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  1. More times than not, if I'm working wood, that's the type I'm using. I haven't grown tired of the smell yet.
  2. This is one of the few forums I participate on that allows links to other forums. At least, I hope I'm right about that. Anyway, for those of you that mill lumber, this is a thread off the Forestryforum that I think you will find interesting, if not valuable. Even if you don't run a bandmill, follow it through to the part about chasing the fleck in quartersawn logs.
  3. Very nice! When I've made specialty router bases, I put some useful sized plunge bit in the router, and lower it through the base to have a centered hole to work from. From there, you can chuck the same sized drill bit in the drill press to establish position, and then change bits as needed.
  4. They really do work as easy as the videos show:
  5. When I drill holes in tile, for mounting handrails, shower rods, or whatever, I use this type of drill bit. Amazon sells many cheap variations, but I find those are only good for one hole. These will do maybe a dozen. They go through pretty fast. If I can hit a stud, I'll use it for mounting a handrail, or shower rod. If it doesn't hit a stud, I'll use Togglers, specifically Snaptoggles."&qid=1610894946&sr=8-2
  6. Yeah, I know. I get that almost every day. They do pretty good, for a bunch of out of shape young guys.
  7. I thought we're not supposed to talk politics here.
  8. When I get time. With four litters of puppies, and a 104 year old half paralyzed Mother in the house, with nobody but Pam and me to take care of them, there's not much time for anything else. I was glad to get into these old hard drives though. There are whole series of different processes. The pictures on the website came from someone elses computers. And please, This Old House is a remodeling show. I don't do remodeling. I put them back like they were, to be displayed.
  9. I would think youtube videos are his full time job.
  10. On old hard drives from before I built my website.
  11. "I foolishly have way too may projects going on. " Even if you're in second place, you're still a Long ways back.
  12. I could have gotten a better picture, if I'd stepped outside far enough to get the Sun in it, but I was barefoot, and didn't want to walk out in the frost. This from the window in our back door. As you can see, the to-do list is more than I can get done. That "temporary" fence was for a rescue dog's temporary quarters intil we could find a home for her. That was some years ago. I tried this, from the iphone 11, with no rotation, and it came out in the correct orientation. Something somewhere has been updated.
  13. The only granular I use is Pramitol, a ground sterilizer. I use a plastic scoop, and throw it. The only reason I use that one is because I don't want to walk down in the gulley where I throw it, and too much chance of drift from spraying it. I only use broadcast spreaders for seeds.
  14. I don't remember what a 12' sheet of Corian used to cost, but thinking it was about $200. The bathroom sinks were not bad, but the big, double kitchen sinks were about 150. You can buy smaller sheets. That's been 25 years ago though, so probably double now. If you would like to borrow my bits, I don't mind sending them to you. They haven't been used enough to be hurt, like my old Formica bits were, and I'm sure you have some fancier ROS's now, than I ever had, especially back then. You just glue the sink under a sloppy cutout, route it, and sand through really fine grits to finish. I