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  1. ..Kev

    Cyprus Finishing

    Thanks all for the warm welcome and the much deserved ribbing! My first project with Cypress so, really appreciate the helping hand! I'll attempt to post some pics when finished.. Need to build the corbels first.
  2. ..Kev

    Cyprus Finishing

    Thanks! That's actually one of the finishes I was seriously considering!
  3. Like TripleH, I hang on to mine for use at Christmas time. I have a few boxes that I use for different species. The boxes are pretty good size so, if they get full I usually keep the best and burn the rest. The fullest boxes determine what the Christmas gifts are made from. I also have a couple friends that like to turn pens. I certainly donate a bunch of scrap to their cause.
  4. ..Kev

    Cyprus Finishing

    Thanks for the welcome and the geography lesson! @Wdwerker, this will be an indoor shelf that I would like to leave fairly natural.
  5. New member to the forums so, apologies if I missed any rules or traditions. I am currently getting ready to finish a Cyprus shelf and corbels and would like some ideas on the finish. I have numerous items in my finish cabinet and an HVLP system but, have never put a finish on Cyprus. Thank you in advance for any and all advice!
  6. ..Kev

    Entry Shelf

    Entry shelf for a client