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  1. That's going to be a nice railing, Tom! Having done my deck railing with those black aluminum balusters, I can verify that they have minimal impact on the view. I used a story stick to mark my baluster spacing, with marks from the center outward. It seemed to be less noticable to have any deviation in spacing to occur on each side of the 4x posts, where the pattern is already interrupted. It sure made locating the rails go faster. Come to think of it, I made a video:
  2. Now all you need is some glue, a press, and Formica(tm)!
  3. Those flappers should be slow enough to catch, by now!
  4. Nice tutorial, Glenn! Have you seen the card scraper gadget Rockler offers now? Looks like a handy helper, with file, honing plate, and burnisher in one tool. Not sure how well it works on non-rectangular scrapers, though.
  5. Sorry, @Coop. I am not aware of any other retail outlets.
  6. He has a few self-published works. Something he got serious about after 'retiring' from his career as a commercial illustrator. An 80+ year lifespan provides a surprising number of life experiences to draw stories from. You can look up ISBN 1387933159 for info on the latest one, if you are interested.
  7. @Coop, I have only used it over paint or stain, so no grain-raising. I don't see it penetrating the wood like oil does, and I imagine the moisture would swell the wood fibers a bit, so grain-raising is probably wise for a bare wood application.
  8. I just finished reading Dad's latest book. 'The Man from Golddust', a fictional story set in the time of the great 1937 flood that wiped out thousands of households from Illinois to Mississippi. He included a lot of details from his family's personal experience in that event, although it took place a year before he was born. A blend of spy thriller and coming of age story, pretty entertaining read.
  9. That cant has some sweet color on the fresh cut! I've heard that sweetgum is cantakerous in the kiln, moving all sorts of ways. Any truth to that?
  10. I've used General Finishes High Performance with good, non-yellow results. Water-borne finish certainly has different working properties for application, but it seems to be quite durable.
  11. I would suggest using an extended router base, like an inexpensive circle cutting jig uses, to stabilize the router from tipping. Just the base from this Rockler jig is a good example. You don't use the centering pin, just angle the base across the table top and anchor it with one hand, the other hand drives the tool.
  12. wtnhighlander


    Drew, I totally agree. Identifying the culprit after the fact usually doesn't turn out as we hope. My greatest desire for cameras stems from trying to determine when / IF the UPS guy actually kicked my packages off the back of the truck! I shouldn't generalize ... we have one UPS driver that is a seriously nice guy, and always asks how Cody is doing, if Cody isn't the one to meet him at the door.
  13. I can attest to the skin irritant claim, as I suffered a good deal of rash from handling rail ties treated with the stuff for landscaping purposes.
  14. wtnhighlander


    @Coop, I am in the same boat. I currently have a set of wired, analog cameras and a recorder. The recorder died, and I want to move on to IP (network) cameras. I haven't picked a solution yet, but there are many factors to consider. For me, self-containment is a must. I don't mind having the ability to connect over the internet and view the images, but I don't want a system that requires an online recording service. There is no such thing as privacy on the internet. So, for security it comes down to managing it yourself (better systems can alert you directly from the cameras), or you can depend on a service like ADT, SimplySafe, etc.., knowing that your footage might show up on YouTube or AFV one day. If you want, I can share what I know about commercial security cams as well, since I manage the system at work. Shoot me a PM.
  15. Many utility poles are treated with creosote, which can be very caustic to skin, let alone what inhaled dust might do to lungs. I would not recommend using such material. If the material is raw, untreated wood, it should be fine.