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Community Answers

  1. I don't understand your surprise. Those are some beautiful, and extremely challenging, pieces of artisanship. The ribbon is well-earned.
  2. Nice technique, Tom. You hire a camera crew?
  3. @Sharon, another commonly-overlooked cause of "pigtails" is grit or swarf trapped between the paper and surface. Assuming you have a vaccum attached, try lifting the sander every couple of seconds to help clear the waste.
  4. Number and spacing of dogholes is all about your personal workflow. I think that guideline for spacing according to the max vise opening is just for the maximum doghole space. I would make them a little closer together,myself.
  5. I see one problem with the design, Drew. It's already full! Great-looking showcase, it really highlights the playbills inside.
  6. Tom, there has been a lot of grief in your family of late, and you are an awfully good "in-law" to do so much to help them keep it together. God bless you, and all of them.
  7. A key feature of torsion box design is that it provides a strong, flat surface while "minimizing" weight. For hand tool woodworking, this isn't a desirable feature in a workbench. The stability provided by mass will prove more suitable for hand tool operations, IMO. A thick lamination of MDF, 3 or 4 layers, will remain flat, given ordinary attention to the support structure. It will certainly be easier to construct, and dog holes can be placed anywhere you like. Don't expect them to keep their shape if used for hold-fasts, though. Even softer woods like pine or poplar give out quickly under the force applied by a traditionsl hold fast. Those screw-operated hold fasts might work fine.
  8. Looking great, Ken! I like how you turned the t&g into rabbets for the glass, very clean.
  9. Mount it sideways so you never have to rotate your stock...
  10. That's a neat little touch that I would never have thought of!
  11. Oak gets a bad rap in many cases, but the strong grain patterns realy make those turnings stand out!
  12. I think you will appreciate having the sharpening cart ready to go!
  13. European kitchens to to be far less "extravagant" then their US counterparts, I believe. At least when compared to the typical sub-urban MacMansion kitchen.
  14. I'm sure American hotdogs are considered 'Imperial', but are Frankfurters metric?