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  1. Tom King

    Style References

    That looks like a great way to do it. Good thinking!
  2. Tom King

    Style References

    Of the books that came today, this one is very worthwhile, if for nothing more than the first 18 pages on the "essentials of design". In very few words, compared to others that I also like, but find very long winded-like Tolpin, Franklin Gottshall has written something that I think anyone contemplating designing furniture would benefit from. You may even hate simple colonial furniture, but I still say you should read it. The other book that I am very impressed with, not only for content, but presentation is this one. Hundreds, and hundreds of pictures, scale drawings, and various others such as tools being used, in an impressively printed book. I don't intend to build any Queen Anne furniture, but still say this is well worth a few bucks for anyone thinking about building any kind of furniture.
  3. Tom King

    Used SawStop

    Quite an adventure!
  4. Tom King

    Thin Epoxy Adhesive

    I used to use West through a syringe, and needle for some boat delamination repairs. That's been 30 years ago though, and I don't remember the needle size. The syringe held about an ounce.
  5. Tom King

    Style References

    I prefer ebay. I've tried Amazon before, but decided to do a test. I just did a search for "omohundro institute" on Amazon, and picked a book randomly to use for a search on both places- "The Economy of British America, 1607-1789 (Published by the Omohundro Institute" Amazon showed up 13 choices by choosing "show all selections", with the lowest priced one at $44.10 + 3.99 shipping. The exact same search on ebay showed some number that I didn't count, but the third listing down was $7.72 w/ free shipping. Out of the hundreds of books I've bought off of ebay, there may have been two, or three duds, and for a few dollars each, I just toss them. I don't have any complaints about the grading system on ebay. Maybe I'm missing something about the search function on Amazon, but I'm used to the one on ebay, and get along with it fine. I've probably bought 8 to 10 furniture books each of the last few nights, and no complaints about any that have come so far. Change a search the least little way, and different ones will come up that otherwise didn't show up. More than not, if buying something like mower parts, they will be cheaper off Amazon with Prime, than the same thing on ebay with free shipping, but for books I'm good with ebay.
  6. Tom King

    Style References

    Maybe a reference thread sticky, at the top of the Wood forum.
  7. Tom King

    New Jet Planer

    $2600 for a 15" planer. No thanks. The only reason I'd have one without rollers on the top, so my helper could roll a board back to me, would be if it had a knife grinder rig on top.
  8. Tom King

    Shop-made tools in Gary Weeks' shop

    I enjoyed looking over their website. I especially like this quote: We don't know what style our furniture is, but we believe it has some.
  9. Tom King

    Job Postings

    Be sure to include your website. I didn't have any trouble finding it, and it looks really nice. I'm not sure if sawmillcreek allows such postings, but there is a lot of traffic there, and probably any pros reading, and posting on internet forums. It's .org
  10. Tom King

    45 mitres

    The margin of error for a design like that doesn't approach zero. It is absolute 0. Also, even built perfectly, the odds of it staying perfect are about the same.
  11. Tom King

    Style References

    My favorite book, that's come in so far, is this one. It was published in 1931. It came from the NYC Library in Manhatten, but no one had ever checked it out. All the pieces of furniture in it are from a few museums, including the Met, and have pretty nice measured drawings. About the first half of the book is all weird chairs, except for some nice Windsor arm chairs, but the other half is all furniture pieces. There are a few strange Flemish pieces, and some Louis IV, but many colonial American pieces, including some from the 17th Century that I had not seen the likes of before. Being all museum pieces, there are some really nice ones, but still possible for building now. I don't know if anyone else is interested in this sort of stuff, but it was well worth the 3.99, or whatever it was that I paid for it. The listing says paperback, but it is a hardback that's never had the spine broken in even.
  12. Tom King

    Job Postings

    WIthout my having to look at a map, where is Denver, NC. Not sure that I will be any help, but I'd just like to know where it is. I'm up on the Va. state line, between where I85, and I95 cross the line.
  13. Tom King

    45 mitres

    The blade matters too. A lot of them will pull ever so slightly one way, or the other. Often not so much the blade, but the sharpening, or lack of it is the cause. I can get perfect miters off several saws, with a good blade, or none of them with a blade that's not perfect.
  14. Bandsaw probably, or handsaw depending on where I was when I needed them, and if I had planned that far ahead. Either way, the wedges would be cut off of a larger piece, and the wedge would be the part that falls away, or is the small part left when you pull the large piece back, and then have to cut the wedge off. It could also be set like a door jamb, with opposing wedges from each side, but I would still want full support under the hinges.
  15. Tom King

    Style References

    I don't know if this is a book anyone would be interested in, or not. I saw one cheap for less than 10 bucks with free shipping, and saw that it was 494 pages, so I ordered it before I saw the other copies on there for over 100 dollars. I'm sure I bought at least ten more books tonight, all cheap, but do remember seeing another one of these for like 6 or 7 dollars. I just didn't go back, and find it for you. If you do searches different ways, it brings up different books, even though they may be on the same, broad subject. Tonight, I was doing "colonial furniture book". Last night, I did, "furniture measuring drawings book". Pam says I will have to build another room for another stack of Barrister bookcases-also bought on ebay for my Colonial Virginia history books.