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  1. I agree, so odd. 90 days is what any other warehouse/reconditioned. I was interested in their small dust collector, but for 200$ more, I'll take the warranty.
  2. I wish I could take advantage of this, but very poor timing for me. Hopefully some of you can. Looks like the local Laguna warehouse is closing out scratch and dents. Some fair pricing, but I did notice that these are not covered by warranty which does not sound so hot. Anyhow, wanted to share. I could not seem to find the 'deals' thread (i haven't been around much lately), so if this needs to get moved, my apologies.
  3. Bench looks awesome! I've been trying to figure out alternatives for my garage shop as well and this has really inspired me. I think that side track with clamps is killer too. (i may have to borrow that idea) You might hit those drawer pulls in some rare instances with wide boards clamped on the side, but looks functional and great all around. well done!
  4. Insert eye roll here. => That's about what I was thinking. Maybe up to 85, but now with some of these comments, I may just let it go all together.
  5. Thank for the feedback all. I agree Collin, he's trying to weed out the riff raff. And at the same time he can't seem to post pics. We've emailed a couple times and I've asked him for pics, but they dont' seem to come. Sounds like he's having technical issues, but anyways, I'd like to save myself a trip if it's not worth checking out. he's only 10-15 minutes away, but if there's no chance of me getting a deal on this, I'm not interested. If the MF planes are as troublesome as others are saying here, it's a definitely no at this price.
  6. I would guess it's case by case basis. The smoother I have (no4 equiv) is solid. I've come across a few No7s, but unfortunately they've all had issues of some kind or another. Just surprised to find a clean jointer plane nearby that might be an option.
  7. Found one on CL recently and might go check it out. Not exaclty looking to pay full price he's asking, but curious what others here think? here's the ad (plus two other planes)
  8. Damn Rog! We definitely won't have weather like that here! I'm sure my lowly table will hold up just fine then. Steve, The panel I'm thinking of using is actually middle of the lane (all fir). I do have a section with part maple with walnut arrows, but think that may be a bit too nice for outdoor use (it was planned as a gift for my brother in-law, but not sure they have the space in the end). Long story short - it would ALL be fir (on a redwood deck). I can definitely use some leveling feet or something to get it off the ground so water's not seeping up into the end grain. We actually re
  9. We recently had some work done to the house, and I salvaged 6 - 6"x6"x7' fir beams/posts. I still have a bowling alley slab and was thinking a table may be best usage of the materials. Only issue is where to use that table? Outside dining table is only option, and the wife would love to do that. IF I go that route, how good/bad is this idea? And what about finish? Should I be thinking spar varnish or some other type of marine safe finish? Would only smart thing to do is build a thick film finish to keep this baby protected? I know this isn't exactly ideal placement for this type of build, bu
  10. Countryside is right - his Instragram account is really where to look. Some great pics of his builds, and he's quick to reply there and offer information. I've been following for a bit now and his works looks top notch.
  11. Ftr - thanks so much for response and information. Of course I was pretty excited to jump on this, but he jsut replied that it is now sold. Anyhow, given the price, I could overlook a few of those issues, but being completely new to router tables, this is incredibly informative. I'll be keeping all of this information in mind when looking at my future options. This is one great reason I appreciate this forum and the members. thanks again.
  12. Duly noted. Only reason I'm even entertaining the idea is because of his location... I have two clients within spitting distance of him. And I've been putting off visiting one, so sounds like the time may be right. (I work from home and most of my clients are near the seller, so the locale/drive isn't too much of an issue - it's proabably keeping most buyers away actually. Good for me, bad for them!)
  13. I came across a barely used version of this router table recently. I know there's some debate about buying vs building, but right now, time is limited, so getting going would be helpful and preferred (without dropping $1K!). Does anyone have experience with this one? Used or at least seen in person? All I can find on amazon are mostly favorable reviews, and some typical grizz negatives. For $300-350, it looks like a decent entry, well above what rockler or similar deliveres at the same price. I found this one listed on CL, but it's not exactly close - about 1.5hrs away - but thankfully, it
  14. With anything particular? just whatever latex paint i have laying around ok?