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  1. However, you must also have tools. To make quick work and be eficace use tools that allow me to gain time. To tighten the screws use Senco Duraspin 275, or Protool DuraDrive , or Makita 6843 For cutting plasterboard use of Gyproc Blade runner, a fabulous tool. Uprights iron them fixed with nail Spit Pulsa 700. Labor and fast and dust-free.
  2. The structure over the 3 days, instead of the doors I do it in 2 days. The entire cost of material and 350 Euros. Wardrobe and 273 long, 297 high and 40 cm deep.
  3. I did everything I structure drywall and doors
  4. Beautiful, what tool do you own up-grade. It occupies very shallow laboratory space, contains the minimum you need, portable with 6 wheels (two fixed large, and 4 wheels with brakes). Working on it you are new ideas.
  5. Even with only 10% power, I fill the room with bass. I do not know what happens if you increase power and do not want to know? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbE6oDJc-Xw
  6. Unfortunately my cone of B & W and damaged. During shipment has taken a knock and the cone was the strange vibrations. I replaced it with a different "beast" of Sounstream even more powerful (two coils to 500 W). Sound pressure that is scary
  7. Thnx All done with reclaimed wood. Spare chestnut - old bed, pieces of birch, found on the street,,,
  8. I wanted to show my new workshop MFTC,,, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnhffUqXvjM
  9. these days I finally finished B & W
  10. Thank you. Also I have 5 boxes of B & W series 6 and am very happy. I missed only one subwoofer. Let's see how it sounds
  11. Thank you. I used strips of walnut and I decided to cover it with epoxy resin to provide maximum resistance to stress. The resin had no effect on color of wood, indeed, increased beauty of wood. I am still in the stages of construction, I should give final layer of resin and should do bass reflex hole at the top, to make it breathe.