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  1. I think they must be expecting. They just built an addition on their house.
  2. I hope you charged the units before R410a doubled in price. I bought a 25 pound tank, about a month ago, and just noticed, by chance on ebay, that the price has doubled since then.
  3. I built our kitchen cabinets out of a Walnut log about that size.
  4. Don't know how long it will last:
  5. Since I was installing the one for my Mother's Suite, in a hurry, by myself, I bought one of these, and am glad I did.
  6. I use the 3.36 too, but also keep a layer of plywood on the tops. I just lift the plywood off when I use it, which might be months between uses, and put it back on when I'm done. I'm sure there are a couple of years between 3.36 applications, or maybe more.
  7. After getting sidetracked for at least a week, I finally finished my wild idea. It works like a charm. I can drag it over grass, and it doesn't harm it a bit, and won't even cut a Dandelion off. It's 6-1/2 x 12 feet-like a Jointer plane for topsoil. I could have made it a lot heavier, but it works great. I don't have any screened topsoil yet-still waiting on the big excavator to come pile the dirt up for another guy to bring a big screen. I used some dirt I had piled up with the loader. It has some sticks and rocks in it, which requires a lot more passes, because one piece of ju
  8. Water is not That heavy. Crushed granite is about 2-1/2 times as much per cubic foot, if I'm remembering that right. When I put new tires on the back of the John Deere, they sucked 55 gallons of fluid out of each tire, and put it back in the new ones.
  9. You're going to fit into this lifestyle just fine!
  10. That wood was worth a premium! Here's another supplier that I thought about, closer to you.
  11. This is what I use for small screws, like hinge screws. The ratcheting mechanism is really fine toothed, and smooth."-Ratcheting-Standard-Screwdriver-(Orange)/SSDMR4BO
  12. There are some hydraulic drill impact drivers that are supposed to be more quiet than the regular ones, but I've never had one in my hands. I think Milwaukee has one (haven't looked at your links yet, so you may have already found this). You want an impact driver, if you are going to drive screws, or at least, for anything larger than very small ones. I use a number of the M12 tools in my mechanics shop, and have been very impressed with each of them. I use Makita for wood stuff, and have no complaints with anything they make either. I just didn't want to get the greasy tools mixe
  13. It would be nice for my old truck to last long enough for its replacement to be electric.
  14. One thing I had put off for too long was getting the stuff to work on HVAC house equipment. I have the stuff for working on automotive AC, but had a good guy, that was reasonable for working on house equipment. When my Mother moved in with us, on short notice, I scrambled around, and got the first mini-split I could get my hands on. I got the guy I mentioned to hook everything up, and charge it. Brand is Tosot, which was the only correctly sized unit I could get that day-short notice. I like the way it worked through the cold weather, and starting working fine when we needed t
  15. We had a card hacked a few years ago. They used it for two trips to Buffalo WiId WIngs restaurant on Long Island, ordered masks from some place in WIsconsin, a few other things, and paid their electricity bill of over $400 on Long Island. I only caught it a week or so after. I called the restaurant, and they reversed the charges without wanting to waste any time. I called the mask place, and they wouldn't give me the address that they shipped the masks to, but said they would tell any police I sent to them. I called P,S, & G about the power bill being paid, and "they didn't want t