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  1. Since they're so cheap, I'm getting several sizes, and different grades, just to see what they will do.
  2. I'm not near any kind of industrial supplier, and won't be going any time soon. This is the easy way for me to get some to play with for not much. You can get anything you want off of that list Richard. They have several different grades, as well as different diameters and lengths. They don't have a minimum order requirement on size, or number. Just the minimum shipping charge. Since they are so cheap, I'm going to get several sizes to see what they will do. I was just thinking that if anyone wanted one, or several sizes, to play with for a few bucks, here's how you can get it. No need to waste time discussing any other method. I'm not trying to talk anyone into anything. I'm going to order some regardless.
  3. After decades of just using whatever I could find close at hand, like a screwdriver, or back of a gouge, I've decided to go high-tech, and get some carbide rod burnishers for scrapers. Being cheap, and just wanting to get the job done, I've found a place that sells high quality carbide rods for a few bucks. The trouble is, even with a small order, shipping is close to $20. The shipping cost doesn't go up for a handful, so I'm asking here who else wants one. I would be willing to buy them, and ship what you want, and we can divide up the shipping cost however it works out. I'm not making this offer anywhere else, and don't want it to grow to the point that it would be more trouble than it's worth, but thought maybe a few here would appreciate it. It will be a one time thing. I also reserve the right to just forget this if it looks like it's going to be more trouble than it's worth-might limit it to time, and numbers. Here's the list of solid rods, and the individual prices.
  4. Tom King

    Newbie from Washington State

    Welcome, and I'm glad to meet you!
  5. I would build a jig like in that video for a router, but to be used with your Low Angle Jack. That should clean it up perfectly after cutting with the dedicated miter box.
  6. Looks like this is a well studied process, with many ways to accomplish it. like this:
  7. 13 degrees off vertical, or a 13 degree point on the edge of the board?
  8. Total length 13" ? How deep is the cut? Maybe find someone with a slider to make the cut? 13" long shouldn't be too difficult.
  9. Tom King

    concerning chisel and dado/groove sizes

    There are two basic rules of operation for a chisel you need. The one you need is the one you don't have, or you have so many that you know you have one that size, but can't find it. I have two toolboxes full of chisels. Chisel 1 has at least 6 rolls of chisels in it.
  10. Tom King

    block plane & rabbeting block plane

    I keep two sets of block planes. Both Stanley 9-1/2's, and 60's. The burgundy set, that I bought new in the '70's, I keep the irons straight across. The older, dark blue pair have their irons kept with slight cambers like you would on smoothers. One stays in a custom made pocket on my tool belt, when I'm wearing it, and which one depending on what I'm doing. The thing that always worries me about rabbeting planes, whether a block , or a full sized rabbeting plane, is that you need to be a lot more careful that they don't get dropped, or knocked off of something, because the sides of the bodies are much more subject to be broken, than a standard plane. You see a fair number of the old ones that have been brazed back together. I don't do much sanding, so if I'm making some cabinets, or shelves with banded edges, the cambered irons are less likely to mar the surface of a shelf when trimming the edge banding.
  11. Tom King

    Angle measuring tools

    My "Marking" toolbox weighs about 35 pounds. I use this one to set a sliding bevel a lot of times: click on the second picture to show the angle setting side of it. Also, an old Stanley angle divider gets used frequently, but they stopped making them long ago. Someone else probably makes one now.
  12. Tom King

    Making an 80 deg bevel cut on TS

    Be safe.
  13. Tom King

    Making an 80 deg bevel cut on TS

    I think maybe I was the one that was confused. Those reciprocal angles can get confusing sometimes.
  14. Tom King

    Making an 80 deg bevel cut on TS

    Make a tall auxiliary fence, to cut it vertically, rather than laying flat.
  15. Tom King

    OSMO Oil/Wax Finish

    I haven't applied Osmo, but since finding these pads, I haven't pulled out any steel wool. They work great with Restore-A-Finish, so I think they would work fine for that. They also come in the maroon, and gray, and are the same as the small packages you buy everywhere else. These 3's are really fine. These boxes have long rolls in them that are perforated for easily pulling off 6" long pads.