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  1. Coop, I feel the same as you. That's why I live where there aren't enough HOs to make an A!
  2. That is a worthy tribute, Mick. Well done, as usual.
  3. I used Thompson's deck sealer (not the general purpose "Water Seal"), and it seems to hold up for a good full year in the West TN climate. Pretty cheap, compared to some others.
  4. If you 'direct drive' saw is a benchtop unit, it will handle a 6" stack better than 8". The extra mass takes a lot more power to spin up.
  5. Keep one with you at all times. Carpenter pencils are the handiest pencils, ever.
  6. Well, somebody has to snap the photo! I'm going to try to mill it, but no promises. It's just red oak, after all. Might be able to hack enough for a slab table out of it, though. If I can manage to dry it well enough.
  7. I think you did well by cutting the mortices first. Careful layout is key, of course. To keep the fit precise, a 'paring block', just a square piece of stock clamped along the cut line, will give your chisel more registration surface to help keep it square. If the shelf isn't too long to fit, I'd probably use a box joint style jig on the tablesaw to cut the fingers. Honestly, your cuts look pretty good. When you glue it up, mix sanding dust from the side walls into the glue, it will help disguise any tiny gaps around the tenons.
  8. Build youself a louvered door. All the practice you could need (or want)!
  9. Anyone know how to access notifications and messages in tbe mobile view? I can open them if a notice pops up, but can't find a way to go back to them without switch to the desktop site, which doesn't adapt to small screens well at all.
  10. Took down a troublesome tree by the house today. Root system is contributing to cracks in the foundation. Sad, because I planted it as a sapling about 27 years ago. Took almost 3 hours to fell with my little 33cc Homelite. That is just not enough power for a 16" bar, and I had to cut from each side, even near 20' up the bole. Only 8' of clear material here. Gonna try to slice it up and dry it, because, why not? Oak is some tough stuff. Even with Cody pulling it with my truck, and me driving wedges into the back cut, the crazy tree held on to almost 25* of incline before this li
  11. They probably do. The "100%" indicator on screen can mean anything the designer wants it to.
  12. 4. Batteries charged to maximum capacity are more susceptble to breakdown of the internal electrolyte / separator layers and self destruct.
  13. Yes. Sunset in the fields near my house. Cabin is at a nearby Civil War battlefield site. You might guess who the fisherman is.