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  1. Lift off lid with Lee Valley hardware, poly finish, removable dividers

    © M. Kelley

  2. Hardware by Lee Valley, removable dividers, poly finish.
  3. Hi Everyone, So this table took a lot longer than expected. I finished it up this past May, with a little help on the curves from a local woodworker. I ended up having the same guy do my jointing/planing, as I was pressed for time.
  4. It took me maybe 20 tries before I could get my card scrapers tuned up properly. Definitely make one of those wooden kerf blocks to hold the card, it makes life much easier and keeps things nice and square while you work. Oh, and get that narrow edge mirror-shine smooth before you even think about picking up that burnisher.
  5. Probably a lot of Oak, olive, and Cedar. That's a pretty rough area for timber species... Not claiming expertise in the subject, but wasn't he a relatively close relation to King David? I'm sure he could afford the 0th century equivalent of Festool
  6. I still use dollar store tapes - stop in, grab a few liters of Coca Cola for a party, round out to an even dollar amount with tape measures
  7. Didn't look at your geo-tag, what kind of Ash do you guys use out there?
  8. At least they're maintaining a green barrier zone along the rivers to reduce silting-in!
  9. Give it a few years, then EAB will remove it for you
  10. The door looks like the tone I get from Cabot's Golden Oak... Th built-in looks too red for golden oak.