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  1. Pam went to RDU to meet the lady today. We have a pretty nice airport 15 miles from the house that has a 5,000 ft. long runway, but that wasn't long enough. I told her to get them to take a picture of the puppy sitting in the Co-Pilots seat. Coming in, they had a gear light that didn't come on, and that caused some excitement. They had to get the gear checked out, so got distracted. I'm not sure if we'll get the picture, or not. It was some model Gulfstream-don't know which model. Pam said the lady was real nice, and down to Earth. She's a retired pilot, and her husband a retired surgeon. She was thrilled with the puppy.
  2. I like the star drive Deckmate screws, that Home Depot sells, best of all for deck fasteners, and many other things. I've pulled many proud deck nails, replaced with those screws, and never had to replace one of the screws. Get the ones with the black label. They've changed the design of them several times.
  3. Did you get the one you were talking about near W/S?
  4. I had to get a replacement back window put in my Mother's 2004 Mercury Marquis, that no one even uses now. I carried my golf rangefinder to measure the distance from where I hit the rock with the mower, to the broken window-51 yards. The glass guy said, "Good shot!"
  5. I've built, and sold houses for over a million and a half dollars. No room, or section in any of them had this much work, planning, and thought behind it. I'm sure if this had been in one of them, the price would have gone up at least a couple of hundred thousand, but then, I would never have been able to build one in nine months.
  6. One day last week, I came home after doing all I wanted to do that day, and Pam had the tack room cleaned out, and wanted it painted. I sprayed one coat on it before Supper, and one after. Each coat was two gallons, and took about 10 minutes for each coat. I used a 1 foot tip extension, and whatever tip and setup the rig was at for the last thing I had sprayed with it. Picture is after she painted the floor the next day. I painted over wall switches, outlets, and anything else that was in the open. She had white plastic grocery bags over the lights, so I could see. The airless rig paid off that day. She did have my supplied air rig pulled out, and ready to go, so that was a big help.
  7. I just pull the tip out, clean that, and drop the sprayer in a bucket of water, between days of painting, or even coats the same day. I put a piece of Saran wrap over the paint in the bucket between days. A top quality gun, that can take LPFF (low pressure fine finish) tips can match any HVLP quality of spray. There are many tip sizes for different fan widths, and paint thicknesses. The Fine Finish tips came about from the air assisted airless rigs, and then they figured out that they would work with regular airless. The air assist helps blow out the hard streams on the edges of the fan at low pressure. The tips do the same thing. A couple of years later, they figured out how to make them work with lower pressure. I sold the AAA rig as soon as they came out with the FF tips for airless guns, and I hadn't had it long. The low pressure changes airless spraying to a much less violent endeavor. I use low pressure tips for everything except large surface area outside surfaces. They don't flow as much paint as the regular tips do. My pump is probably 25 years old, but I upgraded to one of the newer guns, a few years back, and put a pressure gauge on the pump end of the hose. The low pressure tips only require about half of the pressure that the regular ones do. The pressure gauge lets you start at the right point without having to waste a pint of paint once you have already figured out the right pressure for the tip, and paint (don't forget to write it down for any paint). I push the paint in the rig back in the bucket with water, and stop when it gets thin. Turn the tip backwards for that, or take it out. That saves a lot of the waste. For inside work, I have a short 1/4" hose. I think it's 15 feet but may be a little longer. That hose doesn't waste as much paint as the 150' 3/8" hose that gets used outside. Talking about garages, the last house I sold here had a 2 car, and 1 motorhome garage. The RV slot had sewer hookups (one on each side so you could drive in either way, and had room for slideouts) in it, and was drive through for the RV. There were a few people lined up wanting it before I put a price on it. I never put a price on one until I was through with it, and ready to sell it.
  8. Yes. Send him a PM from here, and he will probably get a notification.
  9. Tom King

    plunge router

    compressed air, and contact cleaner will often get a switch working again.
  10. If it won't hold a Porter Cable 7518, I'd keep looking.
  11. Did you email Rob Lee? He's a member here, so maybe a PM.
  12. Ours are little athletes too. This is a chart of the 10 fastest Havanese currently running in Agility Trials. We have two in the top 10. Those are the only two that came from here, who are competing in agility, and their owners are nothing like athletes.
  13. Tom King

    Power Washer

    I think it should be pretty good. I've had good luck with stuff from Northern. I checked to see what Mi-T-M had in that range, and it's a Lot more money. 2.5 gpm should be a lot more manageable than my 4.4 one, which is very tiring to use for hours at the time.
  14. They're very loving, smart, and trainable. They've been used for circus dogs for centuries. They are total companion dogs, with no instinct to hunt, or dig. They are also odorless (never a dog odor), and non-shedding. We've come up with a system that trains them to a litterbox, so they go home house trained. The line at the door stretches across the country. Here's one of ours, trained by her 12 year old owner, who also made the video:
  15. Talking about blowing stuff under your skin, I knew a painter with some very elaborate, multi-color, expensive tattoos on his arms. He was spraying paint with an airless sprayer. The hose developed a leak, and started shooting a stream of paint. He put his finger over the hose until he could turn the sprayer off. It injected paint under the skin on his arm. They had to cut it open in the ER, to get the paint out, and never could get the tatoos to match back up. This is a true story.