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  1. 54 boards cut into 2 foot sections.... that took a lot of time.... I picked up a ryobi biscuit cutter to join all this together. Not sure of the next assembly step. I was thinking of joining them back into boards (6' and 8'), then ripping them 3" width. Then I will laminate in groups of 4 to make 12" wide boards. I am figuring I can plane them at that width. (At the end of the month I am planing on picking up a Ridgid 3 blade thickness planer.) After that I can join 2 sections together to make the final 24" width. My other thought is to rip them and plane them as is, then assemb
  2. I was wondering what to get for a glue roller... I bought the one you suggested. Thanks!
  3. You guys are doing awesome work. I am anxious to see more.
  4. A saying I try to live by to avoid personalizing insanity..... Bad boys are just really sad boys on the inside. The world is not safe or they lack self value so they compensate with destructive behavior. Its an epidemic in this country.
  5. Careful, the home may not be a safe place. Best to let the office staff handle it, they are supposed to have someone that is trained in such things.
  6. Project is slated to be done but has been on hold because life poked its head out and stole my budget. I should be on track soon, so I need to make some decision on where to spend my money. I'll need clamps, lots of them. HF has their pipe clamps on sale all the time, I will stock up on those. As far as joining the boards together, I feel the most cost effective way will be a biscuit joiner. I am leaning towards the Ryobi biscuit cutter. As far as smoothing and jointing. I do not have room for a jointer, but I could purchase a hand jointer (veritas looks nice). I was thinking I cou
  7. Thanks for sharing... The veritas jointer is on my wish list,,, as is the guide. Anyway you could do a video review, or know of a good one?
  8. I'm in a rental,,, cant put holes in the wall...... so filter = must have. Any one else have reviews an the big HF dust collector???
  9. I guess some people never heard of the saying... If you don't like it then shut up and listen to something else........
  10. I have a oneida dust cyclone on a 5 gallon going to a 9 gallon shop vac. It works, but I want something with a bit more oomph. Not trying to steal thread.. this may be helpful to OP.
  11. Shame its not on netflix... id like to demo it first before buying, but the web clip looks interesting
  12. I was thinking of picking up a HF unit, seems to be ok on the reviews. Id put a 1 or 5 micron bag from woodcraft or rockler on it.