutal winter in the mid Atlantic.
  4. 90% of the time I am doing pork shoulders or brisket. If I do ribs, I do a dry rub or jerk and foil after they leave the smoker to rest for 30 minutes. I use an electric smoker, so moisture is never a problem. I stick to eastern or western Carolina style Barbecue sauces and they tend to be a real crowd pleaser. It amazes me that so few people are familiar with the western Carolina style mustard based sauce. Once people try it, they rave about it. I did make a batch of peach and buckwheat honey BBQ sauce last year in the KC style, but my guest may just be conditioned to my predilection for
  5. I feel similarly about all the G&G furniture that gets made, it's just not attractive to me but I appreciate the craftsmanship. I am wondering if the woodworking community feels that the Art Nouveau stuff doesn't appeal to their sense of aesthetics, or is simply too difficult to mess with. And darn you for posting that Pantry project. I showed it to my wife in a "Hey, isn't this cool?" moment and now she is trying to talk me into building something similar.
  6. Art Nouveau style furniture doesn't seem to get a lot of press in the woodworking world, and I am honestly curious as to why. It's far and away one of my favorite styles, but I don't see anyone building AN furniture or doing things that are inspired by it. I'd think that the live edge craze would have adopted elements from Art Nouveau, but I haven't seen anyone take it in that direction. Is this a natural function of how ornate many AN pieces are or is there a general disinterest in the style? I'd be curious to get some input from th
  7. This is the mildest Baltimore summer that I can ever remember. Thanks for taking one for the team Sam.
  8. I think the WTO forum really is something special. Everyone here is far more polite and welcoming than on any other forum I've ever frequented. I've been AWOL from the forum and woodworking in general during a busy summer, and I've definitely missed the folks here. I finally managed to clean up the mess in my shop that has been sitting since early May so I can get back out there and make some sawdust... I might even get that shaker table finished that I started last September.
  9. That's exactly what I've been scouring craigslist for... Of course I'd have to employ some advanced tool obfuscation techniques to get it by the wife. Nice score Mel!
  10. I made my wife look at 4 bookmatched veneer slices... She was way less excited about it than I was.
  11. I didn't buy their resaw fence. I have a quarter sheet of 3/4 MDF waiting to be turned in to one. Unfortunately work and spring landscaping has been keeping me from getting it done. I was pretty amazed at my resaw test results from just using the stock fence, given it was only a 5" board but it came out in nice even slices down to 3/16" or so.
  12. Yeah, I couldn't imagine why you'd pull it out. It's not a huge PITA, but it's enough of one that you wouldn't want to change it unless you were repurposing the saw. With the riser it goes up to a 105" blade.
  13. I think there are some minor differences in the G0555 bandsaws between the Polar Bear / Anniversary edition and the standard. The biggest difference is the cast iron wheels in the Polar Bear / Anniversary edition. I let my wife choose between the three, and she liked the bear on the Anniversary edition the most.
  14. Count me in the Vega Pro fan club. I love the micro adjust, and they are easy to install and get leveled.
  15. I think we should set up a Kickstarter to get you some equipment, or you can just post your paypal info.
  16. The wife and I are doing a quick trip to Paris, Barcelona, and Valencia this summer and I was curious if there were any must-see museums, architectural sites, or general areas that might be worth a visit to nerd out on some of furniture. Versailles and the Louvre are on the list for Paris but I thought I'd reach out to see if anyone else had any insight as to what might be cool to see.
  17. I've had the G0555LANV for about a week now and I absolutely love it. I may have actually hugged the machine last week when no one was looking.., I am new to having a full sized band saw and the Grizzly was a snap to put together and get dialed in. So far I've only run it with a woodslicer place and done some resawing and a lot of thin rips. Playing around, I was able to cut veneer in 1/16" slices on my first attempt.
  18. Would it be sacrilege to spray deck stain through an HVLP system? Would an Earlex handle it? I am trying to justify picking one up, and if I can use it to maintain the 960sf of deck on the back of my house that would be a huge win. I like the idea if. It having the overspray from an airless sprayer (I've only ever used a cheap one, and wow did it suck) and I'd like to be able to finish with something other than a wiping varnish without driving myself crazy.
  19. There's a definite movement back to purchasing actual products made by actual people. I go out of my way to vote with my wallet and I want to support local businesses, true craftsmen, and ethical businesses. It's especially prevalent in my demographic (early 30s professional). Buying "real" things is more expensive but there is a growing community of folks that feel it's worth it. It's been 3+ years since I stepped into a Walmart and at least 2 since I've been inside a Target. They are stores full of junk that seem as though they were designed to bilk Americans out of money to increase the
  20. In the last year I've been into 4 different fairly swanky places that used completely rough lumber to cover entire walls. I guess the Band-sawn look is in. It's not that I dislike it, but I do feel like it's cheap and lazy. I said something to my wife about it a few weeks ago and she said she really likes it.
  21. I've been researching a combo machine to put on my medium-term purchase list. In my case, I just don't have a lot of shop space, so I am drawn to not having another machine. The Hammer combo machines look great, but I'd probably look harder at the Grizzly to make sure I'd be able to service it. It's also over $1,000 cheaper.
  22. The Pro 50 is $2 cheaper than the Pro 40 on Amazon right now... if you have the space you may as well go for it. Also the Pro models are like $80 -$100 cheaper than the U models (which are not as nice). Go figure...
  23. I have the Vega Pro 40 and it absolutely transformed my saw. It's rock solid and super easy to install (even on my 25 year old Grizzly)
  24. I was perusing the schedule for WIA and I am wondering if any past attendees could chime in on whether it would be money wasted for a complete novice. The fact that it is a 6 hour drive for me makes it pretty attractive. There's also a serious dearth of woodworking classes in Baltimore, and I've been dying for some live instruction.