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  1. This is truly a magnificent wood work! You must be proud.
  2. This must be a fun build. I like the execution of the design. Well done.
  3. You surely have great attention to details! Cedar is nice. Excellent work!
  4. That cutting board looks great. Nice pattern and selection of wood.
  5. I believe you were feeding the wood too fast or the blade was under tensioned.
  6. I'd rather get a 14" band saw. Post pics soon when you get the band saw. Have you done some test runs?
  7. The best way to make your band saw run right, before anything else, follow the band saw tune up procedure by Alex Snodgrass.There are lots of factors that caused your problem, feed rate, tension, blade guides set up and blade problem.
  8. I use around 2500 fpm and run on slower speed whenever I resaw. I don't go on full speed, it might burn the wood.
  9. That's very classy. Details are excellent.
  10. It turned out great. Keep it up.
  11. Forget the band saw for now, get the domino.
  12. I like the design. Definitely a fun build. This is going to be very useful.
  13. Just wonderful design and execution is second to none! Well done
  14. That is an incredible. I like seeing the building process.
  15. For me, the additional .5 hp would certainly give you extra power especially if you're resawing. Always get a good quality blade and I always prefer cast iron wheels.