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  1. ..Kev

    Shop Tour

    If you've watched much of my stuff at all, I'm usually pretty clean. Drives me nuts to have a dirty shop!
  2. ..Kev

    Shop Tour

    Thanks.. It looks a bit better with the hand tool storage
  3. ..Kev

    Shop Tour

    Now that the shop's up and running, thought I'd toss out a shop tour. Lots of changes coming for sure! https://youtu.be/5SpWamWnFc4
  4. ..Kev

    Roubo Questions

    I removed the comments - Chet was not "quick on the trigger"
  5. ..Kev

    Miter Bench for the New Shop

    Thanks Alan, I will definitely check them out!
  6. ..Kev

    Miter Bench for the New Shop

    Finishing up the miter station and trying to explain my decisions on fences and why I made the choices I did. In the end, these were the right decisions for my shop.
  7. ..Kev

    Mositure in SYP for workbench

    Not that you're going to turn back now but, if my relative MC for my shop was 6 to 8%, I would be a little more concerned using material that was at 14%. That's why it's important to know these numbers for your shop.
  8. ..Kev

    18th Century Style Kids Workbench

    I would really prefer to not lock this thread but, it's getting a little out of hand.
  9. ..Kev

    Just some cutting boards

    I just call those cheese boards so I can pass the red faced test
  10. ..Kev

    Just some cutting boards

    They look great! I see a drum sander in your future!
  11. ..Kev

    Mositure in SYP for workbench

    To toss my 2 cents in on your original question, it's important to know what the relative moisture content is for your shop. Test some lumber that's been there for a good long time. This will tell you what that number should be. Before I moved, my number was around 11%. I don't have an accurate number for the new shop as I haven't been in it long enough to answer that question for myself. I get around that by using kiln dried lumber that's had a little time to acclimate in my shop..
  12. ..Kev

    Mositure in SYP for workbench

    I must admit, your lighting solution is ingenious! Nice to see your top coming together!
  13. ..Kev

    I've never done this...

    That's a very fair point! It may also very eloquently describe the difference between hobby and professional. Regardless, it stresses the importance of your questions before the project begins!
  14. ..Kev

    I've never done this...

    Sometimes, there's more to it than that.. On my resume, I still have a build I affectionately call the "ugly ass table". My apologies for the bad word but, it is the table's official name! This table design was changed on me after the fact and I was in too deep to drop it. It ended up with egg&dart trim that was gold leafed and sprayed with black lacquer. Yea, it was pure ugly but, the client loved it and paid the bill. You could probably find some pictures of it here in the archives.. I know the blue table is still on here in the archives and that was a matter of the client willing to pay enough to get what they wanted. My point is that every situation is different. Never say "never" as that is a long time!
  15. ..Kev

    I've never done this...

    For the record, that was on a coffee table.. Your point is still valid tho. When you agree to build X for a client that wants XY&Z done to it, that's just what you do. Ross is right, it's just wood. It's their money and their decision.