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  1. Ah.. Ok... That's a bit different.. No worries, I'm sure we can help you through it.. Depending on how much it's warped, it may be savable.. Place the board on your jointer so that the high middle is on the bed (smiling). Keep the pressure on one end and keep making passes until the side sits flat on the jointer bed. From there, you can go to the planer. The bad thing with a "warped" board is that if the board is too warped, by the time you get it flat, it may be too thin to use. If the board has a lot of warp to it, it's best to get a different board. If the board is only "warped" a small amount then, the method above should work just fine.
  2. I'm suspecting that you also have some twist in the board. Set the board on a known flat surface (frowning) and check for wobble. This will tell you which corner(s) may be high or low (twist). The high corner(s) will need to be removed first. This can be done on the jointer by keeping the downward pressure on the high corner(s) all the way through the pass. Once that wobble is gone, you should be able to flatten/plane normally.
  3. I removed the link.. Admittedly, I was not awake yet but, we typically don't allow videos to be posted from first time posters. Please send me the link and I'll get it reposted.
  4. Mine is full of air all the time.. Now you've got me thinking...lol
  5. I've had mine for a couple years without issue but, am disturbed by the poor customer service!
  6. I've got a California in my shop and love it for what I do there..
  7. You can get away with just about anything with a B&W pic.. This one is bubinga and cherry..
  8. Damn! Get a little virus outbreak and look who finds time to visit old friends....lol. Good to see you Graham!
  9. @freedhardwoods, your family is in my thoughts and prayers!
  10. Very old thread.. The OP hasn't been here since 2017.
  11. We're in a similar situation and spent the money on the compact tractor. So far, no regrets and lots of upside. Yes, it's a lot of money but, we've also gotten a lot of use out of the machine!
  12. ..Kev


    General Finishes makes a Salad Bowl Finish that I like and use a lot.
  13. I'll drop Marc a note.. This may be as simple as an oversight..
  14. ..Kev

    Teak Treatment

    I'm just going to toss this out there as it's a bit unusual! I did a towel rack for our bathroom in teak a couple years ago and struggled with what finish to use. Since it was in a bathroom and not seen a whole bunch, I decided to run an experiment and I used GF Salad Bowl Finish. Weird, I know.. I was very happy with the appearance and now, 2 years or so later, dragging towels off it every day, I'm super happy with how it's held up.. I did wipe it with acetone just before applying the finish.
  15. Some figure 8s would work on the inside corner of each leg.. My only concern with that would be picking up the table. That table looks heavy and I can see where it's natural to pick it up by the top.
  16. Nicely done! I typically don't finish the inside of the drawers but, there's nothing wrong with doing so. If I were to finish the insides, I'd probably go with a WB finish since there's no off gassing or VOCs and cures rather quickly.
  17. Welcome Dave! I'll echo what the other have posted.
  18. Find some off cut material with similar grain, cut to fit the mortise, and glue in. Unless this is up front for the world to see and you can do a decent grain match, nobody will ever know.
  19. Welcome to the forums Tim! Obviously, we need just a little more info to help you out. I assume you're talking about hand planes. Collecting those large shavings can get tricky for a smaller "shop vac" type of set up. A larger dust collector would do the track or, perhaps adding something like a dust deputy to your "shop vac" system to separate the larger chunks from the dust could be the answer.
  20. Great review! I typically order my squares from Harry Epstein which sell these blems as well and have never been disappointed.. https://www.harryepstein.com/index.php/
  21. ..Kev

    Miter saw

    Not sure about deflection on the 12's but, the Kapex get's you close to the 12" but, comes at a premium cost. I have the Kapex and if I were replacing it today, I'd probably be going with the Bosch Glide.. It's a nice saw, just a little behind on the dust collection.