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  1. I'll get called out for being a fan boy about BCTW... but I don't care... I bought a 3D printed one to see how good it was and well... it's not great. Aside from the obvious design theft the 3D printed version is simply much bulkier than the original. Perhaps a better 3D printer can make it smaller, but still it doesn't offer the same feel as the original. I think I posted about it here several years ago when they came out with that knockoff. The printed version is comically large. Without going to far into investigating everything you posted I suspect many things fall into that category. The radius things are neat if you need something like that, but they aren't hard to make with scrap MDF. Maybe shop made vs 3D printed is a better analysis on simple parts like this as noted in your diatribe.
  2. I think it's beautiful I have an X3 so I may also be biased. M4 is probably my next car.
  3. There is a video of this car It's wonderful.
  4. Yep! And the better the visuals, the more money they pay
  5. I agree with Chestnut. Looks like a revolve with some combine features would get you there. Another way would be to use construction planes and form the swooping layers on each, then combine with the triangular pieces. You could make the whole thing use parameters so you could very quickly change the shape and feel of the design quite easily. The use of parameters would also allow you to create the base shape then size it to your workpiece. Another way would be a combination of the above methods and using the shell tool for removed material. You can change this on the fly as well. I usually create a parameter for shell to see what different thicknesses will look like. Possibly another way is to use the mesh model feature. I have very little experience with it, but it looks like you could really come up with some cool designs using that method.
  6. What do you want it to do that it's not doing?
  7. Probably not the best pic, but I don't have another stairs pic at the moment. But this is how ours is.
  8. Today I am thinking of where I should post my project journals. One one hand, some people would consider them to be "advanced" on the other it's just a table...
  9. There is a giant open living room type area (pool table, air hockey, etc), bedroom, full bathroom, storage area, and a media room. The media room is basically a listening room, with my guitars/basses and other instruments and stuff.
  10. Forgot about this thread... I'm sure most of you all know, we moved from Ft. Collins to Timnath. Life is good If anyone is in the area, feel free to reach out and stop by! A few people have stopped by which is always a lot of fun.
  11. Painted my basement a few days ago. Close to 2K sqft, so I bought an airless sprayer because there was no way I was gonna roll that much space. Flooring is next, which is being farmed out.
  12. It's Jimmy Choo You don't want to see my wife shoes and handbags.
  13. Moved my tablesaw and waxed the Felder.
  14. That's not a bad price for that table. I'd charge more if someone wanted one
  15. I may post something in another thread.
  16. HAHA! I haven't turned the cutters yet I will after this project though. Hard maple dining table
  17. I need a power feeder for my jointer!
  18. Llama


    Thanks bud. Things are going very well for the family. Staying busy!
  19. The idea is the workpiece is on top of the template overhanging slightly as you would with a router. The template is the same height (or higher) than the follower.
  20. You're being sued for cutting down your own trees? I know what I would tell them.
  21. Sorry... I've been away for a while and didn't see this. Did you figure out what's going on, or do you need a hand?
  22. Everyone has access. I've posted several times here where to go.
  23. Best would be to break down with a jigsaw. Especially if it's not flat/square...
  24. For $20 per slide, you could have gotten Blum soft close and had money left over.