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  1. It has to be I think 10" off the wall or something for the guard to have room to fold out of the way. The current location works very well since it's the longest run in my shop. I've needed to process boards 12' long before and wouldn't have been able to do that if it were against a wall. Would be close... perhaps I could... but not ideal. The original layout had the tablesaw where the Mustang is now, but I moved it to the other side of the shop so I could get my wife's car in incase of hail. I plan on selling the TS and using that spot for the Mustang perhaps... or a giant Shaker style workbench.
  2. Close to 3x... Yes, they both make me smile Indeed! Mustang sits outside while any work is done. It's amazing how I seem to not have any space in my shop despite having close to 900SF. I really need to move things around again... Anyone want to help push the Felder?
  3. For everyone that was concerned the Mustang would push the Felder outside...
  4. There is room inside for both Thanks! Appears to be very stock right now. I'll fix that soon... Automatic right now... I'll also be fixing that.
  5. I bought a new (to me) car: 1966 Mustang Fastback!
  6. Depends... You can buff it to a higher sheen once the wax has hardened. I usually don't bother.
  7. HA! I went to the car dealer like this My wife has gone to the bank like that too!
  8. This is looking very nice! Makes my setup seem too utilitarian. Nice cue rack, I need to make one now that I have a table again!
  9. Osmo is one part. I use a plastic spreader then buff it. Uses less finish this way. I use two coats. Monocoat is a misleading name, as Rubio recommend two coats for certain woods.
  10. For the most part no change at all. Working from home which is good, but feels like I'm working more. My studio/listening room is now an office.
  11. I used Osmo for this table. I usually spread the finish on the surface with a plastic applicator. I have the West Systems epoxy ones (the yellow kind). When applying it it is best to get an even coat on all end/edge grain first, then cover the top. If you get a drip on the sides it will be darker than additional coats.
  12. We're all doing well. Got very busy with a bunch of things... Still am really... Just one thing after another!
  13. Bad Axe, you can customize the handle size, wood/spine choices.
  14. Not sure really. Maybe it's a different set of drivers for furniture? Could have just been bad timing when you looked. It is a dynamic thing... If things line up for the driver it's cheaper, the further you schedule ahead the better the pricing.