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  1. That type of attic ladder is a Major upgrade over the old, flimsy wooden ones. I put one in the rental house, so two big guys could get a new air handler in the attic. It held all that weight with no ill effects. I like those platform ladders too. I ordered two taller ones, when Lowes had a ladder sale back around Black Friday, and they're still not here yet.
  2. Looking at it closer, there are a number of things NQR. There is absolutely no margin for error. Boards flat, and ends need to be registered in the jig just right too. I agree that it looks like the wrong angle dovetail bit. Watch that blowout on the edges of the tail board. Every step needs to be meticulous.
  3. It's all in the height of the bit from the router base. There is zero margin for error. I keep two dedicated routers, that never get changed. That would not be necessary with a digital height gauge, but I already had a couple of extra routers, and don't like to spend time fiddling with setups. I can just pull that toolbox out, adjust the pin spacing as I want, and perfect every time. It took a while to get them dialed in though.
  4. You need a "fractional horsepower belt". An automotive belt will give you a vibration from the joint, where it's put together. Auto parts stores do sell the fractional hp belts. Google "how to measure for V-belt".
  5. I've never seen that stuff before. I built this coffered ceiling with MDF, and Powergrab-no other fasteners. Coffers are about 4x5 feet, were built in the shop, and put in place with two sheetrock lifts. I'll go to great lengths to avoid sheetrock.
  6. Not surprised a bit!
  7. John, The Bees will thank you! I looked at the company stuff that you bought that rack from. I was looking for a new adjustable bench. Titan was the brand I ended up going with. The adjustable bench is a copy of a Legend one, for less than a quarter of the price. I am very pleased with the quality of the bench. Titan also has a combination, plate loaded pulldown/low pull machine that looks really good for the price. I don't need one, but looked through their lineup. Last week, I replaced the pulleys, and cables on my old one. That lat machine is out of stock, but looks like t
  8. Bob, PM sent on possible job I'd like to get you to do.
  9. I took that last picture between glove changes. The double sided tape has a paper cover on it. That paper, as you can see in that last picture, comes off, and the mixing sticks stuck across the joint. I forgot to take any more pictures after that. That low crack right behind the clearance light was the 10 year old one. It was still holding, even after the impact, and it had no reinforcement behind it. The worst part of the job was cleaning the inside of the fender, to get the fiberglass to bond. The broken off pieces were easy to clean, so that was a big help.
  10. Mods, Sorry I put this in the wrong forum. I thought I was putting it in Off Topic. Must have been the epoxy fumes up under that fender.
  11. When the ground was hard frozen, I decided it would be a good morning to check on an old house. Worked good, until a 90 degree turn became a slow motion 270. An empty dually is the worst for rear wheel traction, even in 4wd. Plastic fender exploded with contact of small Pine tree. The 20 year old truck is not worth spending money on, so I decided to glue the fender back together. There had been one small split held together with 3M DP100 for 10 years, so I ordered three new tubes. That old repair held together fine setting up with no help, but creeped out of perfect surface align
  12. Contact Scott Smith at North Carolina is a whole lot closer to Florida, so shipping should be less. I have no idea what he has on hand right now, but tell him I sent you.
  13. I don't know if he retired, but State Farm cut the funding for the PBS show, or so I heard on another forums.
  14. That's one of the reasons I stopped using subcontractors in 1974. The game was always to see what they could get away with. Our county is so thinly populated, with no industry, that they only ever need one building inspector. I've been through four different ones, over my career as a builder. The last one just started when I was building a new addition onto our house. He came to do the insulation inspection, right after he took over the job. He said, you know the code only calls for R30 ?, looking at the ceiling. I told him that I didn't care what the code minimum was. I'm goin
  15. I have that Stewmac mini router plunge base. I use it with cordless Dremel, and Milwaukee motors. It's a nice little tool. I use the smallest spiral bits I could find. It's pretty easy to freehand to a line.