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  1. Tom King

    White Oak Score, Plan to Quatersaw

    Here's a discussion by sawyers about charging that you may find interesting:
  2. Tom King

    Electrical talk for the Hammer

    In talks that I have given about the building trades, one thing I always say about Electrical work is that "It's the easiest trade to do, as far as the amount of physical effort required, but carries the most dire consequences if done incorrectly".
  3. Tom King

    Electrical talk for the Hammer

    Just don't do it like this. I was checking on one of the houses I built, for its owners, a couple of days ago. Next door, there was smoke coming out of the ground. Leaves were at least 6 inches thick all over the lots with million dollar plus houses on them. The owner of the smoking lot had built a shop separate from their house. He hooked up the electricity to it himself, and I'm sure never had it inspected. Fortunately, there was a key to that house in the house that I built, that I was checking on, and knew where it was. I went in the house, and found the breaker for the building, and turned it off. It was a 100 amp breaker. Smoke had stopped by the time I went back outside. We went out and dug down where the smoke was coming out of the ground. There were two no.6 NM wires maybe 6 inches in the ground. One had a homemade splice (I guess) inside a short piece of PVC pipe. Picture shows the hole burned in the pipe. Since the wires were each smaller than the amp capacity of the breaker, and only one had burned in two, the breaker hadn't tripped. I went inside, and took the wires off the 100 amp breaker, now obvious with the two no.6 NM's on the breaker. Turning the breaker off would have done it, but I wanted to make sure someone who didn't understand could make a mistake. The owner of that place had died 6 or 7 years ago, but I found the contact numbers in the house, and called the surviving Wife. She thanked me profusely. No one was home at any of the neighboring houses, and if those leaves had caught on fire, there would be several million dollars worth of houses gone.
  4. Tom King

    Electrical talk for the Hammer

    In Romex wire, they don't consider the ground wire a conductor. In SO, the green wire is also encased, and can be considered a conductor. You won't find an SO with a bare wire. These days, there is always a ground wire in Romex, and they stopped adding it in the name. Used to be something like 12/2 w/ground. Now, simply 12/2 NM, or UF.
  5. Tom King

    Electrical talk for the Hammer

    Any type of SO wire is fine for the extension cord. All the other letters in the different types mean something for specific purposes, but any will be okay for this. Since you have plenty of 12/2, and manual says 20 amp is okay for this machine, I see no reason not to use it. I've never put in a 240 volt circuit that was less than 30 amp though, but I always have enough to do it either way left over from various jobs. Once the wire is in the service panel, the hardest part of the work has been done. Hooking it up to the breaker, and ground bar is the easy part. For a 2 pole (240 volt) breaker, the black and wire wires go on the breaker, and the ground wire where all the other ground wires are. The package for the plugs will have a diagram to show how much of the wire is to be stripped. For 120v devices, the black wire goes under the brass lug, the white wire under the silver lug, and the ground wire under the green lug. For 240 volt, it really doesn't matter which way the black and white wires go under the brass or silver lugs, but I always hook it up the same way anyway. Crank the screws on the lugs down tightly. Torque setting is in my wrist, and I forget what it should be, but German tight. Plugs usually burn up because these connections were not done carefully, with the wires all the way home, and tight enough to never loosen. Loose will arc over time. Make sure the wire is pushed into the plug good enough so that when the clamp part on the outside of the wire is tightened, that the wire will never want to wiggle loose inside the plug. I'll see if I can find the chart for the different types of SO wire. Here you go: I forgot to ask: where are you guys getting your information that a device (plug/receptacle) cannot be for a higher amperage than the circuit? I know it's not supposed to be smaller, but I don't see the problem with 30 amp devices on a 20 amp circuit.
  6. Tom King

    Drill bit set

    I bought Hansen twist drill sets probably 40 years ago, and every size has not only been used, but probably worn out, and replaced several times. I can't remember who made the brad point bits I have, but I'm sure they weren't from China because they were bought too long ago . I don't know that I've ever worn out a brad point, or a Forstner bit. My "Bits" toolbox probably weighs 35 pounds, and doesn't hold hole saws, or plumbing bits. Those have their own tool boxes.
  7. Tom King

    Best Oneway chuck for a beginner?

    I wouldn't take one with the two bars if it was free. Maybe someone somewhere has a good reason to use them.
  8. Tom King

    PJ882-HH Funny Noise

    Sounds like bearings to me. If no loose motion, just run it for a while, and see if it gets worse. Still cut smoothly? If the motor runs silently by itself, and winds down smoothly, it's probably cutterhead bearings.
  9. Tom King

    Harvesting a Nice Black Walnut Tree

    Nice Walnut tree! Good thinking on calling in a band mill.
  10. Tom King

    Trimming cabinets in place.

    Really nice solution!
  11. Tom King

    DJ-20 Northern VA. good price on CL

    Here's a good deal on a 6":
  12. Tom King

    Die grinders

    These micro motor grinders are much cheaper now than when I was looking at them some years back.
  13. Tom King

    Thinking about selling Cuban mahogany from Florida

    No. I'll drive the 1,000 miles down there, with a trailer, and get them out of your way.
  14. Tom King

    Die grinders

    There are rotary tools that have a small DC motor in the handheld unit, and a flexible power cord coming from a power supply. They come in all sorts of sizes, speeds, and power ratings, but are pretty expensive. Here is one of the cheaper ones:
  15. Tom King

    New to me finish

    Some finishes don't play well with HVLP turbine systems because of the added heating of the air, but I haven't kept up with all the different ones. It would be worth asking who has good results with any finish when using a turbine system.