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  1. I made this one last year for a friend.....84" x 41". Rock solid.
  2. What is that strange, gray, slab looking thing under your stickered wood. Looks strangely like a clean concrete floor.
  3. #1 looks like some tulipwood that I have
  4. Wow....very nice, indeed.
  5. They hook and eye hook actually makes the cradle swinging motion very smooth and quiet. The cradle also lifts out very easily for transport and storage. I would have liked to use smaller versions so I could close the gap a little between the legs and the cradle ends. I also thought of adding some type of cover over the hardware, but I ran out of time.
  6. Thanks, guys. She is very happy with it. She had her baby last evening. Both doing great.
  7. I made this baby cradle for my niece and delivered it this weekend The base is 1-1/4" cherry and the cradle is quartersawn white and red oak. Colonial maple stain and satin poly. Fun project.
  8. ZXTMike


    Here is a lamp that I made for a friend at work. It is a house warming gift for him. The lamp is black walnut, maple, and oak burl.