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  1. wtnhighlander

    Electrical talk for the Hammer

    Another thing to remember, check the code for YOUR locality. NEC is a baseline, many municipalities have more stringent codes in place. For what it's worth, I would void the warranty, wire directly to the machine connection box, and maybe install a lockable disconnect switch in place of a plug & receptacle. I've seen a LOT of those twist-lock plugs melt down. I would certainly try to avoid having two sets of them in the line.
  2. wtnhighlander

    White Oak Score, Plan to Quatersaw

    Judging by the fluffy white stuff on the ground, I'm guessing that's ice. Since you've probably never seen that outside of a scotch glass, we can overlook the "glaze" comment.
  3. wtnhighlander

    Marking Knife Suggestions

    In fact, I am saving an old planer blade to make a marking knife from. Simply grinding a edge is all that is really required.
  4. wtnhighlander

    Marking Knife Suggestions

    Probably a good idea to have multiples. I have the skinny MK025 from Ron Hock, for which I fashioned a handle that leaves the blade exposed about 2". Good for tight places. I also have my eye on a heavier, single-bevel knife, just have one with a bit of heft.
  5. wtnhighlander

    Is this a good buy?

    This is the best way to use that planer for furniture projects:
  6. wtnhighlander

    New Planer - Ripples

    Do those planers have rubber feed rollers, or some sort of all-metal feed system? It seems to me that if the ripple spacing is the same at different feed rates, it must be some impression made by the feed mechanism.
  7. wtnhighlander


    Any bends you add to the exhaust will dampen sound to some degree, especially if the inside is lined with a soft surface to absorb part of the sound vibrations.
  8. wtnhighlander

    Sun porch accessories

    OK, so here is the bit I hacked: ... and here is the profile: I call that a success!
  9. wtnhighlander

    Sun porch accessories

    Profiling the "raised panel" for this shutter is a challenge. Nibbling away stock with a dado set, then a core box router bit, does the job, but requires too much work with the gooseneck scraper to clean up. I think I'm going to grind the bearing stud off a 1/2" cove bit, and use it with an edge guide to speed this process up a bit.
  10. wtnhighlander

    PJ882-HH Funny Noise

    If you talk to PM, ask if their design uses cylindrical roller bearings, or ball bearings. Cylindrical rollers are the proper type for the side loading caused by belt tension, but a lot of small machines use ball bearings, because they are less expensive.
  11. wtnhighlander

    PJ882-HH Funny Noise

    According to our Predictive Maintenance guy at work, bearings can produce audible (or even inaudible) indications of coming failure, even though the irregularty that caused the sound vibration can not be felt or heard at lower speeds. I'm betting on a bearing that will eventually get worse, but may last a long time, according to your particular usage.
  12. wtnhighlander

    Gas Engine Table Saw

    I could have sworn the ad said it was diesel. Where are my reading glasses?
  13. wtnhighlander

    Does Cricut have a place in the shop

    Patterns for cutting templates, stencils for paints & stains, masks for electro-etching metal bits. Some models can handle fairly heavy card stock, so can probably cut pieces of thin commercial veneer.
  14. wtnhighlander

    PJ882-HH Funny Noise

    Nut, does the sound occur if you run the motor with the belt off?
  15. wtnhighlander

    Glue Up Gaps?

    Is that 4 thou just at the edge, or does the feeler go deep? My gut says glue & go, but I"m not a turner. I suppose there is more at stake than a visible glue line.