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  1. Those look terrific! And you just inspired me to tackle some more power carving, soon!
  2. That is shaping up to be one beauty of a bench!
  3. I cut a lot of slabs like that for firewood, back in the 70s and 80s.
  4. Next cabinet I build will first have a set of knee-height horses made for it, just for that reason.
  5. Workshops are always evolving, don't think you are the first to realize a better solution after working fir a while. Is the cabinet business picking up? Seems that last time you posted, things were not looking too smooth...
  6. Sweet! Very nice display for your collectables. Well done, Cliff!
  7. I knew there was at least one reason I like living in the middle of nowhere!
  8. Depending on the exact width, a blade & chip breaker set from Hock Tools (good stuff!) will cost you $85 to $90. Considering the retail cost of such a plane at near $200, I think you made out OK.
  9. No kidding. I drove past a local Taco Bell recently, with "Closed for Remodeling" on the sign. The building had disappeared. That sometimes works out for a corporation, but rarely for an individual. At least, not me.
  10. The plane picture in @Chestnut's link uses a bar to retain the wedge, but the one you picture appears to use the wedge-shaped grooves in the sides of the plane for that purpose. My guess is that plane body is an older model. The bar type would be easier to produce, so probably is a newer, cheaper design. The complete plane seems to use a standard Stanley type blade + chip breaker, so the groove in the bottom is probably clearance for the chip breaker retaining screw. You might just purchase an appropriate blade and chip breaker, and make the wedge yourself. It isn't difficult, just tedious.
  11. Hhhmmm...not being familiar with the saw, I assumed the 16" mentioned above was wheel diameter....
  12. First, a disclaimer - I have no experience with either saw. But for me, blade availability, coupled with the reduced blade stress provided by larger diameter wheels, would steer me toward the Laguna.
  13. I'd put them at the height most comfortable for you to reach when the cabinet is hung. Since most tool cabinets are hung so that center is about eye-level, at or near the bottom corner makes sense.
  14. Beautiful work, Mick! I only wish more of the 'uninitiated' would appreciate your material choices and expert craftsmanship the way we all do.
  15. If you want to "age" the cherry without risking a rain shower, there are ways to bring out the aged cherry color with chemical treatments. The post linked below has discussion of such a process from a project I built a while ago. If it interests you, I'll be happy to share the excruciating details...