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  1. Not sure where you're at in Idaho but, I'm in Montana - close to Idaho - and paying $50 a sheet for Baltic Birch ply $9.89 per BF for 4/4 FAS Walnut.
  2. ..Kev

    Sapele Wood

    Sapele and African Mahogany are very similar. Both are great to work with!
  3. There's another update available and I sent Marc word last night. Not sure what the timing looks like but, it looks like it will have some of the mobile fixes..
  4. Beautiful tribute Mick! Nice work as always!
  5. Nothing that's been communicated to me..
  6. I've installed 2 factory insulated doors and think they're well worth the extra money!
  7. ..Kev


    A blast from the past I see there!
  8. Mine are on the wall, Chet's are on his door.. I did a video for them..
  9. Both turned out great Chet! Nice job!
  10. It's been a long while since I posted one of my videos out of respect for Marc. However, in this case, I think this video is relevant to the conversation. This is some under TS storage that I did and I show the Kaizan as well as foam insulation as an alternative. The foam stuff starts a little over 1/2 way through the video.
  11. Strong fingertips...lol Pretty straight forward. It has layers to it. So, you cut it to the depth that you want and then pull out the layers.
  12. Probably not.. Reality is that you have pretty much the same options for material as he does. He has to add a markup to cover costs of pick up and transport etc so, costs you more. Plus, if you buy and pick up all that stuff and it's wrong, it's 100% your fault..