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  1. Seems like dowels would be a nice compromise to using screws and not fussing with more complex joinery. In the end, screws would be just fine but I think an opportunity try something different with dowels would be fun. A couple of people mentioned using epoxy, is that because regular wood glue wouldn't be strong enough, what would be gained? There's not a lot of stress in this type of application, I wouldn't think.
  2. Hi, thanks. I forgot to mention, each square is 3/4" thick so 1 1/2" total for top or bottom. I have a basic compliment of tools: jointer, planer, band/table saw router, etc. No domino though. Beginner/intermediate skills. I had thought about a mortise and tenon to attach the post to the top and base but didn't know if 3/4" length would provide enough purchase. How about a double mortise and tenon or would a single square tenon be fine, make it an inch long and go through both squares? The long dimension of the mortises and tenons run with the grain in the squares and post respectively so
  3. A friend is having me build him a pair of oak speaker stands. The design is simple but I was curious what options to consider for putting everything together. The picture shows the design, dimensions of the squares from bottom to top are 10", 8", 6" and 8" with a 4" square post in the middle. Total height is 18". Not very big and they don't ever need to come apart. The only requirement is that there are no screws visible. The simplest thing I could think of would be to screw the inside panels into the post and then face glue the outside panels to those. These aren't anything fancy, just a qui