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  1. I bought this a while back, and just used it for the first time today. It's Awesome! I bought some Mirka Abranet sanding screens for it when I ordered it. Just hooked up to a ShopVac, the dust collection really surprised, and impressed me. It's twice as fast, and leaves a smoother surface than the 5" one hand ROS's. I don't do much sanding, but feel really glad that I bought this. Originally, I bought it in anticipation of sanding the painted fascia's on a lakehouse we bought a while back to rent out, but weather hasn't been suitable to work outside yet. It just came out of the box for the first time today. It was one of my Black Friday purchases, so not quite as bad as this:"+random+orbit+sander&qid=1579899169&sr=8-1
  2. Tom King

    New shop build

    2x10 is what's used here for 16' span floor. I expect roof load may be different there than here, but floor load should be the same. I put piers under the big machines, so they really weren't just resting on the floor. Your local building inspection department should be able to tell you the load ratings required for floors, and roofs, and even for the dirt that footings will be dug in. From there, you can probably find charts online. Before the internet, I always referred to a book called Architectural Graphic Standards. Some places might require engineered drawings, but fortunately, we're not to that point here. An Inspector can call for an Engineer's approval if he doesn't understand something, but I've always been able to show him in the book that I'm overbuilding anyway, and that's been good enough when they have a question.
  3. Tom King

    New shop build

    Can't build those for 8 grand though. I'm sure I built that 16x36 for less than that, but I was adding it onto the side of another 16x36 horse trailer shed, so already had one long wall. I didn't keep up with what it cost, and have no idea. Later, I added another 16x36 tractor shed off the other side of that shop. One thing about 16' wide structures, you can use standard dimensional lumber. It's not a good width for a practical shop if you have large stationary tools though. I quickly grew tired of it, and now it's just used for storage.
  4. Tom King

    New shop build

    I have one, with a wooden floor that is 16x36, but it was outgrown in just a few years. It depends entirely on what you make, and what tools you have.
  5. The VFD's I have will do many more things than I have even learned how to do with them. I'd have that old motor checked out first. If you need to replace the motor, it probably wouldn't make sense to buy both a new 3-phase motor, and a VFD.
  6. Looks great, and the wood is spectacular!!
  7. I like having a VFD on my big bandsaw. Listening to the slow windup to speed is worth it, alone. I can also run it under, or over normal speed. We ran it 10% over, for three or four hours at the time, and nothing got even warm to the touch. Babbit bearings are the smoothest running bearings in existence, until they need to be repoured. I've never owned any, but have had my hands on such machines running. With no personal experience, I have no idea how long they last.
  8. The Jessum stuff is nice. I don't know anything about UJK. I have a cast iron MLCS one, that someone gave me, and it's nothing special. It would be worth a look to see how the Incremental Tools tops are. Their lifts are from Jessum, with slight modifications, and you can get a 10% discount if you are a new customer, plus they always have something on sale, that changes frequently. I make router "tables' out of leftover phenolic bowling alley flooring, that's usually free for the asking when a bowling alley is being redone.
  9. I would just move that close to the machine being used. When you design a ducting system, it will all have to be properly sized for the unit you use from the start.
  10. Nice shop! I'd want a 5hp in that shop, even if just running one machine at the time. I'm sticking to my own personal rule of thumb that anything less than 3hp is wishful thinking, and that when there is no long run of ducting.
  11. Did you try a place like ereplacementparts?
  12. Second a block plane, of any type. That's the easiest job for one. A low angle one is best for end grain, including the edges.
  13. Is the full length ever needed? If not, cut it down, and use part of it.
  14. Tom King

    New shop storage

    Best blade storage ever.
  15. That is, if the price is still $22.35 when you check that link.