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  1. wtnhighlander

    Closet Remodel.

    Empty drawers never stay that way for long! Nice work, Drew. Good design, nice materials, and an outstanding job on fit as a "built-in". Those are always the worst.
  2. I'm looking forward to the chair challenge, if I ever get past the backlog of requests already in my queue. Being slow hasn't discouraged enough folks from asking .....
  3. wtnhighlander

    Help needed!

    If all are an identical pattern, it seems like batching 20 per month shouldn't be too difficult. That's assuming your orders aren't in spurts. Most of us being hobbyists, it would be very ineffective to make one or three at a time. For example, my tooling, space, and available time would force me to cut 20 boxes of parts one weekend, perhaps assemble the following weekend, and finish the week after that. Some specialized clamping jigs and drying racks might speed that up a fair bit.
  4. wtnhighlander

    Lag bolts vs threaded inserts for table legs?

    I'll third the motion. Standard metal taps work fine, but may lack the reach needed in some applications. And I suggest not using a drill or impact driver when tapping blind holes, its easy to strip out the threads. DAMHIK.
  5. wtnhighlander

    Veneer Adventures

    Can't wait to see the end result, Drew. It looks great so far!
  6. wtnhighlander

    Help needed!

    Decorative boxes, or shipping crates?
  7. wtnhighlander

    Hand tool cabinet in maple

    One thing you can do to avoid having the pipe collapse if it is heated a bit too much is to pack it with sand before heating. I recommend doing this in a well-ventillated area. PVC can off-gas when heated, and the gas is combustable.
  8. wtnhighlander

    Hand tool cabinet in maple

    FYI, its fairly simple to soften PVC (especially the thin wall drain pipe) with a heat gun and make your own sweeping bends. Just don't soften the ends, so they stay round at the connection point.
  9. wtnhighlander

    What kind of wood is it?

    The others are right - clean pics, close up of the end grain helps most. Off-hand, I think it looks like some dusty walnut with a lot of sapwood.
  10. wtnhighlander

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    How well does magnolia work? I always assumed it was kinda soft and spongy.
  11. wtnhighlander

    chess board top cracking

    Wood glue has moisture in it. gluing one face of a board to a thinner material will make it swell, and the thinner face can't hold it back. I made a chess board that did that until I glued a backer to it to balance it out.
  12. wtnhighlander

    Avoiding "puddles" of dyed epoxy

    Not helpful this time, but in the future, use powdered pigments. Little to no absorbtion into the wood. For tiny cracks, clear is fine. Larger cracks, sanding dust from the same wood. Knots and inclusions, dust and dry coffee grounds.
  13. wtnhighlander

    Sun porch accessories

    Cut parts to make cabinet end panels this weekend.
  14. wtnhighlander

    Harbor Freight DC with mods vs Grizzly G0548ZP

    The principle is similar, but the compressability of air introduces another level of complexity. Water is not compressable.
  15. wtnhighlander

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Those are a pretty common way to dip your toes into tge instrument building pool. Simple design and scale. You should try one, Ken! Of course, being from Texas, yours will have to be bigger...