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  1. I'm positive you nailed it! Looks awesome!
  2. The handles look great! There's a video on YouTube of somebody using a drill press to turn the knob.
  3. You could always go with the veritas dovetail saw, it's $59, and has the traditional pistol grip handle if you're concerned about the ergonomics of the dozuki saw.
  4. Yeah they don't usually just fall over, mine would only cry over a deer, they look like little athletic cows or something...
  5. Man you should come visit Indiana this coming fall. You'd love it! You can kill a huge buck, drive around with it in the back of your truck and get compliments when you stop at the gas station from hunters and non hunters, and then listen to my wife go "Awww, poor deer?"
  6. I don't see the issue... But then again, I'm from Indiana. Most trophies get mounted in the house around here.
  7. ColinF

    Shop update

    Same here, only I drove all day in it, I was worn out and ready for spring after that!
  8. I used some of that stuff to strip a tailgate of my truck once... Got a little on my arm like you did, man that stuff will light a fire on you!
  9. The lower right looks like a highway squirrel!
  10. Funny, I was just watching a YouTube video comparing different accents from the various towns In England. It was pretty interesting, and I could really hear a difference in some, some I couldn't understand at all!
  11. You can build a good router top for less than the kreg top will cost, two sheets of 1/2" Baltic birch and some plastic laminate. For the table saw, I'd avoid something light weight, a larger saw is better if its in the budget. I have a 110 volt contractors saw, works pretty good, but I think you'll out grow a small saw quickly if you get into this seriously.
  12. Is it just to keep glue off the bench? If so I'd say use a shower curtain. They are waterproof (most anyway) so the glue shouldn't stick to them