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  1. Design help for desk

    Yep.. Check the Sagulator for your answers..
  2. Your work always amazes me Steve! Simply awesome!
  3. Bandsaw advice

    I have the 14" Grizz as well as the 17" Grizz.. Both have done everything I've asked of them. I've used the Laguna 14" and really liked it! With that said, I'm hearing a lot of complaints about Laguna's customer service if you have issues. I've had great luck with Grizz customer service but, have also heard complaints about their customer service. Good luck!
  4. bocote finishing

    Always best to wipe down the oily woods pre finish..
  5. Help me understand

    This is why, when you can, you cut things over sized and let them sit for a couple days before final milling. This is also why those first rips should be on the bandsaw so you don't catch a kick back in the chops..
  6. Shaker Tables

    Thanks Jfitz! More to come for that room!
  7. Shaker Tables

    More or less, yes. Will definitely match these stands.
  8. Shaker Tables

    Finishing up the tables! Fun project with lots of room to change things up a bit. I'm going to do a sharpening station (sort of) and a shop tour next and then I'll do a Chest of Drawers to match these tables.
  9. A set of end tables

    They turned out great BW! Much to be proud of!
  10. Looking forward to the build Chet!
  11. A set of end tables

    Looking great! I leave them on the shop floor until they dry. Then, toss em.
  12. Mission Nightstand

    Looking forward to watching the build! Great start!
  13. Working Sapele ... Thoughts?

    I like Sapele a lot! It works a great deal like Walnut.
  14. Hello from East Tennessee

    Welcome to the forums Matt!
  15. A set of end tables

    Those look great!