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  1. Found this.

    My best friends are some of the World's top Astronomers, including my closest best friend, since we were 5 and 6.

    My Wife's Father is gone now, but we had a good story to tell on him.  We used to have campfires, and visitors would come and go.  One night, some young guys showed up who my FIL had never met before.  He showed them how to find the North star.  They very patiently paid attention.

    When they left, FIL asked who those guys were.  I told him they were, even then before winning the Nobel Prize, some of the World's top Astronomers.  He was a career Coasty, and let out a long list of profanity.  We never let him live it down.

    The James Webb Telescope is supposed to launch before long.  All my friends are Very nervous.

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  2. I have a whole bunch of 690's dedicated to special operations.  I don't even know how many. One is a D-handled Rockwell, bought in the early to mid '70's.  They're all still running.  Since they're dedicated to a particular use, none get used a whole lot.  For a while, they were giving away a small router when you bought a 690, so I loaded up then, and have a couple of tool boxes of palm routers with dedicated bits.

    Four 690's are dedicated for hanging house doors.  One for the door template.  One for the jamb template.  One for the lock strike, and one for the lock plunger mortise in the door.

    When I change a bit in a router, the ones I reach for are mid sized Milwaukee.  I don't remember the model number, but they're nice routers.

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  3. For the past couple of days, I've been cutting up firewood, and hauling stumps off the point, one at the time.  Just trying to get it done.  Can't find anyone with a dump truck, and loader who isn't already booked up through the Winter.  I probably have at least two more days of this.



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  4. On 11/30/2021 at 9:33 AM, Mark J said:

    Leaf blower from underneath?

    Knowing how hard it is to get Oak leaves out of the larger mesh dog fences, I'm afraid that netting would be a nightmare.  They manage to get locked in there pretty good, and I have some blowers a lot stronger than I could use overhead.

    Also, I'm working really hard at cutting down the to-do list.  I don't need something else to keep up.

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  5. No good reason to use anything else.  I bought some that required some odd sized hole, but I was able to get the correct sized holesaw.  I forget what it was-maybe 3-7/8", but I won't bet on my memory.  I don't think the LED ones even have a transformer.  Just a little box for connecting the wire, that slips over to the side of the hole after you do the connection below the ceiling.  That little box has a hole for a Romex connector, and a snap on lid.

    I made a dust catcher for the holesaw out of a bleach bottle bottom.  Made very little mess.

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  6. Ours are just treated 2x12's, with 2x4 stakes driven in the ground to screw them to.   Some people worry about using treated lumber, but what research I've seen says that nothing shows up in the plants.  Simple, and quick to make. Takes me about 20 minutes to make one, and not much more to fill it with the loader.  Most of the time is resting between swinging the sledgehammer driving the stakes.

    Picture was soon after we enclosed it with the netting fence to keep deer out.

    Pam has grown a Lot of stuff in those two beds.  I'm planning to build three more beside it, this Spring.  Posts for the fence are 10' steel T-posts, driven into the ground.  We cut some off of the length, but I forget how much.  If I could think of a way to easily get leaves off, I've cover over the top too, to keep birds out.

    The beds are four feet wide, and thirty two feet long, so it took exactly nine 2x12's.  I cut them to length before we took them out of the back of the truck, and put them right in place.



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  7. I used to have an infeed cart.  Plywood went from the truck onto the cart.  It could roll up to the front of the saw, and was just the correct height to match the saw top.  A plywood sheet would go from the truck to the saw, and was ripped down to its needed size.  It was used for some number of years, but we finally decided it took up more room than it was worth.

    Now, I rip full sized sheets by myself, including MDF.

    The important thing for me is having a good outfeed table, so it can lay right there after it goes through the saw.

    4' x 7" is just a small piece.

    Hands Never go over, behind, or anywhere close to the blade.  NEVER.  Some sort of push stick/device gets used, unless a whole hand can pass well clear of the blade.

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