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    This is the best thing I've seen on the internet. I hope it's real.
  2. What did the rest of your day bring?
  3. I heard "BMW" and "Fire" and had to see what was going on. Glad to see mine is still safe. (and full of gas)
  4. My retirement plan is to collect vintage yo-yos. OR just talk to vintage yo-yos...
  5. Being frustrated is a good thing. It means that you aren't willing to accept "good enough".
  6. Thanks Gotta use that click bait man... Something like, "I bought some wood and followed the plans, what followed was completely unexpected!"
  7. Whoever designed this really did a great job! Glad to see an actual modular set-up to accommodate different shop sizes! Killer job getting these together so quickly!
  8. Not intending for this to be a Festool commercial, but , you really do get what you pay for. Most bits are cheaply made and many drivers have poor retention so a crappy bit wobbles in a crappy driver. Not a recipe for success. I know someone will scream due to the cost... but Since I've been using the Festool bits with their drill/driver, I no longer look at them as consumables. Used properly, they last. I bought the installers kit several years ago, and haven't replaced any of them yet. While we're on it, the Festool Centrotec system is just fantastic. While we're on that, their drill/drivers are great as well
  9. No tool scares me... however there are some people that do!
  10. I get an alert whenever someone makes an alteration on my design.
  11. Yes, but there is only one king Nice work bud!
  12. lol, yep Times are tough! A few emails and maybe a phone call to settle a 4K machine. You'll be fine man.
  13. Liz is awesome... She'll figure it out. When I bought mine it was 10% down, rest was a wire transfer. The check thing seems safer
  14. I knew there was a reason I blocked you years ago.
  15. I had the 555 bandsaw for many years, lovely machine if you refrain from abusing it.
  16. I know I'm wasting my time on this... But, almost everything... The problem with woodworking is your needs are the same as a pro... At the end of the day you still need precise joinery, which comes with working with flat material. Please feel free to disagree and shout "elitist", but you can't change the basics. What is complicated to understand is how someone asks a question and gets honest feedback related to all aspects of that situation. Then decides to complain that the feedback they are receiving isn't in line with their own research. It is by far the most disheartening aspect of being a member of any forum.
  17. The fact you have to remove the fence to change from jointer to planer takes the Minimax out of contention.
  18. I was trying to play sort of devils advocate. I catch a lot of poop for saying people need a 12K jointer... even though I think they do I know I wouldn't be happy with the Hammer.. but I'm in a different position than most folks. So it's very hard for me to offer advice.
  19. If I had $900 to spend... I'd get a Grizzly 555 bandsaw and a Ridgid or Dewalt planer. Save for the jointer down the road. Buy S4S lumber for now. There are too many compromises to get all three in that budget.
  20. Minimax is far behind the curve on their combos. I don't consider those to be in the same league. Frank... don't settle.. Get the Felder ok... in all seriousness the newer Hammer machines are very nice. If I were on a tighter budget when I bought mine, I'd be very happy with the Hammer. And yes, the 10" isn't enough... Go for the straight 12" if the extra money for the spiral is a deal breaker. Plenty of people swear by those. In all honesty, I spent around 6K more to get a more robust machine, longer beds and because I didn't want the hand crank planer. Oh, and the comfort guard is amazing. I've often wondered if I would be overall happier if I grabbed the Hammer unit and the Hammer sliding saw instead of the AD941 and a Grizzly tablesaw... if hindsight is any indication I'm selling my TS
  21. As for customer service, and whether or not they are reading this... they aren't. Felder left all social media last year when people got upset about not reading their agreements with facebook. They are honoring their sale because of great customer service. I've had the absolute best experience with my rep. Always answers the phone when I call, or calls back the same day. My machine was literally slid off the back of the delivery truck and was and is in perfect calibration. No issues whatsoever. YMMV with a cheaper machine.
  22. Best to call the sales rep for your area. Email them, it's very quick... My machine weighs something like 1300 or so lbs.. and shipping wasn't bad at all. They are always having a special. :)
  23. Pretty sure I reached capacity in the new car.