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  1. ..Kev

    New (and final) Shop!

    Thanks Derek! If you freeze the video in the last couple frames, you'll see the snow flying. It literally started right when they finished the last piece of ridge cap. The split will give me 35 feet and the wife 25 feet which should work out well for both of us. There are already projects in the works for the new shop and I'll be getting some of those videos out soon!
  2. ..Kev

    New (and final) Shop!

    Thanks! I play guitar but, not as much as I used to. Those tracks were recorded in the last shop before that was a shop. As for the new shop, it wasn't cheap for sure! However, we're trying to set ourselves up for retirement so, things just have to be right. Best we could afford even if that means we have to stretch that a bit. Footings here have to go 36" deep..
  3. ..Kev

    New (and final) Shop!

    Thanks Coop.. Was kind of a "previous life" for me but, a time I was proud of..
  4. Maybe something like https://www.custommade.com where you can bid to build projects suitable to your situation. Best of luck!
  5. ..Kev

    Bandsaw Reindeer with a Twist

    I make a few of these every year and those that get them are always happy! Nice job! Looking forward to the video!
  6. ..Kev

    New (and final) Shop!

    Shop side also has an 8' roll up door into it so, should be good. Although, I don't have any plans on building a boat.. I have quite a bit of spare Nordfab. The current shop is smaller than the last shop. I'm sure that there will be some small bits and pieces that I'm missing but, I don't think it's enough to break the bank.
  7. ..Kev

    Japanese Style Bench Build

    Nice project! Interesting creation of the live edge!
  8. ..Kev

    New (and final) Shop!

    The old shop will be for lumber storage as well as parking the tractor, lawn mower, etc.. We have another double car garage for the cars.
  9. ..Kev

    (Sigh)....Roubo time

    It's a long process! Keep at it, you're doing good!
  10. ..Kev

    New (and final) Shop!

    Thanks! Working on new stuff for the new shop now.. Videos coming!
  11. ..Kev

    New (and final) Shop!

    For those that don't know, I've started construction on a new shop. I was hoping to film it all but, work got in the way so, you'll have to settle for some time lapse (mostly) of the building going up. Will be 30 x 60 and the wife will get about 25 feet of it. Heating/AC will be via mini splits unless they won't keep up with Montana cold and then I'll drop in another pellet stove. Brand new 200 amp service and all the big machines will have power outlets in the floor. There's just no way that I can remember and write all the details here so, will catch them as you guys toss them out.
  12. ..Kev

    Wall Cabinet - Clark Kellogg Inspired

    I aways enjoy your journals! Always loaded with good info! Beautiful material selection!
  13. ..Kev

    Oiling Purple Heart will NOT stay evenly distributed

    Purpleheart has a lot of natural oils in it already.. could be sapwood, natural wood color, or the oils. Suggest accepting it for what it is or replacing it if it bothers you. Looks good from the pics. Welcome to the forums!
  14. ..Kev

    My final gift to my wife

    Non smoker so, good to go there..
  15. ..Kev

    My final gift to my wife

    My exact location and available time frame will determine if I'm able to but, I'll scratch a few days on the list just in case.