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  1. I'm positive you nailed it! Looks awesome!
  2. Hell, I'm only 37 and I'd much rather watch the old shows, I could watch The Rifleman and The Andy Griffith show all day, what's even better is my two year old would sit and watch them with me and I wouldn't have to worry about him learning any new phrases!
  3. Have you never seen mamas family?
  4. I always wonder why some public venues seem to think it needs to be as loud as possible, seems it would be a more pleasant experience if it didn't hurt your ears?
  5. Oh, I know why they do it, I just can't resist getting a dig in on coop from time to time?
  6. Must be a Texas thing, around these parts we know how to read a tape measure ?
  7. The handles look great! There's a video on YouTube of somebody using a drill press to turn the knob.
  8. Not very likely with the pitch of a typical shed roof. 2x4 wall framing would be fine. If your storing a lot of wood in the loft you can consider going 12" on center for your loft joists, but I don't think you'd need that kind of weight rating.
  9. You could always go with the veritas dovetail saw, it's $59, and has the traditional pistol grip handle if you're concerned about the ergonomics of the dozuki saw.
  10. Yeah they don't usually just fall over, mine would only cry over a deer, they look like little athletic cows or something...
  11. Man you should come visit Indiana this coming fall. You'd love it! You can kill a huge buck, drive around with it in the back of your truck and get compliments when you stop at the gas station from hunters and non hunters, and then listen to my wife go "Awww, poor deer?"
  12. I don't see the issue... But then again, I'm from Indiana. Most trophies get mounted in the house around here.
  13. ColinF

    Shop update

    Same here, only I drove all day in it, I was worn out and ready for spring after that!