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  1. Thanks for the discussion guys. After some consideration, I've decided to hold off on a purchase for now. We live in a rental, and my workspace only has one 15A fuse that is also used to run a refrigerator and chest freezer. My wife and I have started looking for a new house, and hopefully we'll find one with a decent size shop/garage that I can get wired for my needs. I'm still looking at the 17" Grizzly, but my dad has started me thinking about Rikon saws now as well.
  2. Thanks for the responses guys. I'm actually looking at the 513 anniversary edition (cheapest of the 513 models). It comes wired 220, but looks like it can be rewired for 110. I need to check my circuit to see if it can handle a 20A load. I've never rewired a tool before, though I imagine it can't be too difficult. I was looking around on craigslist for awhile, but I don't really have a good vehicle to transport a saw... would rather have it dropped off at the house.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm looking to buy my first bandsaw and was hoping you guys could give me some help. I've been thinking about buying a Grizzly as they seem to have good word of mouth... problem is, there are so many different models to choose from. I want to spend less than $1000, and there are ten models in that price range on Grizzly's website. I'm a rank amateur and hobbyist, but I don't want to buy a cheaper model only to find down the line that it lacks some features I might need. I'll be doing some resawing, but nothing too large... I'll mostly use the saw for smaller work.