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  1. Thanks all and thanks danbell. For those with outdoor shops in northern climates. How do you keep wood acclimated in the winter? I understand turning on the heat to work, but doesn't it hinder the process to have wood cold and then "acclimate" it in a few hours. Don't you need a couple weeks at relatively stable temps? I think this issue would give basements a leg up.
  2. We are looking at buying a new to us house and with it a new shop for me. I currently have a 1.5 detached garage that is all my space. The drawback has always been no heat and a single 20 amp circuit. We knew we weren't staying forever so we didn't put in a panel or heat. Location is SE Wisconsin so the lack of heat has always kept me from working in the winter, the best time to be in there. I am thinking for my next shop I wouldn't mind it being in the right basement space. It will make it much easier to find a house and get more space, potentially. There are not really any houses with d
  3. 1/3 will work fine. I bet this has a poly v belt with a metric bore on the pulley. Might take a little engineering, but you could get it working for cheap.
  4. Step pulleys are made by Chicago die cast and congress manufacturing and van be bought at acehardwares and amazon. The dudes at can maybe help with the tensioner parts.
  5. Well. Good luck and thanks for the jointer. I did sell that and upgrade.
  6. Why did you sell all your stuff?
  7. No wonder they didn't return my call last week about an issue on one of my cabinet masters. They were too busy shredding papers.
  9. Put in new blades. Run a hardwood through. Enjoy. 125$ plus blades will make for a good deal.
  10. I went two years ago to look around and shop, not really worth it but some of the demos are worthwhile. If I go again it would be to take a Marc Adams class. I would not drive that distance unless I was taking a class.
  11. What are you putting on it other than a beer?
  12. I think those doors look alright, but you're always your own biggest critic. You now have me looking to build speakers.
  13. Go to a bearing house, fleet farm, hardware store. They will all have pulleys. Or order from McMaster Carr.
  14. The Dayton you ave will work fine and it is reversable. I wouldn't worry too much about the extra HP as you won't really be using it so it won't tax the drive or bearings.