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  1. I was an intern for about 6 months and then worked/volunteered over the years. Most of my employment revolved around the Yestermorrow community. They are huge both in scope of classes and in campus since I was there but the leadership is still the same and still awesome.
  2. You make an excellent point about design options. I am going to make my own accessories but their design was more attractive than what I had been thinking. I wish I could see the accessory end that inserts into the rail. I'm curious how much support their design offers. Thanks for the links everyone. They helped alot. I'm going to experiment with some cleat ideas based on what I've read here and find something that works and looks nice. If anyone is good with sketchup or something and could diagram ideas that would be much appreciated. I would love to start a building journal once I get moving on this. It could be a while as we are trying to buy a house.
  3. This is awesome! Thanks so much for the info... very helpful!
  4. Our family is big time into board games. So I'm designing a dining room table that has a removable top, which covers what will be a board game table. The idea is to not have to put away games when we can't finish them, yet still have a table for normal dining room use (ie. piling up mail, sanding projects so you can still watch the game, homework, scribbling with crayons or art... but not dining come on.) Funny enough there is a furniture company I found that makes exactly what I was designing: Here is my question: How can I make this "rail system" they have on their tables: I actually thought of something similar based on an old Ikea design but it was more of a french cleat principle and not very attractive. Their rail system looks very clean and neat but I have no idea how it works. I can't make sense of it from the pictures (maybe that's the idea). Any ideas on how this works and how to recreate it? Thanks, Christian
  5. Hello from Portland OR! I've been meaning to join this forum for a while as I have no woodworking mentors or peers in this part of the country. I started wood working when I was an intern at Yestermorrow design/build school back in '05: Then I got a job building wheelchair accessible treehouses: That job took me all over the country and was AMAZING! Then I grew up, got a lady, got a baby and a pick up truck... Whoops thought I was writing a country song. Anyway, I did settle down and with a young family and career change, woodworking downgraded a bit to hobby status. Like I said earlier, I'm looking forward to being a part of Woodtalk to reconnect with the woodworking community. Almost all my experience was based in Vermont so out here in Oregon I'm starting over. Thanks, Christian