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  1. Chet, I find time has been a constant problem since I started. I agree with starting simple. My first project was some frame and panel doors and panelling for under our stairway...it turned out ok but was fraught! I then found a book that suited me style wise and have adapted a few of the plans, starting with a simple bookcase, some small bedside tables, a kingsize bed...now a small wardrobe. I would second the magazine project idea, I've seen some good projects for the future, a fine woodworking digital subscription is on my list...
  2. Eric, thanks, closest conversion from millimetres to inches: 1 3/8 x 5/16, 1 3/4 x 3/8, 2 x 1/2. Thanks again and I should have included imperial units in original post and yes knife hinges is another name for these. I was thinking 1 3/4" x 3/8"...which would leave just over 1/4" either side based on 1" thick door, approx 4' tall x 1' wide.
  3. First off apologies for not being on forum for a while, ongoing domestic problems...on a positive note still striving to make this small cupboard. Would welcome some advice on size of centre pivot hinges for doors. Doors are approx 1235mm x 320mm x 25mm thick. Possible hinge sizes are 35mm x 8mm, 45mm x 9mm, 51mm x 13mm anything bigger seems too big. Looking at brusso brass Center pivot hinges. Would welcome guidance on size as I have never used these before. Thanks.
  4. O1, A2, happy with either! Trying not to get to hung up on these kinds of details. Graham I would think for joinery, especially in a commercial environment, that something like A2, good edge retention and not too difficult to sharpen with modern stones would be a 'safe' bet. On the other hand I'm not sure i would take LN chisels or similar to a work site. The biggest difference I've found is that my older chisels and planes are much more prone to rust than my newer tools. And I only chose LN chisels because I like the handles!
  5. Darren66


    Mel an interesting question. I think context is key. I quite like some bespoke pieces I've seen in plywood. I also think that a proportion of earlier craftsman would not have rejected modern materials or equipment. I've used plywood for drawer bottoms. I've also used veneered MDF for some door panels. Either my relatives have been very polite or they just couldn't tell it wasn't solid wood. I saw a design for a Morris armchair and the arms were made from laminated strips of oak curved over a former and glued Is this really that different to plywood? I think it all depends upon expectation and
  6. I used a tenon saw and cut them horizontally...hope that makes sense. I'm increasingly keen to cut joints by hand...I drilled and pared the mortises for the bed. I now have a mortise chisel so no more drilling or routing.
  7. Josh, I recently completed a kingsize bed; length of side rails was the biggest challenge. I had my supplier plane and square edge main rails. Still needed a little work, but was fine tuning. Cutting double tenons in ends of rails was fun!
  8. Graham, that does look good, could be on my Christmas list! Projeckt. Don't agonize over it too much. Find a simple design or 2 you like and start cutting. If you don't have a bench you might want to start there.
  9. Don't know about the LN but the Veritas LA jack is excellent. My LN rebating LA block is never far away. Hand tools a slippery slope indeed :-)
  10. I fear we may be growing apart :-)
  11. +1 on the effectiveness of scary sharp with 3m lapping film. I've got my process down to 15 and 5 micron PSA film on glass for regular honing. I keep a 400/600 grit (cheap) diamond stone for 'grinding'. And I have a few other grits of 3m 1/30/40. I've found the PSA backed film easier than water and wet or dry and easier than 3m post it spray on back of wet or dry. I will be completely honest I am considering a finer double sided diamond stone when my supply of film runs out; only because replacing the film on glass with a veneer roller just seems a waste of time, albeit fairly quick!
  12. Graham, now you're just showing off :-) I only project managed the building of our house. Although it convinced me to stop thinking about woodworking and actually start doing. Like so many I have a long list of furniture projects. Only yesterday I was trying to figure out when I might replace the extremely cheap Argos bedside tables in our guest room...that was a we need it now purchase. Need to replace the inherited pine bed too...
  13. 1. And it's 1 too many! Currently considering alternative methods especially for grooves, routers are too noisy and too messy :-)
  14. I've got 3 of the LN O1 chisels, beautiful to hold and use. Sharpening is easy, but then so is sharpening the A2 plane blades I've got. If I was buying again I'd probably go A2; I think LN do more widths in the A2; and for occasional chopping its probably better...