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  1. You can get a stop collar pretty cheap at the big box stores.
  2. Just curious, what's the first movie going to be on opening night?
  3. I work with the Illinois DOT quite a bit. They told me that the amount of moisture under the concrete has a lot to do with blow ups. With the amount of rain we had this year and the record heat I'm surprised there haven't been more.
  4. I was always partial to Toledo Window Box !!! Anybody remember that one?
  5. The wife and I went to a local Honor Flight fundraiser. We both feel that this is a very worth while charity. The wife volunteered to be an aid on a future flight. Aids assist veterans on the day long journey to Washington DC to see the veterans memorials. Aids have to pay for their own tickets. She's a nurse so hopefully she'll be chosen.
  6. Wouldn't PVC boards bend easier without kerfing it. I believe its available with wood grain embossed into it? Just a thought.
  7. Great thanks. I was looking at a catalog I received in the mail and didn't see where they said that. OK resume. Sorry for the poach.
  8. Kind of poaching in on this topic but I have question on the Infinity HSS knives for the 735? Do these have the double edges so they can be rotated like the OEM?
  9. It doesn't matter if your tools are set up perfectly if your stock isn't square and flat. Just sayin.
  10. Clamping isn't a bad idea but if you are drilling a series of holes in a straight line down a piece you should clamp a fence on the table. You should aleays have something to counter act the torque of the drill bit.
  11. Can you use the existing router plate as a template and use a pattern bit to cut it down to size? Double sided tape it to the new one and center it.
  12. It's probably not the respirators fault. I have a full beard and stache. Had them both since 1976 and not going anywhere. I have cover as much of this ugly mug as I can. No other wood bothers me like this so I'll just use other types of lumber.
  13. I have an immediate reaction to Cedar and Zebrawood. My chest starts feeling tight and it feels like I need to cough. Even with a good respirator. Too bad too, I bought a couple of beautiful Zebrawood boards and now they just sit on my lumber rack.
  14. Every morning I go out to my shop and just look around and kind of plan out my next move on a project or figure out what needs to be done. It gives some motivation to go to work and get it over with so I can come home and get in the shop.