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  1. wtnhighlander

    Cabinet drawer slides

    Those of you that have experience building kitchen cabinets: what is the longest, full-extension, undermount or centermount ball-bearing drawer slide I can use in a box that is 26" deep (24.5" inside)? From what I see on the supplier's web sites, it appears to be 21", but I'd like to hear you experience. Thanks.
  2. Agree with @Chestnut, that looks wrong. The ship's wheel, at least, should get brass knobs, if not wood.
  3. wtnhighlander

    Sun porch accessories

    Wood species. He wants to modify the table height to accomodate his knee & hip replacements. Making the legs longer. I figured an accent color at the bottom of the leg is better than any other mod I can think of, short of totally rebuilding the base.
  4. wtnhighlander

    a utility project

    If its got some heat, I'd eat that!
  5. wtnhighlander

    Adze - Anyone recognize this maker's mark?

    Nope. Tried dragging that pic into a google image search?
  6. wtnhighlander

    a utility project

    In Tennessee, its called Ketchup.
  7. wtnhighlander

    Sun porch accessories

    I tried to get started on the bar today, but he threw a design change into the mix, that will require some discussion. BTW, anyone know the proper term for a furniture leg with a contrasting section at the bottom? Related to a different project, same client.
  8. wtnhighlander

    Dewalt DW735

    I"ve had motor brushes get jammed in the holder, so that they didn't contact the commutator. Caused a very similar symptom.
  9. You can try soaking the exposed particle board with CA glue or epoxy, then apply a few coats of shellac and sand it until you have a smooth, hard surface. Then spray it black. The problem is that some of the edge banding looks like a laminate material, not wood veneer. The glue and paint may not stick.
  10. wtnhighlander

    Sun porch accessories

    Thanks, Ken! I know the enhanced oak grain is kind of busy, but the client really likes it.
  11. wtnhighlander

    Plugged screw holes -(from the same board) Yuck

    Face grain plugs never stop looking like weird circles, unless you paint over them. IMO.
  12. I think that particle board desk is a bit too far gone for spray paint to be of much help.
  13. wtnhighlander

    Sun porch accessories

    Finally got around to finishing the shutters. Looking forward to installing them soon.
  14. wtnhighlander

    Switching teams

    I'm sure quality varies in Japan as it does anywhere. Personally, I'm not a fan of the short blade format. I like paring-length chisels for everything.
  15. wtnhighlander

    Kumiko Lamp

    I think the leg proportions are great. Is that the intended final location? Seems a shame to hide 2 sides in the corner.