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  1. The title "Patriots" was thrown out earlier. We heard from a Real one today.
  2. Those two link examples posted above are pretty typical of written history. I thought it funny that in the first link it said Key as likely 6 to 8 miles away, and then on a map in the second link it showed that he was 2-1/2 miles away. I've found with history, you have to read several books on any particular event/subject to get a fairly clear picture. I wish we'd had the internet when I was in school.
  3. Every Historian I've heard talk embellishes the story told. This was an important story though. This looks like a pretty legit account: This is pretty good too. the early morning of,Meteor%2C Devastation%2C and Aetna. of particular interest in that last link is the list of casualties: UNITED STATES 28 4 killed 24 wounded 0 missing & captured ESTIMATED CASUALTIES 29 UNITED STATES 28 UNITED KINGDOM 1 UNITED KINGDOM 1 0 killed 1 wounded 0 missing & captured
  4. Any version of history varies some depending on who wrote it. That quote has been claimed by a lot of different people from Greeks to Spanish. There was a play, Cato, or something like that, that many quotes came out of. That might have been one of them. It is claimed by some historians that the men at Valley Forge put it on to entertain themselves, but that wasn't written down anywhere back then. It was very popular around the time of the Revolution. One quote I remember from it is: "I regret that I have only one life to give...." I'm not downplaying the significance of the history at all, but it's a REally Big flag, and doubtful it was held up only by men, dead or alive. The Smithsonian still has it.
  5. It's a shame schools have changed so much since I was in Elementary and High School (1956 to 1968). Now I know that history might carry more weight in Virginia than a lot of newer States, but we had that drummed into us from probably the 5th Grade on up. I can't say the number of times teachers in different grades went over that with us, and I'm sure I gave a report on it probably more than once. Also, every morning, from 1st Grade through graduating High School everyone stood with their hands on their heart, and pledged allegiance to the flag. The commentator in that video looked like it was the first time he'd heard that history. It made me wonder how much American History he'd ever heard or read. These days, most who claim to be Patriots are at the other extreme. I don't trust anyone who wears that self appointed badge on their sleeves. I have known some real ones.
  6. I keep a Carter stabilizer, and a 1/8" blade on one 10" saw. I don't use it often, but it doesn't take up much space, and it's nice to just use it when I need it. With the 24", I could probably do without the 14". The two 10"ers get used more often than the 14". The only thing I use the 14" for is big curves.
  7. The Amana bit came today, so I tried it out. No comparison to the Chinese one. It cuts fast, clean, throws chips, and no drag in the hole-all different than the cheap one. I can't imagine the Freud one will be any better, or that any one needs to be any better. I'll rig up something to suck up the chips when I cut the 250+ holes. The people in the rental house wanted to know if they could continue their stay through the weekend. I told them that they had been no trouble, didn't call me for anything, and if they did their own bed laundry that they could stay there as long as they liked for 300 (pretty big discount, but don't have to go through rental agent) a night. They came back a little while later and asked if the Wives could stay through next week, and the men come back next weekend. I told them that would be fine if they didn't mind me spending a little bit of time when they were on the lake to work on the handrails, and that the rails would be down for maybe a day or two at the time. They didn't hesitate to say yes. They had already said they want to come back next year, and I'm not worried about this bunch falling off the porch.
  8. Four bandsaws is about the right number.
  9. I think it's been hotter up there recently than most are used to. The first time I ever used West Systems epoxy was in the early 1980's. It was a very hot Summer day. I mixed up a quart batch outside, all at one time. Before I could even get it mixed thoroughly, it foamed all up in a steaming mass. Years later, when I had a boat business, the building got a way oversized AC system. I could cool it down to 65 to do fiberglass work, and turn it back up with I had finished. That helped a lot. I think you can read about how heat effects epoxy setting, but until you get first hand experience, you don't really know.
  10. Looks like it had taken a lightning strike too. That breaker on the right is blown apart, the black wire burned in two, and a hole blown through the inside cover over the breakers, and it was well rusted so that happened a long time ago. I don't think there is anyone alive that knows the history of it, or why it was originally a 400 amp service. I don't think I had ever opened the cover on that box before. Thanks for the comments. I just keep doing what needs to be done. Some days are more of a fight than others, but it often seems like I'm getting help. Nothing but dumb luck that I had that extra meter base. I think they slept for over 20 hours in the camper that night, and well into the next day.
  11. I was going to put this in the WDYDT thread, but it was last Friday. Pam and her Sister had just buried their Mother on Thursday. Pam's Sister's Daughter Carey has been in the hospital for a long time. They had given up on her, and were sending Carey home on Friday. Carey has worked for my Nephew for years in his jet ski business, so she lives not far away from our place. BIL and SIL had just bought a new RV, and hybrid F150 to pull it with. They asked Thursday evening if we had anywhere they could set the camper up so they could be close to Carey. They pulled in Friday afternoon. They could have stayed in our rental/guest house any other time, but we have renters in it for a week starting earlier that day. I had an RV electrical box from years ago when Pam showed dogs, and we spent show weekends in the camper, but I needed to move the box to a better location. Some property that came with our rental house has another electrical service that powers some sort of a little office building. The only thing we've done with that service is put a chest freezer in the office building, and put the service in our name. I never thought about it. Carey died at home soon after she arrived there while BIL and I were setting up their Airstream that they had never used yet. Everything worked, and both air conditioners had cooled down the camper by the time SIL had taken care of what she needed to late that evening. Finally sitting in my chair at the house, I get a call from BIL saying the power was out. I went the couple of hundred yards over there, and troubleshot the electrical. One leg coming in from the Power Company was dead, so I called Power Company repair. They arrived a little over a half hour later, about an hour before dark. When they pulled the meter to check what was coming down the pole, one side of the meter socket crumbled out in pieces. The meter base was shot. It might have been from the 1950's. They didn't have a meter base on either of the two bucket trucks that had showed up, and said there was little chance of finding one after closing on a Friday. I told them about the girls burying their Mother yesterday, and Carey dying a few hours ago. I said I didn't want to get them to move. BIL was powering the Airstream with the F150, but that was not a long term solution. I asked the guys if they would reconnect the wires they had cut coming off the overhead lines if I replaced the meter, and they said they would. I had the meter base on the scrap metal pile that I had pulled off the rental house when I upgraded the service from 200 amps to 400 amps. The power company guys said they wished they could help me, but they really weren't allowed to. They watched as I worked. The old meter base on the pole was a 400 amp. The meter base I had was a 200 amp. The hot wires were plenty long enough, but the ground wires, coming into the socket from the top and bottom were too short by a couple of inches. I had to take some conductors out of the 400 amp aluminum service entrance wires to fit in the 200 amp sockets. I needed to lift the breaker box to get the ground wires into the lug sockets, and would leave the breaker box hanging on the wires. Even after that lifting, the conduit connecting the two boxes was too short.... I couldn't lift the breaker box by myself. The power company guys tried to help but could only get it up about halfway. There were several wires in conduits down in the ground. I told the guys I knew they weren't supposed to help, but if the boom on that truck happened to be under the breaker box, and lifted up, either something good or bad would happen, but it would be my only chance. In about 5 seconds, all I heard was, "Yes Sir". They had a strap they used. It took me about 15 minutes to get the hot wires trimmed, and in the lugs. They hooked the wires back up overhead, and plugged the meter back in. Everything went to work like it should. I tried my best to give each of the three of them a hundred dollar bill, but they wouldn't have it. They all shook my hand and left. The freezer is still working, and the Airstream is cool. I plan to put a whole new 200 amp pole there with a permit, conduit, and everything proper when I get the chance. This is the first time I've had to sit down and type this out since then.