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  1. ..Kev

    New shop build

    Yep, that's the size I was going to suggest! Wouldn't need a second floor then.
  2. ..Kev

    New shop storage

    Nice job Chet! Great addition to the shop!
  3. Took a little while to catch up on this thread and I'll admit I didn't read it all.. First off, making things flat and square should be the first thing. So, that's either a jointer and a planer or some form of hand tool option to accomplish that. People automatically assume the hand tool options is cheaper but, you also have to consider a sturdy bench with the hand tool option and we all know how much money you could dump into that "sturdy work bench". Dewalt 735 and an 8" jointer should last you just about as long as you want and you won't need to replace them. As for the saw, if you're going to stick with Grizz, I'd be looking at the 1023 but, that's just me. I would also be looking at the new offerings from Harvy. https://www.harveywoodworking.com/collections/ambassador Dust Collection - You mentioned that you wanted it to be mobile. I started this way but, once I installed a little duct work I never looked back. When things are set up and ready to go, you have a lot less tendency to skip that step or task because there's more work involved.
  4. So many variables to answer your question.. Temperature, humidity, etc.. If I find myself really needing a lot of open time, I usually go to epoxy. Something else that helps is improved ways to spread the glue like rollers and brushes. Clamping strategy can also improve your speed to stay ahead of the glue. Dry fits help us understand where we need clamps to close up those pesky little gaps..
  5. Your sander and dust collection could also be part of the issue. What set up are you running?
  6. Certainly 2 sides to every story
  7. To go through and read every old thread and lock them is more work than anyone is going to put in. The info is out there to read but, it takes a little responsibility from those reading the old info to realize how old the thread is and if the OP is even going to see it. If you have new information on the subject, create a new thread. This one is locked!
  8. I only looked because it looked like a new post. Sometimes people don't realize how old a thread is or take the time to look. The older stuff is left here for people to read. This doesn't mean that we should be responding to people who are no longer here or will ever see your replies.
  9. Who's here to see your response?
  10. You do realize how old this thread is right? Also, the OP hasn't been here since 2013. 2 of the 3 people you replied to haven't been here since 2013 and the other since 2010. I think it's great to read the archives here but, they have to be taken with a grain of salt because of their age. A lot of things have changed in 10 years.
  11. Ron gives good advise! Random orbit sander.. Progress through the grits 120, 150, 180, 220. Each progression removes the scratches from the last grit. I use 400 grit to block out between coats. Since this is only working on the finish and not the wood, I use a block and sand very lightly. This is only to remove dust nibs or, perhaps, a slightly raised grain.
  12. Maybe it's just because I'm getting older but, just having all my kids (and their wives) home for Christmas was better than any new shop tool I could have received. Frankly, this time reenergized by batteries for some serious shop time in the coming year.
  13. I'm pretty sure that Shop Fox makes an adjustable one.. I had one on my band saw and it worked fine..
  14. For the record, it's the Ys, Ts, and special fittings that are outrageously expensive. The straight runs of pipe aren't too bad.
  15. Agreed.. That's been a huge plus for me as I've had to move my system twice. I chose Nordfab because I knew a move was in my future. I didn't know it would be 2 though..