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  1. Tom King

    Real Shaker Workbench on CL
  2. Tom King

    Hanging Kitchen cabinet doors

    Did the hinges have a manufacturer's name on them?
  3. Tom King

    Buying a router plane.

    If that one had been available, back when I bought my Stanley, it's the one I would have bought.
  4. Tom King

    Why doesnt Lowes carry the Bosch GCM12SD?

    Go back to the contractors' counter, and ask. I've had them get pallets of Quickcrete Plaster Sand that they don't normally carry. It might take an extra few weeks, but if you have a smart employee working back there, they should be able to get it.
  5. The piece needs to be straight too. Any deviation from straight will result in the blade binding, which gets dangerous is a split second.
  6. Tom King

    Air Compressor

    I wonder what this one is really for, and if it will get sold on CL:
  7. Tom King

    Stain Different Color Along Walls

    Minwax is about the worst stain possible for floors. If it sits anywhere longer than other places, it will be darker. Same for any places being rougher than the rest of it. The location you're talking about sounds like the back edge of an edger. Maybe they didn't stay on it long enough with a buffer screen to smooth out the edger tracks. Another possibility is if they stained the floor using a buffer, and applied it to the edges some other way, with the darker places being where the two methods overlapped. Were the floor pros using what they normally use, or something you wanted them to use? I have a hard time reconciling flooring pros using Minwax stain.
  8. Tom King

    Townsend Block and Shell cabinet

  9. Tom King

    Give us this day our daily D'OH!

    I'd just redo it. I would end up running in enough circles otherwise, that it wouldn't be worth the time.
  10. Tom King

    Another Broken Bandsaw Blade

    I'd be surprised if they want it back. I've never had anything but perfect blades from
  11. Tom King

    Turning Golf Balls

    The construction varies a lot, not only between manufacturers, but different models made by the same manufacturer. Talking about cutting balls with a mower, I had one of our pastures we weren't using set up as a practice range. We had a ball picker that was pulled behind a riding lawn mower. A local guy, who we will politely say is not carrying a full load, thinks that cutting grass on a riding mower is the best job ever (remember Forrest Gump?), so I keep him busy cutting grass. I'd send him out to pick up the balls too. It all went fine, until one day he decided he'd save time, and pick up balls at the same time that he cut the grass. It might have worked a little better if the picker wasn't pulled behind the mower. is a good source for cheap balls, if you find a model that works like you want it to for turning.
  12. Tom King

    Here's a nifty older sawmill -- portable, too

    Last I saw, scrap iron was going for a few bucks per hundred pounds.
  13. Tools are relatively cheap today, and the bottom line reason that hobby woodworking is so popular, is because of cheap Asian labor. I don't remember there being any hobbyist woodworkers back then, or at least, not anywhere around where I was living. A lot of people had a radial arm saw, and maybe a Shopsmith, but not for a pastime. They needed to build stuff to use.
  14. Tom King

    Moulding planes

    I'm a big reader too, but sorry, not much on carpentry. I just figure it out as I go along, and make sure I have plenty of tools to work with. I guess it's fortunate that a roof was kept on that house.
  15. Tom King

    Moulding planes

    I don't do a bunch. Mostly, all I do is make missing pieces in rooms to match what is there, and occasionally for an old piece of furniture. Sometimes I may only need one 3 foot piece, or a 6 foot, and 18" piece, or just a 3" long piece-only when it takes less time than grinding moulder knives. I did get my picture in a local paper when we were making a piece of large bed molding, for the front of an old house, out on the sidewalk on sawhorses. If we are in need of much to amount to anything, it comes out of a moulder.