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  1. It's absolutely awesome!!! Thanks for posting about it. I tried to find the clip from Romancing the Stone, but couldn't find it:
  2. The Lee Valley drill press table took two days to get here. Ordered on Tuesday afternoon, it came this morning. I haven't had time to open the box yet, since we're busy battening down the hatches for another blast of Winter weather, but I was really surprised it was a two day delivery.
  3. You can walk it up, and down the column. I didn't measure the range of motion, but probably one foot.
  4. Not really any tuning, but lubing, and installing a table lift. I bought this lift system off ebay years ago. I have two Powermatic 1150's. One a belt changer, and the other a Reeves drive. I put off deciding which one to put the lift on, but the Reeves drive requires some work if I let it set for a long time. This old belt changer is 100% reliable, and really is easy to change the belt on, so I decided to get this one going. I have a strong rope attached to a chain that I use the loader to lift some things. I tied the rope around the column. The hard part was getting the base off. I ended up ruining a HF 4 pound dead blow hammer, but did get it off. To get the base back on, I used the dead blow hammer to lean against a cribbing block, and a 10 pound sledge hammer. The bigger hammer worked. Serial number lookup says it was made between 1964 and 68, and I don't think the base has ever been off of it. I thought about taking the column all the way off, and soaking it in rust remover, but I'm fixing it because I need to use it, so don't have time to worry about cosmetics. It spins dead true, and I can change the belt position in less than 30 seconds without getting in a hurry. The table lift is slow, but smooth and accurate. I think it will be easier to use it for adjusting some hole depths than the limit stop, which is in itself one of my favorite things about this beast. I don't know how much it weighs, but it's more than it looks like. I bought it from a school auction in 1975 that I also brought an 8" jointer home from. I've used it that long without a table lift mechanism, but it will finally be a pleasure to use it like this. I have a Lee Valley table coming for it. I didn't want bright red or blue, and I like the LV fence. No time to make one.
  5. I've never even seen a snow blower, but talking about things getting old and playing out, our microwave quit yesterday. I think it's the only one we've ever had. Pam was a bit miffed that it stopped working, but I looked at the label on the door, and it said 1986. I told Pam that I didn't think it owed us anything else, and that it had been a good one.
  6. I've used the bucket on the tractor many times for moving it, but it's so much wear on the cutting edge that I stopped using it on pavement. We have the Farm Use WRX that goes good in snow if we absolutely need to get out.
  7. We only got an inch of snow, followed by maybe a few tenths of freezing rain, but now the temp is 33 and raining, so it's getting dissolved. We planned for it. One reason I'm still driving a 21 year old truck is that our vehicles never go on the road when there is salt on them. I drove out to the highway Thursday, planning to go somewhere, but saw the lines of brine on the road, so I turned around and came back in. We have two litters of puppies 8 weeks old today, so we've had plenty of entertainment. We produced 43 puppies last year, and looks like this year will probably follow in the same footsteps. This is their inside play area. They're good entertainment for my almost 106 year old Mother, who also lives with us. After 8 at night, soon after my Mom goes to bed, the puppies get to run loose in the house with us. Wheelchair wheels are too dangerous for the little ones. There hasn't been an accident on the floor since just before they were 6 weeks old. After starting a batch of 15 last time, having only 6 is easy.
  8. Young, healthy, and vaccinated shouldn't suffer much. The last time I posted on this thread, I told about an unvaccinated neighbor who had died from it. I heard later that his Wife couldn't go to what funeral services they had for him because she had it. She has since died too. She was unvaccinated. I didn't really know them, other than what they looked like, but they were both some older than me.
  9. Those were the two brands that I used when I was building new houses from 1974 to 2007. I wouldn't put one over the other. Pick the design you like the best. I don't remember the different ones. I believe the 400 is the standard double hung variety, of which I used Many of. We even have some of both in our house. The Pella casements have never given us a single problem, nor have the Anderson double hung.
  10. I put up a Martin box about 40 years ago. I had some thin Honduras Mahogany for some odd reason-like 1/4". I put Mahogany shingles on the roof. It was on a used telephone pole. A few years ago, it fell down when the post rotted. It was pretty much smashed to smithereens, but the Mahogany roof was still keeping the inside dry, after examining the pile. I just pushed the whole thing up with the front end loader, and carried it to the trash pile.
  11. Pam and I have done a lot of fun things, but the most fun we've had was raising two children. Enjoy!
  12. I would at least prefinish the panel, and paint the edges that join the panel before assembly. I prefinish as much as possible, even the bottom edge of crown molding before I put it up if the wall is going to be a different color. For me, taping is a last resort. I try not to use it to divide two different colors, but when I do, the tape is pulled off while the paint is wet, or I caulk the edge of the tape first with clear latex caulk, and still pull it off while the paint is wet. Even the fancy tapes with built-in pixie crystals don't leave a perfect edge. 3M makes some good tapes that can be pulled off while the edge is wet, but if I'm using Frog Tape for some odd reason, the edge of the FT is caulked. The caulk seals the pixie crystals, and doesn't show if there are little bits under the tape.
  13. I would use drawers instead of cubbies. The diaper changing stage will pass before you know it, and then it would be more suitable for a regular bedroom in the future.
  14. You can buy copper sheet metal in small sizes off ebay. Put copper on it, and everything else will be gone long before the roof is gone.
  15. I had never heard of a sandpaper cutter. Just ordered one off amazon that will live in the sandpaper toolbox. Reviews complain of the cutting edge not being sharp enough, but I expect the diamond paddles can cure that.