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  1. First rainy day in a long time here, so I couldn't find anything better to do than to go back to work on the rental house floor. It's a bad job by myself, but looks like that's the way it will be for a while. Every piece requires getting up and down off the floor more than once. I got the hall finished, and am going into the big living room. I have the two bedrooms at the end of the hall done, and their big walk-in closets. Still have the other two bedrooms to do, off either side of the hall. I had been dreading the angled meeting of the slate floor in the entryway, but it went right
  2. I know that kind of ground all too well. We have to wait for the right amount of moisture in it to even put in a fence post.
  3. My previous favorite was Stihl CF3 (or some name close to that). This stuff has the same basic shape, but it's a little softer. I don't know what effect the softness has on it, but it seems to take a beating better than the harder line, so it lasts longer. It's also solid black, so the little bits that break off aren't easily seen laying around. I haven't compared price, but judging by the sizes of the spools, and my poor memory on how much was on the Stihl spools, and what they cost, my guess if that this is at least a factor of four cheaper. It also has the best feature I've see
  4. Finally got an update on this. UPS denied the claim. They said it was packed incorrectly. It was shipped from a UPS shipping store. They repacked it, and sent it back to the seller. Their second package was damaged similarly going back the other way. I haven't talked to them yet. The seller had been handling it. I'll call them tomorrow. I don't mind filing a Complaint. It will only cost me $65, I know how to do it, because I've done it before. This will be an easy suit to win, and I'm sure will get court costs back too. Not sure how that will work from my end though. They'
  5. Thanks for asking. It's working out pretty good. She's a lot better off here than anywhere else anyway. The dogs are a great comfort to her too. My Wife has been absolutely amazing with what she's taken on, but it was her idea to start with. One of us has to be here all the time though, so we have to plan our days around that.
  6. I called my favorite building supplier, before I realized things had gone crazy with materials, to order a bundle of no.1 decking boards. I was intending to sticker them, so they could dry out some before I needed them, for the dock. He told me they couldn't even get them, and if they could, I wouldn't want to pay the price. I forget what the price was, if I could get the bundle, but he was right about the price.
  7. Maybe next season. That house can sleep 16, plus we'll have some RV hookups. I was planning on starting on a boat house, and dock this Fall, but lumber prices are so high, I'll wait a while. We were hoping to get some income from that house by renting it this past Summer, but the virus took that out. We just didn't want to deal with groups. It wouldn't have been ready anyway. Hopefully, it'll be ready next year.
  8. Thanks, but I have all sorts of pro tree work stuff. I was thinking about something really lightweight, with a sharp knife blade. The saws work really good, but the suckers are so small, and tender that a sharp blade would slice them right off, and be multiple times faster than handling those types of poles. I have the trees limbed up to 25 feet high on the larger trees. The suckers are just new growth. Here's a view of the whole point. It's about 2 acres with something over 1200 feet of shoreline. I haven't limbed up the trees on the hill yet, but plan to open up that view th
  9. I put lime down to start with. You can put a ton of lime per acre every year here. The main trouble is the ground is so hard, and not really flat anywhere. Water just runs off right now. In getting out all the Pine trees, Sweet Gums, and other trees to open it up, when leveling the ground back out, we lost a lot of the topsoil. I don't want to break it up again, because it's full of small rocks. I hand raked the whole thing about an inch deep, so surface rocks are not a problem now. I think the simplest thing is to top dress it. I have decades of piles of old, composted ho
  10. As the Sun gets lower in the sky heading towards Winter, it will soon be back in sight at Sunset. We see the difference every day. Right now, it's still setting behind the tree line up the lake. Our Sunsets across the lake get better pretty soon. The grass on the point is trying, but the ground is so poor that I'm going to have to topdress the whole thing will a little bit of good topsoil before we will have a lush lawn. All the hardwood trees that I left, and pruned to open up the view, are thriving. I just need to come up with an easy way to knock all the suckers off. I'm thin
  11. A couple of friends came over this afternoon, to help me put the tractor back together. It went right together, easier than I had ever joined one before. I just had to rotate the PTO the slightest bit, and it went all the way together with one friend behind each rear tire. Took longer to run the bolts in than anything else.
  12. Aftermarket tool not available. John Deere wanted $552 to specially make a no longer in stock tool. It's so simple, I just decided to make one out of wood on the lathe. This might be the only 200 year old Heart Pine clutch installation alignment tool for a John Deere 2640 w/reverser. I'm keeping it wrapped tightly in plastic untll the right clutch disk gets here, supposedly on Saturday. It fits so tightly, that I don't want the wood to move any. If it swells, I'll have to put it in the oven. It seemed to be the most stable piece of wood I had near the lathe. It just holds the c
  13. As quick as you turned that one out, you could probably make a living building them. I'd have to try that paddle though. I know it's traditional, but I like the new designs.
  14. Lot's of information on this sort of thing on the With three acres, you're probably not going to justify buying a big enough tractor with loader. You will probably need a log arch, to get the logs to the mill, whether your mill, or someone else's. Lot's of people make them, but there are plenty of commercially available ones. I like this company for other wood handling tools too: A lot of people will build a log arch on a trailer they already have.
  15. How big are the trees, and how high are the lowest limbs? How much land? How many logs? Do you have equipment for handling the logs, and keeping them out of the dirt? If they are good logs, and you have something to handle them with, so you can stage them for a portable sawmill to come saw them, I'd saw them as soon as possible.