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  1. Tom King

    Bosch 12” SCMS accuracy issue

    If it cut like that to start with, I'd return it.
  2. Tom King

    Grinder Dust Collection

    Some comes off all around. I'm sure there is a solution, but I'm going back to wet grinding, except in the metal shop.
  3. Tom King

    First time milling!

    Sthil guy here. I'd want one of these on each end: I have a mildly ported 066, with a muffler mod, that wouldn't be too bad for small logs, but this is an application where bigger is better. If you bought a couple of new 880's, and all the other stuff, you would be in the price range of a used bandsaw mill, and maybe even a new small one, if you weren't going to have access to really wide logs. I'm one that likes to work too. I figure I would be working, even if I retired, so I might as well be making money. Like a friend of mine said, I plan to work until noon on the day of my funeral.
  4. Tom King

    Stair Treads Stain

    Test on the bottom of the treads. As to matching the White Oak, I'd say the chances are not too good.
  5. Tom King

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    The Walnut that I made our kitchen cabinets out of, in 1980, was a standing dead log that all the sapwood had rotted off of, and it had been struck by lightning. A lot of it was lost to the split from the lightning strike, but it was a big log. Any of it that wasn't affected by the lightning strike was just fine. There used to be a mill near here that belonged to the Forestry Department of the University of Virginia. They sawed it for me so they could study what had happened to it after all that it had gone through. I still have some of it in one of the buildings here, but kind of forget which batch it is now.
  6. Tom King

    Quality hole saw kit

    Yes, those are the arbors I was talking about. The two retractable pins prevent the hole saw from winding itself too tightly onto the threaded part of the arbor. The small one is for hole saws too small for the pin holes. The large one is never any problem, but the small one sometimes requires the help of a pipe wrench to get the hole saw off. I don't know that there is any way around that for the small ones, but small ones are so rarely needed anyway. Any hole saw toolbox needs to have these in it:
  7. Tom King

    Quality hole saw kit

    I don't know about a kit, but the Lenox adaptors with the two retractable pins and knurled knob to screw into the threaded hole before engaging the two pins, and the plug poppers from VSCT, were the best things ever for hole saws. I have a box full of different colored ones. The regular ones can be sharpened pretty easily with a triangular file.
  8. Tom King

    Grinder Dust Collection

    I put a wet paper towel under the wheel, and it catches a lot of it. I think most of us that use CBN wheels have the guards removed, mainly because the wheels don't fit in the typical grinder guard. I'm sure it's still nowhere near the detritus created with a friable wheel though. Even so, I'm going to go back to wet grinding, as soon as I see enough positive reviews of the Tormek diamond wheels. I can't dry grind in the houses I work on, so the grinder has to be kept outside. I'll never go back to friable wheels though, for woodworking edges.
  9. Tom King

    I got lucky at Northern Tool

    I like Northern Tool a lot better than Harbor Freight. I needed a 13hp Honda motor on short notice once, and they had it in stock for a decent price.
  10. Tom King

    I got lucky at Northern Tool

    Would work for me. I got some strange looks once, when I was sitting in the floor in Lowes measuring wooden dowels with a digital micrometer.
  11. Tom King

    Plumbing leak and rust

    That looks like most of my users now. People pay me money to use them, and they're plenty good enough, without thinking about needing to put more money in newer, fancier ones.
  12. The one time I did this, I mitered the corner, used an almost full length spline, and used the Tite Joint rings and bolts. I used a Forstner bit, and a small, movable drill press. I think I did buy their tightening rod. If I'm remembering right, that was in 1981, or 2, so I can't remember all the details. I do remember cutting the miters with a circular saw, and homemade guide, like I'm still using today.
  13. Tom King

    info on General finishes

    I use empty water bottles. Just squeeze any air out as you screw the cap on. For some uses, it's easier to have the bottle in one hand, and the rag in the other hand, or pour in PPS cup. I've even done it with left over Moisture Cure Urethane floor finish, but that only lasts about six months at best, any kind of way, once the can is opened-probably could make boat trailer rollers like that. Duct tape, and magic marker to remind you what's in the bottles. I blow as much water out as I can with compressed air, and leave them in a box to dry before use. I've been doing this for at least 25 years. I've finished a lot of cabinets with bottle in one hand, and rag in other, with leftover floor finish, and every one I've seen still looks good. A thin film of satin MCU doesn't look anything like it does on a floor, but is still Very durable on woodwork. I've had some ARS in bottles for over a year, and the last time I squeezed one, it was still good.
  14. Looks great, just I expected!! TV location is not for me though. If I'm going to watch TV, it's right in front of our chairs, with center of screen at eye level.
  15. Tom King

    Attaching scout patches to wood plaque

    I would waste one patch to do some experimenting with before sticking them to the final plaque. You may need to leave a flat weight on it while the epoxy kicks.