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  1. Llama

    Felder AD941

    When I started this adventure, I was offered a used 20" Format J/P for around 7K delivered. I decided against it because it wasn't helical and it was 3 phase. Looking back I'm glad I got the 16", even though it would be nice to have a 20" There has been once in the last year that the 20" would have been nice...
  2. Llama

    Full Sized Drawings

    Only when I need to get a sense of it... Angles, ergonomics and such are easier full size. 99% of the time I just use Fusion360 to make drawings and plans.
  3. Llama

    Japanese vs Western Chisels

    Always Been messing with modular synth stuff lately.
  4. Llama

    Japanese vs Western Chisels

    Both are capable of opening paint cans.
  5. Llama

    Felder AD941

    You don't bump into Felder. Felder bumps into you!
  6. Llama

    Felder AD941

    Yep! When I bought mine, I also got a $500 shipping credit and a "free" service kit for it. There was really no difference in price. Funny you mention this now... I've had the AD941 for 1 year and a day. Still love it!
  7. Llama

    Sketchup vs. ??

    I prefer Fusion 360 for almost anything woodworking related. I only use sketchup when I need a cut list when using sheet goods. Fusion is far more powerful and user friendly once you get the hang of it.
  8. For those prices I may just part with a chunk, What dimensions do you need for this?
  9. I have some. If you ask nicely, I may leave an off cut to you in my will.
  10. Llama

    Closet Built In

    Looks like it from the angle.
  11. Llama

    Closet Built In

    Looks like they're holding two sides at the same length to be cut to final length with the tracksaw.
  12. Llama

    Need Thinner Riving Knife

    Surface grinder
  13. Llama

    Hall Table Inspired by Kyle Toth

    Nice work!
  14. Llama

    Loving having a big jointer!

    I love hearing from my rep Such a nice person