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  1. I would agree with Chet's comments. There are a lot of variables involved with pricing your work. Cost of materials, overhead, shipping, and paying yourself a wage for your time are the main ingredients. These ingredients only work if your local or target market will bear the price that you come up with.
  2. I'll take it a step further and remove the post.
  3. Thanks! It's been a long time dream!
  4. This is the one I built late last year / early this year. Didn't have a picture handy but, this is the last video that I did on the bench which shows it fairly well.. It's about 8' on either side of the saw.
  5. ..Kev


    I typically lay them out on the floor or drape them over the metal leg on my lathe until they're crispy and then dispose of them in the garbage..
  6. Hey.. Supposedly you retired 6 months ago? Or was it the 6 months before that?.. Oh hell, I've lost track..
  7. My wife was comparing the cost of hers to a new car that she didn't need
  8. Yep.. Um... My wife ended up with more than all the accessories and features..
  9. Her only requests are some drawer organization stuff like I did in my shop as she figures out her work flow. She's also requesting the storage under the cutting table I built early in the year. As for her long arm machine, I think hers is called a Baby Loc - Don't quote me on the spelling, I know nothing about it.. I do know that I spent some time in sticker shock!
  10. The journal was great Dave! Please don't doubt yourself, you're a great credit to the craft!
  11. Stunning work! I really like them!
  12. Super nice piece! I think the "major mistake" actually looks really good with this one!
  13. Agreed.. Also, I'll go ahead and clip off the checked ends that often have other defects as well and that nearly always gets me closer to my vertical length.
  14. The conduit holes are angled slightly so, there was really no need to epoxy them in. If it is an issue in the future, I can. As for the ends, I did file them clean and the rubber caps actually sound like a good idea!
  15. This is a challenge! I try and purchase 8' boards when I can. I also do have some horizontal racks for longer material.
  16. Quick, easy project to build a vertical lumber storage rack..
  17. So happy for you Mick! Having had the pleasure of a recent visit to your shop, I knew this was in the works.
  18. ..Kev


    I've often applied ARS to get the color I want and then followed up by spraying the water borne poly and really enjoy the finish!
  19. ..Kev


    Pretty close to the Krenov Guild project.. Just some added drawers.
  20. ..Kev

    Supporter status

    I've talked with Marc and the Supporter program is no more. In the end, he doesn't feel good about taking money from people for something that he's not actively involved with. He certainly appreciates the interest! So, as I find some time, the supporter tags will be removed so there's less confusion in the future. If there's any questions, please feel free to drop me a pm.
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    Supporter status

    I've dropped Marc a note and will update this thread as I get some answers. Thanks for the interest!
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    Thanks! It does get very dark where I'm at.. It's pretty cool to be able to see the satellites with the naked eye! That's about as close as I get to astronomy.. As for the specs of dust, I'll work on that
  23. I can't recall how many times over the years I've taught classes on PASS and explained it to my family many times.. I'd still bet my family doesn't understand my lesson! This is a great piece of advice Coop!
  24. Fantastic work Chet! I really enjoyed this build!