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  1. Hello … I’m new to sharpening. I recently bought the Norton Combo Stone Kit – 220/1k + 4k/8k stones ... which includes … many would say … the (non) Flattening stone. I’ve read that many advise replacing the Norton flattener with the DMT course stone. But before I do that … and before I start using the stones … what do you think about using the 220 grit for flattening? Thinking to myself … but what about when I need to grind ? ... I really wouldn’t want to grind on my flattening stone … would I? Am I thinking about this correctly : / Thanks for your insights … Ramone
  2. Hello, I'm new to woodworking, power tools and Wood Whisperer. I'm taking a woodworking class at the local college and am a bit 'spatially-challenged' related to cutting to the line with the table and chop saws. I'm in the process of dimensioning wood for my tool box project and need to rip and cross cut down to size. Not being at all facile with these power saws, I've done some hand sawing in the past, I'm not sure where the kerf of the blade is going to go when I have to make the final precise cut to size. I don't want to screw up at this stage given all the effort I've put into jo