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  1. Thank you for the thoughts on CNC thus far. There is a concept underdevelopment by an engineer at MIT that I came across for precision but which is slightly different than CNC. It would be great to get your thoughts on this idea. You use the new device not by looking down at the wood you’re cutting but by watching a video screen mounted above the power tool. There, a dot shows the position of the tool bit — just as GPS on a dashboard or a smartphone shows the position of your car on Highway 88. As soon as you put the tool on the material, it knows where it is. The screen shows you the
  2. Hi guys, I appreciate the responses thus far and please keep the ideas coming. Darren66 I am including both the design / conception phase as well as the build process. I see several of you use Sketchup. Are there any other plugins that you wish were available for Sketchup to make your projects easier to execute. How could the experience be improved. What about a portable CNC machine. I was researching a new product that is on Kickstarter called the handibot. It allows for precision cutting in wood or aluminum. It can be used to cut variable size holes, custom patterns in glas
  3. Hi, I am a student from the University of Pennsylvania and want to understand how woodworkers are currently using technology in their creation process.This can range from looking at videos tips on, to 3D design using software such as sketchup. Are there other ideas / solutions for you as woodworkers would like to see. If not ideas just knowing what some of the key frustrations are during woodworking projects would be helpful. This is for research for my innovation class