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  1. Lol. I will say the shirt and hat work exactly as described! The apron is much nicer than I anticipated. Soft yet durable leather, has a pocket on the inside for very small things. It does a good job of keeping my clothes clean too. Honestly, I bought the #2 from Craigslist. I got a very good deal on it. I use it for small table legs and such. It is a very small tool, I use a two finger grip on it. Does a great job
  2. There are plenty of threads about what to buy and similar. So, here is something slightly different. I just ordered some new tools and I will provide an honest review of them. I am super excited to see these come my way! I ordered the Lie-Nielsen low angle jack, the large router with closed throat and a carcass saw. This is in addition to my recent eBay wins. I "won" a LN scub plane and an edge trimming plane. I already have a small bronze block plane (my first LN tool), a dovetail saw, the side rabbet planes a few bevel edge chisels and the LN #2. I also have the LN shop apron, shirt and hat Yes, I am a huge LN fan. My mortising chisels are on back order. I will be sure to follow up with an honest review of the tools.
  3. TR... That is great advice! Pick one and go for it
  4. The plans I got from the magazine call for a 45 degree block to be added. There is a bolt with a knob that tightens things down. I can let you know the issue number if you want.
  5. Well, my bevel edge chisels arrived today. They feel great in my hand, very well balanced. My hat also arrived, also well balanced and feels nice on my head I am just waiting for my mortising chisel and my blue spruce mallet. I can't bring myself to knock these chisels around with my old hammer. I hope it comes in soon! In related news, I got a LN scrub and a LN edge trimming plane off of eBay. Decent saving over new, and I can use Paypal.
  6. Llama

    Proud Father!

    Thanks for all of the comments! We really had a great time. No power tools for a while. Stephen, he did start with the cheap one. Then he used my LN dovetail saw. He said he likes the LN saw much better.
  7. The LN is on my list of planes I want to buy before the end of the year. The LV has good reviews as well. I'd like to try them out in person first.
  8. Nice work on your boxes! I like the last one the most. My vote is for Bacote as well. Not sure, I don't recall a lemony smell when I used it last.
  9. I saw an Adirondack style chair at Sendiks the other day that was made out of a wine barrel. Your table would look great in front of that chair!
  10. I really like the fruit bowls too! Very nice work.
  11. Llama

    Proud Father!

    My son asked if he could help in the shop today. I was shocked and glad at the same time. He is a super smart kid that would rather read than get dirty and sweaty. I was just making some small shop things today, so I said he could help out. I clamped a piece of scrap in the vise and handed him a round file. I told him to make sure the file was straight, and didn't wiggle side to side. He did great! He took the direction and constructive criticism very well. He asked when it would be done, and I told him when he was happy with the shape, and it was as smooth as he thought it should be. He was very focused on making it as good as he could. After this little test, I clamped a new board in the vise and I handed him my dovetail saw. I told him to keep the same movement and grip. He was a natural! Straight cut the first time. No kidding! His attention to detail and focus kept the saw on track. It was less of a lesson, and more about having a good time. It was funny because he asked me if he could practice sanding. I told him there would be plenty time for that Here he is!
  12. Here is my new shooting board. I've never had one before... So I made one based on an article in Fine Woodworking magazine. I used 3/4 MDF.
  13. I have Lie-Nielsen tools because I do not want to take the time to make the old stuff work right. I have several Stanley planes and it was a real chore to get them into shape. The LN tools just work the less time I spend making my tools operate the way they should, the more time I can make stuff that can turn a profit. I am finding a good mix of hand and power tools, although I am leaning towards mostly hand tools right now.
  14. Thanks! I think the new shop apron makes it look like I know what I'm doing
  15. I've heard they stay looking pretty for a long time. Resin infused!
  16. Just an update... I ordered the chisels, I switched the 3/4 for a 1/2". I have a 3/4, an not the 1/2. The bevel edge chisels should ship in a couple of weeks. Good news is my hat and 1/2" mortising chisel are on the way. The hat will make all the difference! I have not heard anything from blue spruce about the mallet. I'm sure it's being processed and should be here soon
  17. Thanks John! I am kinda weird when it comes to apparel. I have a severe weakness for hats and shirts, and apparently shop aprons...
  18. Darn Schwarz! I just watched a video, and he stated that you only need two. 1/4 and a 3/4. Now he is saying a half! I sure do like the Schwarz, but he should make up his mind! In all seriousness, I am sure I'll be ok for a while with the chisels I chose.
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    Shaker Table

    A series of images detailing these tables. I used ribbon mahogany. Thanks for looking!
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    Done! shop Pic

    From the album: Shaker Table

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    From the album: Shaker Table

  22. Ok... I just ordered a 1/4, 3/8 and 3/4 bench chisel, as well as a 1/4 mortising chisel from Lie-Nielsen. I also couldn't help myself... I bought a hat too. We'll see how I like them. If they are as great as I hear they are, I'll order the others in time. I really appreciate every ones opinion and advice here. In the end, I couldn't be swayed. Thank you! I also just ordered a Blue Spruce Mallet. This was an expensive night! Now I just have to get back in the shop, and make some stuff!
  23. That was my assumption... That does kind of bother me to be honest. On one hand, I am glad they are making sure the quality is perfect before releasing more chisels into the market, on the other hand I am not a patient man