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  1. If you go with the lower HP, invest in a good blade as that will help immensely! As for the "Asian made", there are many different levels of quality there as well. I agree with @drzaius that it's ultimately up to the companies who import them here for consumers to ensure that the quality is good. I'll also add that the customer service portion from these companies should be nearly as important as the HP, fit and finish, etc.. I could certainly be wrong but, I don't know of any saws in this price point that are not Asian made.
  2. Just going to toss this out there... The guy who PM sent to set up my table saw is also the local repair guy for this kind of stuff.. He told me that if he were starting over, he'd go with Rigid because they have by far the best warranty. He also said he sees all of the major manufacturer's tools come through his shop but, doesn't see much Rigid. I'll admit, I just wrote them off as big box store junk and never really looked at Rigid. Maybe they're worth the look?
  3. No argument, just a different opinion. I'll take the HP over the fit and finish. I also think customer service/tech support are about equal. As for PM, I won't be spending another dime on the yellow standard!
  4. I have Dewalts for most off of cordless drivers and drills. I tend to stick with them so that I don't have multiple chargers in the shop. I also have an older Hilti drill for any concrete work and it's corded. If I were starting over on drills/drivers today, I'd probably go with Milwaukee. I think they make a little better product and I hear their customer service is good.
  5. Rule of thumb in this hobby is" buy once cry once". I hate the saying in all honesty but, for the most part, it's accurate.
  6. I said the same thing when I started out. If I'd of gone larger up front, I wouldn't have had multiple table saws in my past to comment on. Buying more HP now means not upgrading in the future. If you don't stick with this, it will retain a decent value so you don't take it in the shorts!
  7. Fair question.. I also know you have a little wiggle room. If you have 220 power, I would have to seriously consider the Grizzly 1023. 3HP saw, good fence, and no need for upgrades. From there, I would go with the Grizz that you're looking at and lastly, the Rigid.
  8. Jet is owned by Powermatic.. Since I have a very biased opinion on this company, I'll refrain from comment. Shop Fox is Grizzly. I would also consider the Rigid. Their warranty is very good and is a solid saw to consider.
  9. The tech is a great thing, especially when teaching new woodworkers. There's also lots of flaws with that tech! Your aluminum miter gauge will trip the brake - Gauge won't damage the blade Too much moisture in the wood will trigger the brake - Moisture won't damage the blade An unseen piece of metal will trip the brake - Nail might damage the blade All will cost you the the price of the brake plus the cost of the blade.
  10. I bought the 0715P. I think your G0771z is the replacement saw. I put the Biesemeyer fence on it for about $300. My original stock fence is still in use today and the user loves it. NO!
  11. The fence I replaced the stock fence with was also a T shaped fence, just a little higher quality. The fence that I pulled off of my Grizzly is currently on a friend of mine's saw and he loves it. To be completely transparent, he's not experienced anything better.
  12. I didn't want to quote all that to erase a bunch for what I had to say... Empire tools can not be counted on to be square!
  13. That saw, if memory serves me correctly, is the one that replaced the G0715P that I had. The stock fence was fine but, for what I do, wanted the upgrade. Cool thing about the fence is that you and always upgrade it when you're ready.
  14. Welcome to the forums Capnrock! Drzaius is pretty spot on but, I also understand the want to not jump to the price point of the SS PCS. My last saw was a Grizzly and I really enjoyed it! I did upgrade the fence on it but, I was still well under the price of the SS. My current saw is in the same price point of the SS but, doesn't have the technology as I didn't want that. SS makes a really nice saw the technology that you might really appreciate teaching a new woodworker. However, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Grizzly if I were in the market. Their customer service is good and the product is adequate. If you go that route, depending one what you select, be prepared to upgrade the fence. You'll still be well under the price point of the SS or the PM that I purchased. I'll also say that the only reason I upgraded my saw was due to motor failure of the Grizzly. I'm probably a little more than a weekend warrior though and had thousands of board feet run through that Grizzly G0715P.
  15. Welcome to the forums.. Although I think I understand your issue, can you post pictures so the we can all be sure and offer suggestions?
  16. You can buy them individually. You just get a bit of a savings buying the kits.
  17. First off, never run end grain through a planer! That's inviting trouble you don't want. Can you joint the individual pieces to get them flat? I run a 40T blade most of the time and don't have this issue.
  18. ..Kev

    New Table Saw

    He was supposed to but, had to push back to today.. He just finished up and I have a lot of batch work to do so, will be putting it through its paces.
  19. ..Kev

    New Table Saw

    Very true! All these companies use a third party vendor to moderate their reviews. That's most likely who the "paid reviewers" work for.
  20. ..Kev

    New Table Saw

    No worries.. It's the 2000B, just a little different designation on ACME's site.. I included a link
  21. ..Kev

    New Table Saw

    PM2000B.. They actually call it the 2315. I'm assuming that's based on the extension table.. https://www.acmetools.com/shop/tools/powermatic-pm23150k If you go through PMs "find a dealer" this is one of the options it leads you to..
  22. ..Kev

    New Table Saw

    Sorry, I'm not buying their "multiple postings" BS. I never made another post until I got notice that my review was declined because "it didn't meet their site guidelines". So, once they declined one, I'd make another. There were no "multiple posts" I believe I got this note because of the public pressure combined with nasty letters from the BBB and the AG. The review is still not posted and I'm just not holding my breath!
  23. Some days you're the bug and some days you're the windshield.. Rough day in the shop for sure!