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  1. There are small vacuum presses available. The kit includes everything you'll need. A vacuum is created using the supplied hand vacuum pump. Roarockit.com at http://www.roarockit.com/rc_wood.php?cat=51 There are two bag sizes 26" x 28"($59.99) and 14"x47"(56.99). Lee Valley also has the 26x28 for $59.50. (http://www.leevalley.com/US/wood/page.aspx?p=51167&cat=1,250,43298,43314,51167).
  2. If I was starting over my beginners list would be Use pre milled boards from big box or from your HW dealer and have them milling your timber. I would also shop for a good buy on a thickness planner. Invest in some reasonably priced hand tools, i.e. block plane Jack plane, router plane, hand saw (rip crosscut, dovetail and tendon saws), set of bench chisels, 14 in. Band saw. Router (can be used to in lieu of a jointer) Shop vac with a dust separator Nice to have Portable power saw to cut sheet goods