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    New Table Saw

    Just an FYI.. ACME responded to me and they only warranty for 30 days. After that, it's up to the manufacturer.. Keep that in mind it/when ordering from them. Nothing like some finger pointing!
  2. ..Kev

    New Table Saw

    PM just keeps sending parts and a repair guy. I'd have to go through Acme to get a refund but, I did reach out to them this morning. It's really a crappy deal! To get service, you have to deal with PM. To get a refund, you have to deal with the vender because PM doesn't do direct sales. PM comes off as the good guy for supplying replacement parts while the poor vendor gets egg on their face for selling a complete POS product. Meanwhile, I'm without the saw for weeks on end. Keep that in mind if you're buying PM products! In Hindsight, I wish I'd of sent the saw back at the first sign of issue. I just don't see me buying anymore PM products. The old PM reliability is just not there!
  3. Another vote for Ng's videos..
  4. ..Kev

    New Table Saw

    Just an update on this saw.. Motor went out yesterday.. I certainly hope I just got a lemon and other's aren't having my issues!
  5. I had been looking at this jointer before my trip but, it was nice to see it in person and get a better look at it.. For the record, the machine I bought was about 2k cheaper than the PM 12" with the HH which was the other machine that I was looking at.
  6. ..Kev

    Sinker Cypress

    Welcome to the forums.. Please read the rules as we don't allow drive by advertising here.
  7. Thanks Tom! That's high praise indeed!
  8. The old jointer got a new home yesterday! Great machine that really served me well! And the new one got all hooked up a couple days ago..
  9. Glue and screws. It's rabbeted in. Thanks for the kind words!
  10. As many of you know, I travel for work. One of the perks of that travel is getting to visit other people and shops around the country. I was recently in New Mexico for work and Mick was gracious enough to invite me to his shop. I shot a video of the tour and thought I'd post it here for you guys. Huge thanks to Mick for the tour and the hospitality! Hopefully one day I can return the favor!
  11. Finally home from a long work road trip! Had some catching up to do! A few projects to get done that have been piling up! Only the bathroom vanity was done for YouTube.. 1. Table Lazy Susan and a cutting board for 2 different clients.. 2. A thread storage cabinet for my wife's quilting room 3. Bathroom Vanity for a client. 4. And, a floating picture frame for a family member..
  12. ..Kev

    New guy

    Welcome to the forums.. Good bunch of people here to help you out!
  13. No reason other than your feet fitting under it while you're at the bench.. I lowered the bottom on the last one that I built..
  14. Drill press with the depth stop and a brad point bit for the best consistent results. Since it sounds like you may also need a pilot hole for a screw, you might consider a countersink/pilot set up which I believe most are 3/8" so, you'd just be running it deep to achieve what you need.. Unless I completely misunderstood your post?
  15. Welcome to the forums. Are your layers solid oak or oak ply? How big is this going to be? Not sure I'd want to use solid wood for a torsion box because of wood movement. As for the grid, ply or MDF work just fine. I built 2 using MDF and then surrounded with a hardwood trim.
  16. One of the coolest benefits I get when traveling for work is to meet up with some really great people in the woodworking community! Awesome to see some others get that same benefit!
  17. Additional heads up since there seems to be an influx of spam lately.. New members won't be able to send a PM right away. They'll have to contribute to the forum before their status is upgraded which will allow them to send a PM.
  18. Thanks for letting us know, the spammer has been removed. Usually, these spammers just leave a post, it gets reported, and the spammer gets banned and their content removed. The PM is a new twist so, I would suggest not clicking on any links they may have and report them. You can delete the spam PM as well.
  19. I got to see this in its beginnings and was looking forward to seeing the finish! Well done!
  20. When I age cherry this way, I notice differences every day. Would certainly be a long time to get it as dark as you're looking for.
  21. Welcome to the forums! I don't typically stain so, I'm not much use for info there. However, have you considered putting the lumber out in the sun to age a bit quicker?
  22. You can but, it's not required..
  23. Worm holes.. Fill or leave, your choice depending on the look you want. I often fill them with West Systems epoxy with a drop or 2 of black transient dye.
  24. Welcome to the forums! Pictures would certainly help. I'm guessing the grooves with the "spongy like feel" are worm holes which is pretty normal in walnut. Nothing wrong with filling or leaving, just depends on the look you want.
  25. Welcome to the forums Jim, glad to have you aboard!