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  1. It was the Phiser vaccine, according to the paperwork.
  2. I don't for the frozen tundra regions, but if I moved to Florida, I'd have to take up nudism to avoid chronic heat rash. Even on those 50* morning walks. And trust me, nobody wants to see that...
  3. @Bmac, I like the curved legs you chose, and the structure works well. You didn't mention using a pedestal, though. Just wondering if you considered that option, and if so, what factored against it?
  4. Worth the drive. @Spanky produces some fine material.
  5. We were able to get vaccinated last Thursday. To be honest, the after-effects for me were considerably worse than the symptoms of the virus itself, when I had it in November. For 2 days, I ached all over, and had a 101* fever. Wife and son just had a little arm soreness. I am attributing the extreme reaction to having donated blood just 4 days prior to the (unexpected) vaccination. I hope that is the case, as I really don't want to go through that again with the second dose.
  6. So long as you mask, or otherwise avoid getting finish on the glue surfaces, finishing before assembly is usually a good idea.
  7. Guy in the video said about a year, I think.
  8. Plenty of good recommendations already, so I will just say Welcome to the forum!
  9. wtnhighlander


    IIRC, Mafell in general is a more expensive line of gear than Festool. But then, they have things like the self-driving track saw: https://produkte.mafell.de/en/sawing/portable-panel-saw-system/
  10. My experience with pure oil finish is limited to boiled linseed, but I can relate to the cold workspace. Be prepared to wait longer between coats. The oil will take longer to cure at low temps.
  11. I see some high-dollar conference tables. And probably at least one Youtube epoxy river table.
  12. Whoa, that is some beautiful stuff!
  13. I would assume they mean to apply heat at the bottom of parts 46 and 61, where they join the base (62). If all they had were two little set screws to hold it together, then an interference fit makes sense. I would use a hair drier, or maybe a hot-air paint stripping gun, not an open flame.
  14. @Spanky needs to get in on that business. I'd make the drive for some of that.