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  1. Lenox is a good brand, but I don't think there are a lot of complaints with any of them, these days, including what some may consider an "off brand", like Goodman. I wouldn't pay a lot extra for a name, and neither do any of my scientist friends who do their own installs. 2. No idea.
  2. I was out clipping the pastures until dark last night, and this Sunset was pretty spectacular. I wish I'd had a good camera with me, but this is a phone picture. I guess I need to upgrade my phone. The house is in that grove of trees on the other side of the barn.
  3. I doubt it. Mine is a two stage. It also gets hot enough that I don't think you're supposed to put it in anything. It'll peg the gauges hooked up to a vehicle AC system. You don't need that much vacuum for a vacuum bag. Atmospheric pressure does the work, once the air is evacuated. For an air conditioning system, you have to get all the moisture out, as well as air, so it's a bit more complicated than a vacuum bag
  4. I wouldn't want to use mine in the woodworking shop. I open the door to the mechanic shop, and sit it outside even when I'm using it on a vehicle. The oil you have to replace in it goes somewhere, and you can see the mist in the air coming out of it.
  5. She got a 2019 Impreza hatchback, with leather, and every option available, with 3900 miles. It was bought as the loaner car for the dealership. They order one with everything, in hopes that people using it will want to upgrade. With 2020 models available for 0%, and moving like hotcakes, they were motivated to sell this 2019 one for cash. She promised them not to tell what she got it for, but it was significantly less than a base model 2020 with nothing added. She wanted a white one, with leather, and this was the only one. She called me to ask about all the extra electronic stuff on it. I told her that we didn't want that, because it would just be trouble down the road. They threw in bumper to bumper warranty for 72 months, and roadside assistance, so she drove it home.
  6. When I have a long, heavy board to joint, I use my smallest jointer. The way the wheels are on it put them closer to the center of gravity. Not being able to get the extra rollers exactly the right height, I set the roller a little below the outfeed table height, and let the jointer slowly tip over until the board barely touches the roller. I have a strong helper for this job though. He helps steady the tail end until I can handle it. This is sitting with the jointer tipped up. This was a piece of old Heart Cypress, and heavier than it looks. I needed 92" pieces out of it, so this is probably just slightly less than 8' long. My first jointer was an old 3' long 6" Delta. We jointed 16' long 2x12's on it using a similar method, but that jointer was so small that it didn't need wheels. We just tipped it on the open stand legs.
  7. Well, not exactly new, being a 2004 with 275,000 miles, but new for this use. Pam found a car she liked, and with this one not being worth much, we decided to make it a farm vehicle. It works good for this. The horses got out yesterday morning. Someone came through, and left a gate open. I drove this all down through the trails looking for them, but when I came back to the house, they were grazing in the yard. Hatchback AWD, and plenty of power, will work good.
  8. Length of board is not limited by the length of the jointer bed. Longer bed just makes it easier.
  9. Haven't heard from the OP since his one post.
  10. I cut grass all the rest of the day, until I cut the mower off tonight at 8:44, after Supper and taking a break to make those other posts. I guess that'll take care of a good day's work on this Birthday.
  11. Only Pam. I've been working by myself since the middle of February, and am liking it like this.
  12. The worst part was having to wear long pants, and boots. I'm used to living in shorts, and low shoes, all the time, this time of year. Not a good idea for handling hay, or straw bales. The other worst part was driving it home with weekend lake traffic. I didn't want to drive over 35, which was not widely appreciated. Fortunately, it was only about 7 miles. I'm just going to throw a cover over it, for now, but wanted to get it while I could. He had just started baling it this morning. I have some 12" pneumatic tired swivel casters coming to convert a 7' box blade into a spreader. That will require some fabrication. I need to spread an inch of good dirt over that hard sandy dirt you see in that picture, on the biggest part of the point as the next step, before I'm ready for the straw .
  13. For this one, my 70th, I went to get a load of wheat straw out of the field. This came from a family farm, not too far from us. As usual, the youngest drives the truck, and the others toss it on the trailer. I rode the trailer, and did the stacking. I was the only one on the trailer, and did this stacking of 145 bales. Fortunately, they had some nice shade trees to tie it down under. Not a whole days work, as it was loaded by 9:30 this morning. I had spread ten bales by hand, but will rent a blower for this.