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  1. Thanks to all who have relied thus far. I live in Pennsylvania so I am a bit far from California and frankly I've heard that the west coast experience with Laguna is different from that we see out East. Maybe it's just the way we're wired. I have now learned that Laguna (and perhaps others) source product from different plants with likely different fit and finish. Griz is located here near home so that combined with price point has me leaning that way. Final decision will come with a trip to their outlet in mid-state where I can put my hands on the equipment. Fortunately I don't have any expectation that the manuals will do any instruction regarding woodworking techniques. Thanks again.
  2. Ok. I'm retired and finally have the time and money to pursue my love of woodworking. Trouble is so many choices. I've stated down the road with Festool Kapex and CMS Router table and router. I have an old contractor table saw that will eventually be replaced with probably a Saw Stop. But right now I want to move forward with the purchase of a band saw (probably 17") and a combo jointer/planer. Grizzly makes some nice machines from what can see but Laguna does as well. I've read some no so nice things about Laguna and some real positive things about Grizzly. Question is, am I reading just planted marketing hype or is one better than the other? Are there other better models out there that I should consider? Sure could use some guidance from the community. Thanks, Karl