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  1. Will the box be carried from the top, or sides? If from the top, I would set the top and bottom into grooves around the sides for maximum strength. But that leaves an exposed edge For side handles, I'd still set the bottom into grooves, but rabbet the top. If you make complimentary rabbets in the walls and the top, you can set the top surface flush without creating much weakness.
  2. Picture frames are more difficult than they appear, and turned some nice ones! Don't be afraid to jump into other projects that intoduce new challenges. Looks like you have 'the Knack'.
  3. A good shop should be able to re-create one from the existing part. Might cost a significant portion of a new saw price, though. Interesting that the current 1023 line arbor won't work.
  4. Not belabor the obvious, but have you replaced the blade itself? And the dial indicator was used against the arbor flange? What model of Grizzly is it? There may be a compatible part available for a different brand. https://www.ereplacementparts.com/ is a good place to search.
  5. Looks the best option for doing it 'your way' is to move out of California....
  6. Oh yeah, I'm aware that HMR has offices in Memphis, but they are all talk....
  7. That must be why Marc @thewoodwhisperer moved to Colorado!
  8. I'm not a big MCM fan, but that chair is extremely well-executed. The spalted panel (ash??) is a killer detail in the otherwise very understated walnut frame.
  9. There are some drafting protractors and machinist's protractors that work sort of like that. Although they generally have a locking knob on the face, so flipping it over doesn't work. Sounds like you need to invent a new tool and sell the patent to Woodpeckers.
  10. There is actually an old-time furniture finish based on soap, but I'd go with the wax. Candle or beeswax, paste will work as well, but needs a little care to avoid leaving globs that might soften and drip onto the floor.
  11. I dunno where you are shopping...those prices haven't made it to my neck of the woods yet. Of course, on this side of the TN river, there are exacty TWO places a fellow can walk un and buy hardwood lumber in hobby quantity. And both of them are almost 2 hr drive fom my house.
  12. I live in a very "rural" part of the country, but I know of a few folks that started with a barn / shop building that included a covered porch on one side, sized to park a mobile home or RV. That lets the shop and dwelling share utilities, and protects the "mobile unit" from weather, keeping more resale value if you decide to build a house. As Tom said, land is the key. They aren't making more of it. Less, if all the rising sea level hype comes true.
  13. As for why one should NOT do both knees at once, I have just two words to say. BED. PAN.
  14. Awesome job, Drew! Being too lazy to look up the guild plans, can someone explain why the overhang is so long on one end? My crappy roubo-ish bench of box store white wood has about 16" overhand at one end, but the other end is flush with the legs. That's where I mounted my vise.
  15. I've worked in a dirt floor shop/garage. I'd take the carpet.