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  1. Thanks Rob. Please, more content!
  2. Excited to see you return. You were my gateway video for woodworking guy!
  3. Go armed to the teeth if you do.
  4. I find Paul Sellers to be the man for many things woodworking. Wish he put out more stuff more frequently.
  5. Freddy I recently had to replace a garage door (also here on Long Island) and after some shopping I found Sears insulated doors with installation seme dto be my best bet and a decent value all around.
  6. I can never figure out which plane to use on the MDF. And the BLO just never goes on right.
  7. Maybe he is smarting after ARod hitting that bomb out of the park the other night in Bawstan. LOL
  8. Became a big fan of Rob Bois and watching his projects take shape. Has anyone seen him or heard of any upcoming projects?
  9. BillyD3152


    Wow..real nice work.
  10. Marc shouldnt you be resting, taking vitamin C and eating chicken soup? Feel better.
  11. thanks for the shout out during #140!