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  1. wtnhighlander


    Drew, it seems like the risk would be minimal for you, having other vehicles to drive. I doubt this market will last long, although new vehicle prices will probably not return to 2019 levels.
  2. wtnhighlander


    I feel like most of the shortages (not just cars, all sorts of electronic gear) aren't to blame on lack of "chips" specifically. I have yet to hear of any particular chip type that is in short supply, and there are chip mfg.s all over the globe. General supply chain hiccups, and a surge in demand following the pandemic slowdown seem more likely to me.
  3. wtnhighlander


    No, but depending on how many are up on blocks in the front yard, might leave you open to a Foxworthy joke!
  4. I have no personal experience using a fence system designed specifically for a free-standing router table. However, saw fences must move parallel to the cutter, where a router fence has no such requirement. I suspect a fence designed for a router table will not simply drop on to a saw fence rail system. Good thing to ask the manufacturer.
  5. @gee-dub, what sort of bearing system did you use in the hose reel pictured above?
  6. @TomInNC, one advantage of mounting the router in the saw wing is space savings. Important for folks with tiny shops like mine. Also, there is the advantage / hinderance of having the saw fence to do double-duty.
  7. Drew is right about those come-along winches. Just make sure the load is actually movable...I folded the lever arm of one in half once, trying to winch my truck out of a hole.
  8. Thanks, Sean! I am always curious to see results of experiments. Saves me from having to experiment quite so much, myself!
  9. Well, I took my 2 little cherry wall brackets to work, and left them in full sun in my truck bed all day. I couldn't tell a bit if difference, so I brought them home and slathered them in "black cherry" stain. The pigment does muddy the grain a bit, but dark is dark. Probably no one will even notice or care that the pieces are cherry, anyway.
  10. There are several videos and articles on The Wood Whisperer site, that talk about the several shop moves Marc has made. Most of them involve a moving company, and have been relatively good experiences. I believe that in most cases, it pays to consider the replacement cost of each tool, and how valuable that tool is to your workflow. You may find the move is a good opportunity to eliminate some dead weight.
  11. Looks like a clamping niggtmare, but the results are great!
  12. Hey Rick! Good to see you back in the saddle!
  13. Question for the collective: tan cherry before or after danish oil application?
  14. Not commenting on appearance or future replacements of the fridge. I do suggest making the surround "loose" enough to easily roll the fridge out for cleaning. Those things suck in horrendous amounts of dust and lint, all of which contribute to early failure. Not to mention water leaks that will just do more damage if the machine is hard to move.