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  1. woodbutcher74

    45 mitres

    It doesn't matter if your tools are set up perfectly if your stock isn't square and flat. Just sayin.
  2. woodbutcher74

    Basic Drill Press Question(s)

    Clamping isn't a bad idea but if you are drilling a series of holes in a straight line down a piece you should clamp a fence on the table. You should aleays have something to counter act the torque of the drill bit.
  3. woodbutcher74

    Router table insert

    Can you use the existing router plate as a template and use a pattern bit to cut it down to size? Double sided tape it to the new one and center it.
  4. woodbutcher74


    It's probably not the respirators fault. I have a full beard and stache. Had them both since 1976 and not going anywhere. I have cover as much of this ugly mug as I can. No other wood bothers me like this so I'll just use other types of lumber.
  5. woodbutcher74


    I have an immediate reaction to Cedar and Zebrawood. My chest starts feeling tight and it feels like I need to cough. Even with a good respirator. Too bad too, I bought a couple of beautiful Zebrawood boards and now they just sit on my lumber rack.
  6. woodbutcher74

    Wood Working as Therapy

    Every morning I go out to my shop and just look around and kind of plan out my next move on a project or figure out what needs to be done. It gives some motivation to go to work and get it over with so I can come home and get in the shop.
  7. woodbutcher74

    Beginner - Impulse Buy

    When I first started I would buy magazines and project magazines at the super market. Picked out the ones I liked and subscribed. Now days with the internet you can google wood working plans and find all kinds of plans and ideas for free. I started before Al Gore invented the internet.
  8. woodbutcher74

    Attaching fence post to house

    You might want to primer and paint those brackets before you fasten them to the house or the post. They will rust and you will have stains running down the side of your house. Galvanized brackets might be better. Just a thought.
  9. woodbutcher74

    Looking for cabinet lock

    The guys on You Tube that build the hidden compartment cabinets for storing firearms use a magnetic lock. Seem pretty secure. I'm sure if you search hidden compartment cabinets on the Tube you'll be able to find some locks. Just an idea.
  10. woodbutcher74

    Don't Buy Plywood at Menards

    I know things happen with everything mass produced. I was kind of venting on Menards. Drive 30 miles and back to pick it up and a good part of the morning breaking it down then having to drive another 30 miles to return it. In the mean time I'm no further along with my project and am basically back to square one and have to drive 50 miles to the next available supplier.
  11. woodbutcher74

    Don't Buy Plywood at Menards

    I've never seen a sheet de-laminate this bad. It's almost like it only got glue around the edges.
  12. woodbutcher74

    Don't Buy Plywood at Menards

    Bought this sheet of 3/4" Maple ply at Menards this morning. $52.99. Looked OK at the yard but when I got home and started to break it down for a book shelf I am building it damn near exploded when I ripped it down on the tablesaw. It said it was B-C grade and made in the USA. Needless to say I took it back and the lady at the return desk asked what was wrong with it. Then she wanted to see the rest of the sheet. So I carried the rest of the pieces in and she wanted to exchange it. I told her no thanks.
  13. woodbutcher74

    Cordless RO Sander- Ryobi issues- Need Council

    I,m not familiar with the Rigid dust vac you have but if it doesn't have an adjustable suction it could be burning up your sanders. If it sucks your sander down to much it could be putting an excess of load on the motor. You really only need enough suction to pull the dust away. Just a thought.
  14. woodbutcher74

    Hernia Surgery

    So they use Festool and not the Harbor Freight stuff?
  15. woodbutcher74

    Jet DC1100VX-CK Review

    I have the same machine. I plumbed my shop with 4" PVC and metal blast gates at every machine. Works really well. Never had a clog. The ring that holds the bag gets easier over time. I reuse the bags as they are heavy enough to be dumped and not damaged. I have a Long Ranger remote control hooked up to mine and it works really well. I think you will be very happy with your purchase.