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  1. Llama

    Loving having a big jointer!

    That wood is Sid-Uctive
  2. Llama

    Loving having a big jointer!

    I was going to say they have big wood
  3. Llama

    Loving having a big jointer!

    Well, you know what they say about guys with big jointers
  4. Llama

    Loving having a big jointer!

    Agreed, large jointers are the best
  5. Llama

    Where do you get your veneer?

    Not to be a smart ass, but I get it from my bandsaw.
  6. Llama

    New host for Rough Cuts.....

    Good show... I prefer Tommy Mac, but this guy is ok. I am glad to see decent tools being used. He has some nice Felder stuff to show off. Funny to see him use a crosscut sled on a slider though...
  7. Llama

    An interesting bit of joinery

    Machine cut joint. But, yes... it is neat looking.
  8. Llama

    Why I show my work..

    um, thanks?
  9. Llama

    Cherry Bartop!

    1.25" Bed is plenty long It looks shorter because of the other stuff in the pic. 12' Cherry, right around 8' long jointer beds. Makes me look smaller too
  10. Llama

    Cherry Bartop!

    Working on a cherry bartop. Ordered around 250bf of 6/4. This is some planer action
  11. Llama

    password protection for Fanuc controls

    I seem to remember this question on a forum several years ago. Is this the same person asking?
  12. Llama


    Well, he's from UK.. so...
  13. Llama


    Same with my Felder AD941. Manual states to hold until spooled up.
  14. Llama


    Prime, then use wood filler on the edges. Sand everything with 180-220, prime again, then sand again... Your edge should be nice and pretty. If they aren't you didn't use enough filler. Fill again, prime, sand... Then you can paint.
  15. Interesting thread. For me, it's an overall look to the piece. Things that jump out to me are poor grain selection, bad proportions, and pieces that use too many species. Cathedral grain on rails/stiles always looks bad. Cathedrals in legs also always looks bad. Makes the piece look like it was done with no thought to grain selection or a proper understanding on how to construct a project. It is also difficult to know who to take advice from on here. Some of the most vocal members of this forum have yet to post a picture of their work. It would be nice to be able to know if their advice was coming from google or from actual experience.